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  By: tarali  Age: 75  Country: India

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Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Hooker/me
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Romantic

My wayward youth brims with memorable mongering experiences. Age has not dimmed them and when I travel back in time to have another look at those memories I get a hard on.


I was in a small university town once, where I was training to become a technician. While everyone in my class including myself slogged on their lessons during week days, weekends, were reserved for those youthful adventures that one would hardly want to elaborate to one's elders.


Mondays were always bragging days when everyone explained in graphic details who they had gone with and what they had done. While some stories bordered close to the truth most were mere fantasies. I have had my stories heard both fact and fiction and I enjoyed telling them. This is one such story mostly facts laced with some untruth.


One brag day, talk centered around a new lady in town who was giving designer blow jobs to lads both horny and otherwise. “Mind you no vaginal penetration”! went the warning. They named her cock artist.


When I heard of her I was thrilled. I had always enjoyed blow jobs whenever it came my way. A cock artist specialized in blow jobs sounded like my kind of stuff,the ultimate blow job experience I could ever get. Not the rudimentary ones I was getting from girls next door. I was soon on my way to find the woman where they said she would be. I found her without any difficulty. She was well known in the red light area.


My first impression was disappointing she was not attractive . She was in her mid forties, short and fat with large sagging breasts, not the kind of girls who had given me blow jobs in the past and definitely not the kind I would like to fondle.


I am used to young ones with small firm tits with finger size love holes. I have always fondled these private parts of a girl who sucked my cock or gave me a hand job. They added to my pleasure. Unfortunately of course none of the girls I have had a blow job from had let me finish in their mouths. They always pulled out at the last moment. Vaginal entry was a vehement “No no” those days.


I re-examined her features , or lets say, surveyed her features more closely and discovered she did have certain body equipment that could be suitable for a fabulous hand and blow job. She had a puffy face with large thick lips and a long thick tongue that darted like a snake but very much different from the thin forked tongue of a snake. Her hands were podgy with thick fleshy fingers with well trimmed nails. Her thumbs were thick and fleshy and also unusually long.


I imagined those fingers and lips working on my cock and the thought that she would take my cum in her mouth was as an additional incentive . I suddenly realized I was getting a hard on.


She pointed at a funny looking low chair that had a very short seat and a long back rest and a pair of backward sloping legs and bade me to sit on it.


I started unzipping my trousers but she shook her head and told me to strip and then sit on it. I stripped while she watched me. My cock was already up and stiff pointing directly at her when I sat on the chair .


I could barely sit on the chair for half my bums were on free air. Only the back portion of my bums could be accommodated on the short seat. My feet were firmly on the ground and my knees were at a higher level than my bottom. My balls were dangling on free air and my ass hole just on the edge of the seat. The seat I realized later was specially made to order based on her specifications.


She loosened her blouse to expose her large fleshy breasts and thick fat elbows and shoulders and then squatted on the floor between my thighs. As she sat down she placed her open palms on both my knees and spread them apart to expose my crotch.


The height of the chair was just about the height of her face and my cock was directly in front of her nose and mouth jerking in anticipation and oozing pre cum. She watched the jerking cock with amusement and still had her open palms on my inner thighs firmly keeping them apart. Large droplets of pre cum dripped down drawing a thin long line. They settled on the floor making a pool. She looked at it and ignored it


She spread my thighs further with her open palms and pushed her palms towards my crotch slowly till they met at the hip joints at my crotch. Her thumbs then located the pee tubes under my balls and her other finger closed around the base of my cock in a tight clasp and my small cock suddenly became longer and harder. My cock head bulged out like a small balloon and she looked at it with interest. Her nose was just an inch from my cock head and she stared at it for some more time while I waited wondering what she was going to do next.


I anticipated her to place her mouth and start sucking the cock head but nothing happened. She just stared at it holding it tight and feeling the hardening and softening of my cock shaft as I tensed it in excitement.


She then she started her manipulations. She did not place her lips or mouth on my cock head but started a slow and soft rubbing of the pee holes under my balls with her two thumbs making sure to collect as much pre cum as possible for lubrication. Her fleshy thumbs were soft and caressing as she went about driving me crazy. She concentrated on the entire length of the tube right from the anal hole to the pee hole and went about it methodically. I drew my tummy in sharply and gasped with pleasure as she worked on me this way. She let me stiffen my cock by reducing the grip on my cock from time to time and the relief from the pressure was more pleasurable as more of my pre cum dripped down.


