Lads from the pub enjoy my mature wife   added 8 years ago
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My 54 y.o. wife and I move to a new area and I go out for a few drinks and make friends with some rowdy young lads in their late teens whom I invite back to the house and when we arrive my wife is still up, sitting reading in hjust er dressing gown after her bath. The lads immediately get  suggestive and crowd around her as I sit back in another chair.

Suddenly my wife starts to get a little annoyed and in response one of the lads grabs her dressing gown and pulls it apart so that my wife's large, soft, white 34F breasts flop out on full view.

The men are initially silent and then cheer and make appropriate comments and when my wife asks me to intervene I tell her they're doing no harm but in truth I'm scared in case they turn on me. Given my inaction, the lads are spurred on and they hold her playfully as one of the men opens her dressing gown fully to find her naked as they reveal her deliciously sexy, pale, mature body and her well thatched bush.

As she is held the leader fingers her causing my restrained wife to insult his manhood. At this the lad stands up and unzips his pants to show her just how big he is, and he is HUGE !.

The lads then lift my wife and carry her over to a table, naked and vulnerable as the leader removes his jeans and underpants and stands at the edge of the table between her legs, and as my wife gasps he enters her and quickly brings her to orgasm as she tells him how big and how good he is, as I watch.

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