Handjob and gum job   added 3 years ago
  By: tarali  Age: 75  Country: India

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The idea of a blow job from a woman with dentures has always been a great fantasy with me. My fantasy however came true when a young prostitute in a red light area removed her dentures to show me her mouth and offered to give me a blow job for a consideration.


As soon as I entered her small room where she serviced her clients she made me sit on a couch and pulled my trousers and underwear down to expose my already erect and hard cock . She surveyed it like one would a live fish before she proceeded to wrap a wet piece of cloth soaked in medical alcohol and clean it to her satisfaction.



 She then placed her wet and warm lips on the crown of my cock and sucked the head in to her mouth and began a slow and wet rub of the pee hole with her tongue. 


The sensation  was electric and it drove me crazy and I began to move my hips and body trying to control the pleasure drilling through me. She had held my cock shaft with her hand and as my crotch became unsteady and moving this way and that she removed her and using both her hands cupped my buttocks tight and held my body steady as she continued to drill pleasure into me.


A little later as I got used to the drilling sensation I felt her gums  tighten around the crown of my cock and then she started a slow rocking motion of her head causing her gum to to rub against my now rock hard jerking cock shaft. 


Needless to say I had very quickly built up a large load of cum bursting to explode and struggling to hold on as long as possible. I felt her palms cup my bum and tighten her grip and then she pressed her mouth down drawing the entire length of my cock inside her mouth in a tight grip of both her gums and lips. My cock is not long just about normal size and she hit bottom with ease and I felt her gums grip the root of my cock   and knead it . I blacked out momentarily and when I came to I had exploded and was ejaculating deep inside her mouth . As I discharged my semen in quick short bursts I threw my hands back in ecstatic pleasure shaking my legs she slowly drew her mouth back , her gums milking the tubes under my cock and causing me to shake violently. 


She stopped at the cock head and sucked the head hard vigorously to extract the last drop of my cum and then pulled out.


Needless to say it was an unforgettable experience. 

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