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Categories: Oral Sex, Anonymity
Tags: penetration oral woman younger with man Older party sex
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later
I was speaking to a lady over the phone named Donna, apparently the hostess. "All first timers wear white," she chuckled. I smirked at how clever she must think that was.

"How old are you again?" She asked. I answered that I was 28. "Oh! Well, I think you will be very popular. The average age is usually 45." She paused and there was a moment of quiet. Maybe she was expecting a reaction."Are you sure you want to come, honey?" She asked.

I've been thinking about this for quite some time. It had been over 6 months since my last relationship ended and I wasn't looking to get into another one. In fact, I wanted some play time. I wanted to experience things, you could say. "Oh yes, I am looking forward to I have been thinking about this for some time," I answered.

"Well, good," Donna said, "Now for some rules....

1. Pick a name. No one uses real names.
2. Something about medical papers...
3. Proof of birth control
4. Limitations lists...
The list went on and on.


When I stepped out of my car in front of a modest suburban home, I pulled the trench coat tight against me. I had selected the name Erin. An easy name to forget or remember. I knocked on the door and a middle-aged woman answered the door. She was nice looking enough. She had smile lines and her eyes lit up when she saw me. "Erin?!" She half asked and half guessed.

She led me to an upstairs gathering room. The room was dark and there was a low red glow about the room. There was a bar and some couches along one wall. They had also had some chairs set up in pairs to create intimate conversation areas, I guess. There was an even mix of men vs. ladies. I took note. Yep, I was the youngest one here. I handed my trench coat to Donna. I wore white, just as I was told. A white lace bra and panties. To complete the look, I wore thigh highs and even managed to work the contraption to clip them up. I felt like I just jumped off the pages of a Victoria Secret catalog. Donna leaned in and whispered, "It won't be long" Then she disappeared.

Just on queue and man approached me. About 5'10 and medium build. He introduced himself as Allan. He was all about getting a drink into my hand, which I didn't protest too much because I felt a drink was just the thing I needed at the time. I saw some couple head off in other directions and Allan leaned in and said, "Donna has rooms set up for people to get...uh...closer." I didn't seem surprised. After all that was the point of this little soiree - to get laid. God, I need to get laid badly.

I looked Allan up and down. I just don't think he's the one to break my 6 month hiatus from sex. I scanned the room at the remaining people. My eyes landed on a man sitting on the couch drinking. He exuded a confident air about him. He had his arm around a blonde, who was snuggling into his side and had wrapped a leg over his. Another brunette was sitting on the other side hanging on to every word. Our eyes locked and his smile curved up and he winked at me. I gave him a smirk and turned back to Allan and sighed. What was he talking about now? I took a long drink from glass.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Allan." I flinched not expecting the confident man to now be standing next to me. He looked to be late 40's or maybe young 50's. His dark hair was peppered a bit, but his face had a youthful look and his eyes sparkled when he turned to me with his smile. The scent of scotch and his musk was delightful and I realized I forgot to breath. Oh yes! He's the one! I was getting heated just thinking about him between my legs.

"I'm Paul." He said and then leaned in and whispered so his hot breath tickled my neck. "I bet you want me to rescue you."My eyes said yes and much more and without hesitation I put my hand in his and he led me away. I think Allan protested, but neither one of us cared.


Paul led me downstairs into a dimly lit bedroom. There wasn't any pretenses. We both knew what we wanted. He came behind me and wrapped his arm around my small waist and moved my hair to the side so he could start raining kisses down my neck. His other hand caressed my neck and glided over my breasts. "What should I call you," he asked between kisses. I sighed out Erin. "Erin? Well, Erin, I never thought I'd find a rare beauty like you at Donna's." He spun me around and unclipped my bra. My breast spilled out and bounced back into attention. "I'm certainly going to enjoy the hell out of you, Erin." He smirked and then flicked my chin up and his lips closed over mine. I could smell the scotch and I opened my mouth to take in his tongue so I could suck on the taste. He plunged deeper into my mouth and I sighed as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Oh yes, I need this. I need a man inside me and God is he a man.

