The hot guy at the gay bar   added 8 years ago
  By: ExtaticE  Age: 33  Country: Aruba

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Yes, you sometimes end up in gay bars... you want to party, you have the mood of raunchy dance/electro/pop and you have the wrong friends.. suddenly, you are the straight girl in the gay bar. But sometimes happens that there are some guys that ended up there like u.

You are dancing, you don't give a fuck if your skirt is up your ass, is a gay bar, who will care... A pinch, a pinch? you turn, there is this hot guy, all lost with a cute face of "i want sum girl". As good samaritan you show the boy some hospitality, you dance with him, on him, all over him.. you grab his crotch, you bite his neck.. nice healthy dancing. And god bless those nice gay bars, where nice boys take off their shirts to reveal their all nice gym toned up torsos... so, you are with your sexy lucky catch in the middle of tons of hot half naked yummy bodies. It is like a little friday heaven.

Then, you have the need, he looks so cute, you take his hand, he spank your ass, both end in some dark corner... He fucks you. You go for some drinks, and get fucked again... You chit chat of nothing, look the hour, it is time to go, good bye, nice cock, kiss, kiss. So, you are in your way to some afterparty and realize than gay bars are not always the wrong turn to go.



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