While in the work meeting   added 8 years ago
  By: ExtaticE  Age: 33  Country: Aruba

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There is something about serious public situations that I can't resist...Like this morning, while I was in the middle of my "early good morning autoloving" I started to imagine the meeting to which I have to attend latter this afternoon. So boring, hearing this, looking charts.. checking at some bugle that might appear, mmm that hot brazilian, that cute boss form the other department. The moment seems perfect, The idea of geting some orgasms while I'm in there begins to tempt me. I cross my legs, I feel my pussy pressed against my thighs. Of course I begin to wet my panties... I tighten my legs, it feels a little harder. God I’m getting really horny.I excuse for a moment i need to go to the restrooms, in fact i go, with my purse, in there I look, I find, my beloved rounded lipstick.. I fool around with my self a little bit, finally I introduce the little thing in to my damp cunt. It feels so nice. I need to go back upstairs, it is an important meeting after all.

I get in there I take my sit, It feels so goood. I can feel the improvised dildo inside me, moving, pressing as i move and switch my legs, right to left, left to right. Everyone around me is clueless of my horny situation, but me. I am hot. I slightly rose my nipples with my pen, as everyone is focused in the current slide. God I am so fucking horny, I want to finger my pussy, play with my clit, pull my nipples, moan a little, but no, i can't. I start to imagine what if they discover me... mmm what could happen to me.

I am about to come, I cant take it anymore, I am sweaty and very hot, I’m going to cum, oh gezz I wonder if i could make it silently. Finally I come, a big hard loud orgasm. I yell and my body trembles, my fingers are all wet and dipped of pussy. I feel so nice. I open my eyes, it is getting late, I need to get ready to go to the meeting, maybe I will find something interesting to do after all..

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