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Categories: Force/Rape, Virgins/Young women, Anal Sex
Tags: Wetness climax.
Location: A Public place
Roleplay: Stranger/Stranger
Fulfillment: Share it only
Nature: Agressive
I have been lusting for Jenny since seeing her at my local supermarket, she is a salesperson for a food company. Jenny curses under her breath as her engine has died, leaving her stranded two miles from home, and she was lucky to have been able to coast to a stop in this empty parking lot. She peers out through the window, able to see a pay phone only a little way from the car. She curses again, knowing that even with such a short distance between her and the phone. "Of all the times to forget her cell," She shakes her head in disgust as her words trail off into mumbling complaints.

Jenny shoves open the car door and hops out, pausing only to kick the door shut before dashing to the pay phone. She jams her coins into the phone, stabs the numbers with a manicured nail, and begins cursing again as she listens to the message telling her: "The person you are trying to reach is unavailable at the moment. Please try ag-."

She slams the phone down, cutting off the automated message. She shivers as the cold air sends chills down her spine, fouling her mood even more. She stalks back to the car, pissed off now and really needing a cigarette.

As Jenny reaches the car, her hand moving to open the door, she feels pressure against the middle of her back, a half second later she is slammed hard against the side of her car. Her breath explodes out from her lungs as the side mirror presses into her stomach. A hand tangles in her hair, pushing her forward and down, forcing her to bend over the hood of the car. She then feels a body pressing against her and hot breath on her ear, followed then by a deep, gruff voice speaking.

" You even think about screaming, there will be consequences." These words are accompanied by the sharp point of metal, poking into the side of her neck. Jenny whimpers " please don't hurt me " in pain as her hair is yanked roughly, pulling her up from the hood. The metal point remains against her throat, but she feels my other hand drifting over the front of her body. I squeeze each of her breasts, my touch is painful and rough as I twist her nipples through the material of her blouse.

My hand slides down her stomach and moves between her legs, reaching under her skirt  cupping her crotch through her wet panties. She is surprised by this and automatically slaps at my hand. I laugh at her, before pinching her hard on her inner thigh. She gasps " aaaaiiii " again in pain, while at the same time scraping her foot down my shin. I curse  before growling and again slamming her head down against the hood of the car. 
Jenny is dazed now, and barely conscious. She is able to register the fact that I'm  pulling her skirt down, but is unable to clear her head enough to resist. She can hear me whispering in her ear, making crude remarks about how sweet her ass looks, and how I can't wait to fuck her. I then begin to taunt her, slapping the wet skin of her ass with my gloved hand. She begins to sob now, her body quivering with fear and shame. Her fear seems to excite me further, and she can feel my erection throbbing as I rub my pelvis against her bare ass. Her crying intensifies as she hears me unzipping my pants.
She feels me, as I begin to rub my hot hard thick cock against her flesh, teasing her and embarrassing her more. I taunt her again, brushing my thumb over her asshole as the tip of my cock probes her pussy.

Jenny's body involuntarily tenses as she feels me at the entrance of her pussy, and she hears me laugh again, boasting about how I'm hung like a bull and how much it is going to stretch and hurt her. She trembles silently and tries to remain calm, resigned to the fact that I will do whatever I want with her. A part of her is excited by this fact; her pussy pulsing suddenly at the loss of control she is experiencing. The feeling is akin to when her boyfriend ties her up and has his way with her. She begins to concentrate on this feeling, determined to beat the fear in any way she can.

Her concentration is broken as I suddenly shove my hard thick cock into her, sliding deep inside her pussy with one long and hard thrust. She gasps in surprise, " OMG! OOOHHH " as I laugh and then moans in pleasure. " UUUUUHHHHH..AAAAAAHHHHHHH." My fingers tangled again in her hair as I uses that as leverage to jerk her back against me, forcing her to meet my hard rough thrust as my shaft burrows through her small tight tunnel stretching, scraping the walls until coming to rest aganist her cervix.
Jenny's mouth drops open as she feels my hard throbbing cock deep inside her, longer and thicker than any cock she has ever taken before. Her pussy stretches, adapting to the intrusion of this massive cock throbbing and resting inside of her. Her shame and embarrassment increases as she feels she is growing moist, her skin feverish in the cold air.

