"The Unfinished Assignment" A Newspaper Fetish Story   added 2 years ago
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Class was ending in Frankfurt College, as Mr. Jones received the students’ assignments.  A current events assignment, which each student had to read a newspaper and discuss the events taking place in the world.  “Kelly, I see you haven’t finished your assignment” Mr. Jones said to her.  Kelly lifted her head and her attention to Mr. Jones.  “I’ve been so busy in other classes that I thought I could let this assignment wait.  I didn’t mean to pass on it” Kelly replied.  Mr. Jones looked at her with forgiving eyes.  “I will allow you to stay and complete the assignment, if you want the grade?” he offered.  Kelly smiled and accepted the offer.  She grabbed her paper tablet and pulled a crisp newspaper from her carry bag and began to read.  Mr. Jones walked to his desk and sat.  He picked his newspaper up from his desk and began to read as well. 

Twenty minutes had passed and Mr. Jones was anxious for Kelly to finish her assignment.  He closed his eyes and drifted into a fantasy.  He glanced up at her and became suddenly surprised.  And aroused.  Kelly was still working on her assignment and at the same time she was brushing the newspaper across her chest.  She was completely naked and using the newspaper as a fan to cool herself off, while fingering her pussy.  Her eyes fixated on him with a smile.  She placed the newspaper over her face and slightly giggled, so Mr. Jones wouldn’t see her blushing.  Then she brushed the newspaper over her chest and gently guided it across her hardened nipples.  Mr. Jones’s cock grew hard through his pants.  He decided to release it behind his desk.  He grabbed a sheet of newspaper and placed it in front of him, so it would look as if he was reading.  Kelly spread her legs and guided the newspaper down to her pussy, guiding it over her wet lips.  She moaned with arousal as she gently slapped her pussy with the newspaper.  Mr. Jones had grabbed his hard cock and began to masturbate.  The sheet of newspaper fell over and lay on top of his cock.  Mr. Jones enjoyed the feeling of the page as if brushed over his skin.  He grabbed the newspaper and wrapped it around his cock.  Slowly and gently, so he wouldn’t alert Kelly, he used the newspaper to masturbate. 

Out of the blue, he heard Kelly’s voice.  He quickly looked up at her still sitting in her chair.  His cock was now soft under the sheet of newspaper.  “Mr. Jones? You must have dozed off. I’m finished with my assignment” Kelly said.  “Mr. Jones slowly zipped up his pants. Could you bring it to me?” he asked.  Kelly stood to her feet and walked towards Mr. Jones’s desk.  “I hope this is good enough to make the grade” she stated.  She handed him a folded sheet of newspaper and a sheet of notebook paper she wrote her assignment on.  Mr. Jones opened the sheet of newspaper.  At the top corner of the sheet was a pair of red lips laid with lipstick.  In the middle of the page were a wet spot and a note written in pen:  Does my pussy smell good, Mr. Jones?  He sat in his chair, stunned yet turned on to the gesture.  “It’s not going to last forever, Mr. Jones. Go ahead, take a whiff.” Kelly insisted.  Mr. Jones placed the newspaper tightly to his face with both hands and inhaled deeply.  “Well, did you enjoy it?” Kelly said as she started to undress herself.

Mr. Johns sat in shock.  He didn’t know what to say for fear that he had gone too far with Kelly.  “Kelly, you’re very attractive, but I’m a teacher and you’re my student.” Mr. Jones replied, firmly.  Kelly stood at his desk with a sad yet playful look.  “But Mr. Jones, I saw you behind your desk, jerking your cock with the newspaper. I couldn’t help my arousal.” Kelly said.  She walked in front of Mr. Jones’s desk and grabbed his zipper.  “Besides, you know we’re both adults, here. What’s a little fun gonna hurt?” Kelly said with a puppy dog face.  She unzipped Mr. Jones’s pants and pulled out his hard cock.  Mr. Jones sat back in his chair, as Kelly kneeled to the floor and began to suck lushfully on his cock.  Her lips were soft and wet and her motions were constant and flawless.  She proved to be the best he had ever had. 

The passion had heated up and Kelly was not yet finished with Mr. Jones.  Seeing him with the newspaper had sparked her kinky mind and gave her a new idea.  She freed her lips from Mr. Jones’s cock and quickly stood to her feet.  She shoved all of the contents from his desk, to the floor.  All but the newspaper.  She grabbed all the pages and opened them up, and then she laid them out on top of the desk.  She threw her naked body on top of them and grabbed another sheet, placing it over her chest and squeezing the page to her breast.  Mr. Jones stood from his chair and plunged his cock inside of her wet pussy.  He thrusted into her, harder and harder. Deep as he could get.  Kelly’s naked body clung to the newspaper that lay under her. It crinkled from the force, as it wrapped to her skin.  Mr. Jones was beginning to cum, as he pulled out.  He sprayed his load all over the desk and on top of the newspaper covering Kelly’s breasts.  When he finished cumming, Kelly hopped of the desk with her hands still cupping the newspaper to her breasts.  She wrapped her lips around Mr. Jones’s cock, once again.  She sucked on his cock, dragging what little bit of cum that was left inside of him, into her mouth. 

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