He broke free from my lips and then bent down and picked me up and tossed me on the bed. Did I just giggle? I must have because his smile says so. He towered over me and then he slipped out of his boxers. My eyes went from his eyes to his cock and boy was he ready. I crawled to him and sat up on the bed so that my legs dangled from the bed and he was positioned between them. I gazed up at his smiling face and then I took him into my mouth. He closed his eyes and sucked in air as my hot tongue caressed along the bottom of his shaft. I drew my tongue up and down several times applying varying pressure. I moaned as I took him in deeper and his hand weaved through my hair. I caressed his hips and ass and then grabbed him to pull him in deeper. He grunted and I was pleased. I started slowly moving him in and out all the while milking him. I had an overwhelming need to taste him. I felt his ass flex under my hands and his breathing was getting louder. I felt him move his hand on my head; guiding the speed. I spun my tongue around the tip of his cock playfully before devouring him whole again. I decided to give him a treat. I drove him in deeper than ever until he hit the back of my throat and started swallowing so my throat muscles squeezed him. "Oh God! Erin! Fuck!" He moved forward so that the tip went deeper still and I continued to swallow him. He started chanting, "I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum." over and over again. It was thrilling. I felt him release and I kept him in place as I swallowed it down.

After he was spent I leisurely licked him as if giving him a good bye for now kiss. He made several Mmmmmm sounds. When I was done, I crawled back into the bed like one satisfied kitty after having my share of milk. He leaned on the bed to steady himself. "Why did you do that? Don't you want to be fucked?"

"I do, but you just looked to yummy standing there that I had to." I purred. He laughed and damn, even his laugh was sexy.

He crawled on top of the bed and yanked my leg, so I was prone. He covered me and held my hands down and said, "My turn." He started with a kiss and then started down my neck. I love when my neck is nibbled and caressed and I let out a heavy mmmm sound and closed my legs tight against him to show my pleasure. He got the message and continued and brought his hand to my breast and started to massage it and pinch my nipple. I arched into him as my body responded to his touch. He was expertly pulling all the right strings. Both my nipples harden to points just thinking of this man on top of me in between my legs.
He moved his mouth over one and I moaned as I felt his heat engulf the tips. He sucked and kneaded I opened my legs wider for him and started to grind into him. He was driving me mad with his touch.

I felt his hand push my panties over and he drove one finger into me and I jerked up in delight. "You are so wet for me, little girl." He drove two fingers into me and I gasped. " wet and warm." He purred into my ear. He pumped his fingers in and out now and I opened my legs even wider and thrust up to meet him. "Oh, my little sexpot, You want it bad. Tell me how much you want it." He hissed in my ear. He was moving faster and I could hear how wet I was.

"P...Paul." I managed to get out.

"Yes?" "Please." "Please, what?" He rubbed his thumb over my clit in a circular motion and I felt a gush.

Jesus! Can he just fuck me already!!! I was screaming in my head. "Paul, Fuck me! I'm going to explode already!"

He laughed and positioned himself. He wasn't gingerly about it. He struck true and deep and I gasped when he ended up full hilt. I clinched him in tighter and for a second or two just reveled in the sensation of being filled. Yes! This is what I want! He pulled out and thrust back in and he groaned. "I love how you feel around my cock. Squeeze me again." I clinched down and started to grind my hips in a circular motion. "Yes, grind me, Erin! Fuck my dick." I started to grind and pump and he held still with his eyes closed. Mmmmmmm....I wanted more and thrust and squeezed harder and relished the feel of him inside me rubbing all the right places.

Finally he started moving. He thrust forward pushing me further into the mattress and then rose up. He pushed my legs up and held them high above me and grabbed my ass and he thrust inside me again. He looked like he was on a mission and thrust harder and faster and I felt him open me up and pound deeper and deeper. The friction was building and I felt that familiar ache and I wanted cum all over his dick. I heard flesh on flesh and the constant barrage of his dick invading me - pounding into me made me come undone. The release of 6 months came like a tidal wave and wave after wave ran through my body. I think I screamed out. I know I tore the sheets off. Paul tugged at my hips and pulled me tight against him as he pulsated 3 thrusts - spilling his cum into me. good.


"Now what?" I asked after we both came out of our euphoria.

"Well, I'm going to go back upstairs and mingle." He said. I must have flinched because he gave me a squeeze and kissed my shoulder.

"Look, baby, I enjoyed fucking the hell out of you and you gave me an awesome BJ, but I don't come here to fall in love. I definitely want to do this again. Hell, I might save the last dance for you still."

I was a little lost for words. Did I forget the no pretenses mantra I was chanting before? What was I wanting? Sex! So stop looking so fucking disappointed. I told myself.

"Agreed, Paul. I'm not looking to fall in love. This is my first time and I was just curious how it works."

He smiled and gave me pat. "Just have fun, baby doll.," Then he climbed out of bed and put his boxers on.

...I guess it's Allan's lucky night too.

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