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He is my best friends ya that for sure but iam more sure that his mom is so fucking hot ... every time i go down there i get drunk looking to those fucking huge boobs and that sexy look like she want me but she is afraid i say no ohhh i would never say no just who take that step ....

she is fucking sexy although she is 42 blond hair with that sexy look fucking hot lips and those natural boobs ready to squeez i even saw those big nipples and i saw her with bikini may times in pool .. she just look and me and tease me with that look ....

the phone ring she was on phone she ask me to come cause she want to talk about sam (my friend) ... she open the door as always wearing that fucking tite t-shirt and fucking tite short mmmm so fucking sexy i even forget why i was coming ... she say that her husband cheating on her ohhh what an ass hole leaving that beauty .... she start cry i didnt feel my self just hug and i found my self rubbing her back ..

what fuck is that she just but her hand on my cock ohhh am i dreaming she said she wants me from along time she was afraid i want u baby too i didnt feel my self just naked in her hug feeling those boobs my face between them and we so fucking hot she start suck my cock and i lick that hungery pussy i eat it swallow it i didnt feel what i am doing just leave my self in heaven my cock swium in her pussy and ohhhh myyyy its sam my friend just come in saw us...... fuck

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