"My Moment with the NY Times" Newspaper Fetish Story   added 2 years ago
  By: paperman83  Age: 32  Country: United States

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Categories: Oral Sex, Other men, The Fetishists, Anal Sex, S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
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Location: My House
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So, two days ago, my girlfriend bought me the New York Times newspaper.  It was my first time reading it and I wasn’t too disappointed with the reading factor.  I was, however, disappointed that there are no classified ads or even daily horoscopes.  That’s understandable, since the “Times” isn’t like any other local newspaper.  But I was satisfied with the thinness of the pages.  The paper almost made me hard, just holding it.  As I do with all newspapers, I held it to my face and inhaled its’ scent.  It wasn’t a fond scent, either.  I waited for a day, because I was hoping to have the apartment to myself to enjoy the newspaper, in my own special way.  But I just couldn’t contain myself.  As my girlfriend and I lay in bed, I couldn’t help, but watch her as she played with her breast.  It got me thinking, so I went to my computer room to grab the Times and climbed back into bed.  I glided the paper under her breast and over her nipple, which she enjoyed.  By the way, I introduced her to the fetish and she enjoys watching me with it.  She also enjoys it, when I glide it over her breasts.  After a moment, I pulled down my underwear and began to tease myself with the newspaper.  I couldn’t wait much longer and knowing there are no classifieds, I pulled out the sports section.  Now, I’m not gay, but I am curious in a “just for sex” kind of way.  Sucking a dick or taking a cock into my ass is just a fantasy that I would like to try.  So, I wasn’t ashamed to use the sports page.  There was a single sheet inside of a full sheet, which I separated.  I folded the full sheet back to its’ original creases and placed it over my chest, which I shaved.  Trust me, it feels a lot better with the newspaper.  With the single sheet folded at the crease, I placed it at the side of my shaft and gripped my cock with it.  I started to masturbate with it.  During my masturbation, I asked my girlfriend to demand that I lick some of my cum from the newspaper, than rub it in my face, directly after.  Not too hard, but forceful enough that I could feel the cum as it rubbed onto my face.  I cummed good into the paper and enjoyed my girlfriend’s voice, as she demanded me to lick the newspaper.  And the gentle force as she rubbed my cum onto my face with the newspaper was just as exciting!  For a brief moment, I allowed her to be dominant, which she enjoyed.  And my part as submissive was enjoyable, as well! 

I’m still working on getting her to agree to a 3some with another guy. Someone we both know and agree to.  I know who this other guy is and I’ve written a fantasy based on this other guy.  But if she would allow me to, I think I would enjoy sucking his cock, while I wear a pretty dress.  I would also allow my girlfriend, if willing, to suck on his cock to be fare.  She does give good head!  I want her to watch me as I suck on his cock and if I am ready, I want her to watch us as he fucks my ass.  I think I might even enjoy letting him cum inside me!  I would have to think of how to bring newspapers into the equation.  Maybe we could have a few drinks, then I could bring his cock into the conversation.  With my newspaper beside me, I could whack his cock with it, then gently glide it across his shaft.  I would let him know that my girlfriend agreed to let whatever happens, happen.  I would tell him that I don’t mind if she sucks his cock as well and tell him how good she is for me.  And if he agrees to it, I would want to film it for my girlfriend and I to enjoy, alone.       

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