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Categories: Group Sex / Threesome, Anal Sex, Identified partner
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Location: A Public place
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

Let me give you some background first. Due to to odd job shifts I end up at the gym four days a week 10-11pm. On Saturdays I thought I would be completely alone but there are always Joe, a handsome divorced lawyer at his 40s, Patrick, a very feminine man in his 30s, and Susan, a divorced real estate agent at her early 60s. Seeing each other regularly inevitably brought us closer and we have gone out several times the last few months. We are going along very well and I have had lots of fantasies concerning Susan as I love mature ladies.

Two weeks ago, though, Pat wore very tight shorts who revealed most of his firm ass which immediately captured my attention. Not having a gay experience before but willing to try, that night I masturbated with Pat being my male whore and, since then, I have made tons of fantasies about them. The one I relish the most is the following:

One night Joe keeps complaining about he can't fuck some girls he would love to as the court is not over yet. We can clearly see he is thinking about those girls as his huge cock forms a long hill across his shorts. Susan's and Pat's mouthes immediately water and tell him there are discreet people out there who would gladly have sex with him with no strings attached. Susan rubs softly while she speaks her pussy to a rod while Pat's face is red, his eyes locked on Joe's bulge. I find myself subconciously sitting on a long, hard, rod wishing to be Joe's wife for a night as I had wished earlier to be Susan's husband for many nights.

Joe is no stupid. He tells us smiling that he enjoys our company and that he has the energy and the will go very deep in order to satisfy the apparent hunger of his three little friends. He stands behind Susan, kissing her ears and licking her neck while he caresses mine and Pat's asses. I hug an astonished Pat and enjoy my first gay kiss. As our tongues dance with each other and pull my hands under his t-shirt, I hear Susan moaning as Joe impatiently takes off her trousers, puts her string aside and licks her oversized, wet clit. Pat strokes my cock and after five minutes or so kissing and stripping each other, licking necks and nipples, he takes me in his hot mouth while Susan puts my head between her boobs.

Joe is horny and decides to stop the foreplay and dive deep into Susan as I lick her pussy and Joe's cock while making Pat eat my asshole. Eventually, Joe places us in a line with our legs open, our four holes facing his rod and takes turn doing Susan, Pat and me. The first time he takes my virginity, which is perceived by everyone. Susan comments I will be a hot chick for Joe and a strong stud for Pat and her. Finally, Joe enters me deep with his swollen cock while I do Susan who fingers and licks Pat. Joe unloads inside me and I inside Susan and Pat licks the cream oozing out of the two well-fed love caverns.

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