Her thick lips and mouth close to my cock head excited me but she did not appear to have any immediate intentions of placing them on my throbbing cock. I closed my eyes in mild disappointment and leaned back with my hands pushed behind the back rest and my head resting on the back rest to enjoy the sensation of her pee tube massage .


Hardly had I assumed this position when I suddenly felt warm wet contact on the base of my cock on the pee tube just above her thumbs. I opened my eyes with a start and saw her bending forward and running her thick long and wet tongue over the tube from bottom to top in the same manner as she had done with her thumbs


I jerked sharply and pushed my crotch forward but she held me rigid with her clawing fingers on my inner thighs at my crotch and arrested any movement. I had gone tense with that kind of tongue movement on my cock shaft . I wanted more and I wanted the movement to be fast but she maintained her agonizingly slow motion never stopping till I calmed down to a less agitated state.


I was now in a state of unrest wriggling and shifting in the small seat unable to control the pleasure that was drilling into me. I had built up a large dose of cum bursting to ejaculate but was unable to do so because the manipulation was too slow. I was if I could only clasp my cock and give it a rapid jerk I would come exploding at once. Under the circumstances I had no option but to let her do it her way for she was in total control of the situation.


The slow tonguing now gave way to the next stage which was soft wet kisses on the cock head with her wet and luscious lips administered intermittently. It was awesome and I struggled to control this new sensation and jerked my crotch forward and backward involuntarily for more harder and quicker action but to no avail. She took her time and refused to increase the pace of her manipulations.


Her manipulations were not of any set pattern and the urge to ejaculate often increased to a point where I was at the brink of crossing the hill but suddenly she cut them short and changed tack or she pressed the tube hard and caused a bit of pain and my senses were diverted instantly. This was more or less like the standard therapy prescribed to sufferers of premature ejaculations. The raise and drop of my state of excitement towards ejaculation was like waves of music up and down and swaying .


This had to end somewhere and so it did finally. And when it came it was explosive, the effect of which I can feel even now after all these years.

She had worked me into a peak with her silken kisses on my cock head and had done some micro sucking of the pee hole while squeezing my nuts with one hand and rubbing the underside of my cock with the fingers of her other hand, and I was past all control and desperately lookiing forward and waiting for an explosive finish when it happened.


I had thrown back my head with my eyes tightly closed in ecstasy and had stretched my legs and spread my thighs wide when I suddenly felt her warm lips close around the crown of my cock. I opened my eyes with a start and saw her bent over my crotch . She was sucking my cock at at last the way I had hoped she would. She pushed her hands around my hips to hold me in a tight bear hug. Then she moved forward and slowly sucked the entire length of my cock deep inside her mouth and I for the fist time found my cock embedded ionside a warm and wet enclosure. I gasped as the various sensations seeped in my system.

She hit bottom and pressed her lips tightly on the base and swirled her tongue over my cock head. In uncontrollable pleasure I lifted my hips up and her head rose with it but I pressed it down hard with my palms slapping over it and humped upwards in frenzy. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down as she gave me a jerk job with her tight lips on the base of my cock. I responded with a minor black out and then I blew my load. She quickly pulled her thick lips backward on to the head and her tongue rolled around the head and pee hole as the thick cum spurted inside her mouth. I spurted several times and all along she held me in the bear hug but my under belly was fluttering as she kept the suction up .


I had grunted groaned and moaned during those ecstatic moments but I never kept track of what they sounded like. Finally the frenetic activity was over and I slumped on the chair exhausted. She did not pull out immediately. She was still sucking my organ and still had me in her hug and when my cock had lost the rock hard stiffness after the ejaculation I felt her milk the pee tubes with her lips pressed tight over and under my cock shaft. She did this several times sending sensations that were not as good as the ones during the heat of the sexual excitement. I shivered as they passed over the crown every time and finally my cock plopped out as she disconnected.


She was a cock artist alright a fine artist to be precise and fine cock artist or cock fine artist call what you may. The likes of such artists are an extremely rare breed.

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