My wife pays for sex with a Swedish giggalo   added 8 years ago
  By: Phil  Age: 64  Country: United Kingdom

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Location: A resort
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

My wife is 54 years old and has a fabulously shapely body for her age. One of my fantasies is where we go on holiday to Sweden with another married couple who are much younger than us and the woman (Linda, aged 32) is very sexually aware and likes to have new experiences.  One day my wife and her go off exploring and Linda persuades her to visit 2 Swedish giggalos who charge £40 for the afternoon. 

As Linda and my wife walk through their shared bedroom door my wife's jaw drops as she see the men and naked and VERY well-hung indeed. To begin with my wife wants to leave but Linda persuades her to stay and as Linda openly has sex with one man, my wife is only prepared to strip down to her panties although she is prepared to toss off her partner - secretly enjoying the length and thickness of his impressive penis.

My wife's partner (Sven) is considerate and patient and waits until the time is right to fondle my wife's sexy, large (34F) breasts; playing with her big nipples which really arouses my wife as she starts to kiss him more and more passionately until Sven knows he can take her panties down.

Sven is very broad and muscular and Linda looks over with a smile as she watches Sven position himself between my sexy wife's pale legs and penetrate her .... making her gasp out loud as he starts to show her what a man with a 9½ inch cock can do for an inexperienced, married woman.


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