I slam my body against hers again and again, forcing my cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy. Jenny bites her lip as the pleasure continues to rise, unwilling to give me the mental satisfaction of knowing she is enjoying my attack on her body. I'm oblivious though, " UUUUHHH..UUUUUHHHH " grunting like an animal to punctuate each forceful push of my cock into her. I'm leaning over her now, my breath hot against her neck, panting into her ear. This faintly disgusts her, but it only serves to increase her pleasure.

Jenny listens as my breathing grows heavier, and she smiles knowing the bastard will be finished soon. I groan " UUUUUHHHHHH " then pulls out of her. Jenny is unable to contain her sigh of relief, mistakenly believing I had come. I hear this and leaning over again, whispering harshly into her ear, my fingers tightening painfully in her hair.

"No,'s not over that easily...not by a long shot." I pause, now she can feel the tip of my cock resting against the opening of her ass. Her body tenses once more, understanding my intent. She shakes her head in protest, and begs me to just finish where I started. I only laugh at her coldly, and pushes her back down on the car.

Jenny squirms now, trying to escape, but silently she urges me on, excited now by the danger I present. Her squirming arouses me further, as she secretly was hoping. My hands grip her hips tightly, each finger digging painfully into her skin, the nails biting into her flesh, cutting her more than once. My hands spread the cheeks of her ass wide, exposing her opening to me. I move my pelvis forward, touching lightly with the tip of my cock. She freezes again, motionless, this time in anticipation and not fear.

I again misread her response, assuming it is fear motivating her sudden cooperation, and plunges my cock suddenly into her ass with a violent thrust. Jenny throws her head back and screams, " OMG! AAAAAAHHHHHH..AAAAAAIIIIIIII..UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH " unable to contain herself, the orgasm she has been hoping for breaking over her in a huge wave of pleasure. I moan, " AAAAAAHHHHH " again excited by the fear and pain I believe I have caused. My thrusts come fast and hard, sliding in and out of her ass fast and rough, pinning her against the car with my body. 

Jenny is unable to hide her own pleasure now, moaning quietly along with me. " MMMMMMMMMM...OOOOOHHHHHHHH..AAAAAAAHHHHHHH " Whispering for me to fuck her harder, to shove my cock deeper into her ass, begging for more... Her body shudders uncontrollably as I cum sending jets of cum into her ass, her pussy quivering as her orgasms wash away all common sense and shame, leaving only a craving for more. I'm perfectly willing to give this to her, slamming my hips against her own, the sound of our flesh loudly smacking. 

Jenny begins a mantra now, begging for my cum, pleading for me to fill her ass with my sperm, crying again as she shivers on that razor's edge of pain and pleasure. I resume  slamming my cock into her, fucking her hard and rough, even more so than before, losing myself in the pleasure. My moans grow louder " UUUUUUHHHHH," in concert with Jenny's " OOOOOHHHHH..AAAAAAHHHHHH," both individuals using the other to satisfy their urges, both grateful for the excuse the other has provided, allowing them to be free to pursue this animalistic desire for gratification.

Jenny's cries of pleasure become almost howls as she feels me begin to cum, my cock swells becoming harder and throbbing inside her ass as my cum fills her. She feels me pull out and then feels the remaining remnants of my cum spraying her back. She then feels me lean over her again, laying across her body and whispering breathlessly into her ear.." If you go to the police about this, I will hunt you down and punish you...very slowly..Understand?" I pull back then without waiting for her answer. She stammers " please..please I want to see you again." " I will meet you here next Friday at 4pm." I reply. Then she hears me zip up my pants, then nothing more after that. She waits there, motionless, for several minutes bere standing up and looking around, making sure I'm  gone before revealing her satisfied smile.

Jenny wipes her face and looks up into the night sky. She rubs her bruised face thoughtfully, imaging the second encounter with me and going somewhere to enjoy more rough sex. She begins to lust for feeling the big long hard thick cock again ravashing her pussy and ass. She had fantasied about experiencing a big thick cock stretching her pussy wide. There exists nothing on this earth more entertaining than the excuses we make to ourselves, to explain our motivations and desires

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