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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: A bed
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Last week I was chatting on the net with my girl and I started to describe her my gay experiences from years ago. As she is very open minded she was pleased that I shared with her this "secret" (she already knew I'm bi oriented).

When I woke the next morning with a hard-on, I couldn't stop thinking about naked men with big cocks around my girl. I picked a young stud for her -us- and put him in our bed with her, while I was tied on the chair and forced to watch them. There was no humiliatin in that, just to prevent me from joining too fast, but i was still in charge. She wore black stockings and was sooo sexy, especially when she glued her lips on his hard cock. Well, I know how good she is at cock sucking, but for the guy was a surprise, he could only roll his eyes and start moaning.

"Now swallow it," I ordered her and she slowly did it, every inch of it, gently caressing his balls and exploring his anus with her wet finger.

"Touch yourself. You are dying to feel his cock in you. But not yet. First let him eat your wet pussy."

I love dirty talking. They did too.

"Now on all four and face me. You fuck her from behind so I can see the pleasure on your faces."

He was penetrating her slowly for a while, when she said that it's time I join them. They untied me and I kneeled in front of him to enjoy the smell of her cunt on his cock. I kissed it. Lick it. Sucked it. She helped me and our tongues met on his cock, driving all of us crazy. She tested the readiness of my ass with her fingers and, when she was satisfied, she told him to fuck me.

 When he penetrated me from behind with his huge cock he made me scream, but afterwards it was pure pleasure. Especially when she was in front of me so I could dive my face in her cunt. Then she turned so we made a 69 and having my cock in her mouth and his cock pounding my ass was almost haven. When it was her turn to take it up her ass I helped them with my tongue, licking his balls and her cunt at the same time. I heard her orgasm coming so i knelt between their legs and masturbate myself until I came over her cunt and his balls, then I took his cock out of her ass and helped his cum to join mine over her.

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