My mature wife is blackmailed into having sex with young man   added 8 years ago
  By: Phil  Age: 63  Country: United Kingdom

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Location: A theater
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Fulfillment: I will tell you later
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My 54 y.o. wife goes on a training course for her job to another city and in the evening decides to go to local cinema. The cinema is very quiet and dark and after watching the film for a while, a tall young man (about 20) comes in and sits right next to her eventhough there are lots of other free seats.

After a few minutes, my wife realises that the young man is masturbating and after pretending not to notice for a while she turns and says ; "Are you a pervert?". Without a word, the young lad grabs her hand and places it around his long, thick shaft and says ; "Toss me off, PLEASE !".

Surprising herself, my wife takes pity on him and starts to masturbate him (which she is good at as this is what our married sex life amounts to twice a week) and eventually she watches as he ejaculates an amazing fountain of cum.

After the film finishes the young lad invites my wife back to his flat where she agrees to toss him off again, but she gets very aroused and this leads to her performing oral sex on him.

Unknown to my wife, the young lad has rigged up a camera and has filmed her wanking him and (having earlier rifled her handbag) threatens to blackmail her to her husband. As a result, my wife is forced to strip naked and allow the well-hung (9"+) young lad to fuck her from behind as she squeals with pleasure and undeniably appreciates having his long, thick young cock inside her.

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