The lady across the street - part 2   added 3 years ago
  By: boobman  Age: 51  Country: United Kingdom

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I have never before stood on someones door step with a hard on, and then have a gorgeous woman open the door to me naked. However, that is the situation that I now find myself in.

She smiles at me and ushers me into the hall, shutting the door behind me.

"Good of you to come." says Helen. I'm not sure what to reply to that really, so I just say

"That's okay. Its a pleasure."

"Yes I am sure it will be. I have often thought about inviting you over, and tonight I had nothing on, so it seemed like a good opportunity. Can I offer you some wine?"

"Thanks that would be great.  I have little on tonight either, at least nothing I cant drop  quickly"

Helen smiles at the inuendo. "please make yourself at home in the living room there and just drop whatever you like"

Its not often I get an invitation like that so while Helen is getting the wine from the kitchen I quickly shed the few items of clothing I have. It feels a bit strange standing in a stranger's living room naked with a raging hard on. Strange but deliciously exciting. I hear Helen returning and arrange myself on her large couch and try to look more relaxed than I feel.

Helen enters the room with two enormous glasses of red wine.

"I bet you don't get many of those to a pound" I said, meaning the wine but Helen was clearly still playing the inuendo game and joggling her lovely tits provocatively said "Well perhaps you'd like to weigh them and see." 

Reaching up and round the wine glasses I feel the weight of her lovely orbs. Lovely indeed with erect nipples from her earlier play no doubt. Helen is offering me a wine glass and reluctantly I let go of her breast to accept it. I take an appreciative sip. It is delicious.

Helen takes a step back and lowers her glass. Carefully she dips one of her boobs into the wine . Transfixed , I watch the red liquid beading on her flesh.

"If the wine is too cool, perhaps you would like to lick it from there?"

The wine seemed a perfect temperature to me, but I wasn't about to tell her that. Putting my glass on a nearby table I lifted my head and began to lick her breast clear of wine. As I was doing so I was aware of her annointing the other one. I transferred my attention only to find she had picked up my glass and dipped the first again. I then had my work cut out, but it was work that I would have happily kept up for hours.

Not content with dipping her tits, Helen began letting the wine trickle more freely over her substantial  breasts. It was getting a little difficult to keep up, but I don't give up easily where wine or tit licking is concerned. Both together  is a new experience I must admit.

"Enough" declared Helen "We mustn't forget your poor cock"  To be truthful he was feeling a little left out. Helen pushed me back on the couch and knelt over me. lowly she tilted the now half full glasses above my hot throbbing cock. The anticipation was unbearable, watching the cool red liquid approach the rim of the glasses. All at once two streams of liquid dribbled onto the head of my cock and trickled down to my balls. Helen's mouth quickly followed and greedily licked my cock clear of the wine. I cannot describe how good it felt. 


Again and again I got the anticipation of the cool shock and the warm sensation of her tongue. I could feel the pressure in my balls and the tightening feeling and I knew i couldn't hold on too much longer. Helen seemed to sense it too as all of a sudden she put down the glasses and fully took me in her mouth. Moving up and down slowly at first and then more quickly, nibbling gently with her teeth and working rapidly with her lips and tongue.

This is it. I could hold on no longer. I managed to croak a warning to helen, but she could feel the unmistakable swelling and throbbing of my cock. As my hot cum surged up my pulsing shaft she expertly lifted her lips away and directed my cock towards her so that I shot my load all over those luscious boobs. She used the head of my cock to rub it in a little and as the ejaculations subsided she helped collect the last few drops with her fingers. 

I lay back on the couch and watched transfixed as Helen proceeded to lick all my cum from her lovely tits.

"Mmmm Shiraz and cum. my favourite flavour combination." she smiled.


To be continued.... if you want me to. 

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