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Categories: Romantic Setting/Exotic, Oral Sex, Steady Partner, Identified partner
Tags: Spanking hardcore rough
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: Agressive

we start kissing, our lips and bodies pressed tightly together. He feels me and im already soaking wet. He starts to take control, pushing me down on the bed, ripping off layers and layers of clothes until im completely naked. He gets on the bed and starts to kiss my thighs, getting closer and closer to my tight pussy, he teases me, licking me a couple of times and then without warning he starts to go at it. licking me, sucking me… tongue fucking me, that’s when I start to go crazy. clawing at the bed sheets, moaning. I feel it coming on, I try to make him stop, it feels too good. But he holds me down and says “Cum for me baby” and that does it.. I moan as loud as I ever have before and my body convulses making the bed move out of place. After he licks up the mess, I start to crave more. I pull him up, lick the rest of my pussy from his mouth, flip him over and start face fucking him.. Riding him, holding up his head, making him take it.

When im done, I make him stand up, I pull off his shirt, pants, then boxers… I kiss down his body and get on my knees and start to do my favorite thing.. I go slow at first, licking him, taking his balls in my mouth, feeling him, then I put my mouth around him and start sucking, faster and faster each time, pulling it out every once and a while to lick it or spit on it. Then he takes control,  grabbing my hair, fucking my face until he gets to his limit.. He pulls me up pushes me on the bed, rolls the condom on and gets on top of me.. As soon as he sticks his dick in me my head flies back with a moan.. He goes slow at first trying to be careful with me, then he starts going faster and faster while im clawing at his back and biting his neck, making him moan.. I start to get the urge to be in control so I flip him over and start fucking him, I can feel every inch of his dick inside of me. I go slowly at first, but he drives me crazy so I start fucking him like an animal. Faster and faster, harder and harder. He pulls me down on top of him holding me against him and fucks me like ive never been fucked before. I can feel myself cumming again… it starts to drench him. I get off of him and move down, licking up my pussy juice, sucking him, until he grabs me and puts me on my hands and knees. As soon as he’s inside of me my eyes roll back and I grab the bed post for dear life. He starts fucking me harder and harder, the bed starts to shake and hits the wall over and over again. “you like that baby?” “oh yea” “You want some more?” “Please baby, please?” As soon as I say please he pulls his dick out and shoves it into me, sending a shock right through my body. “Spank me baby” and he does, over and over again. He starts going faster again pulling my hair just the way I like it, harder and harder. It feels so good, tears start streaming down my face, I grab a hold of the bed post and I know he’s about to blow, I yell “Harder!” at him and he goes as hard as he’s ever gone until we both let out a roaring moan and fall to the bed.

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