me & 2 casual friends who are girls   added 8 years ago
  By: rocky69  Age: 103  Country: Albania

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one of them is rexy ,a cutie with a petite well proportioned figure,i have alwayz wanted to grab her ass, and the other is tanz , definetely beautiful with a great figure to go with it. i head back to my place and see the two waiting outside my apartment. both are wearing jeans and tight tops, i sneak up on them and grab them by the ass and pinch their asses to my satisfaction.i usher them in and they sit on the sofa watching tv,i fix them a drink and get comfortable on the sofa myself.

i pull rexy towards me ,she doesnt mind and slowly put my hand undernesth her top, i probe her making it to her boobs,i cup them,i undo her bra ,lift off her top and she removes it. i grab her by the ass and and make her stand up .tanz joins in, we pull down her jeans and tie her up standing.rexy remains with just her black panties. and i get busy with tanz ,i push her to the wall and turn her around ,i start kissing her from the neck down her shoulder, over her backand lick her over her ass.

i rip off her top and grab her tits.her nips are dark red and pointed.then tanz pushes me away and heads off to rexy .tanz grabs her hair and smooches her.she then puts her hand into rexy panties and strokes her cunt. then she unties her, bends her over and ties her up again.tanz strips down and motions me to come over.she motions me to lick her ass, i do so willingly i kisss and and lick her luscious creamy butt.i explore every contour with my tongue, and go up her asshole and lick it, and finger her.then i grab her tits from behind and grople her.

tanz then bend over giving me a good view of her , i continue to lick her ass, she then turns over and i kiss her sweet lips,i get a carrot out os somewhere, and i start to shove it up her cunt,she moans, we then fuck on the couch with rexy watching us, i suck her abundant tits ,juicy and satisfying.we then get a broom and strip rexy of her last bit of clothing.tanz spanks rexys ass, i am beginning to love the show,i grab the broom and whack her butt until rexy is screaming .

i then lick her ass , like i alwayz wanted to,i then fuck her thru the ass,she screams, my thrusts becoming harder and rougher with each scream of hers.i then grab tanz by her hair and push her onto the couch. i tie her up and untie rexy, rexy eats tanz's pussy, and tanz moans ,i then fuck tanz thru her cunt, i love it when she moans ,i get some butter and use it up her ass, i then proceed to fuck her thru her ass.then we all get onto the bed and fuck like crazy!!!!! cockblock eh?

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