The Animal In Me   added 3 years ago
  By: everydaylover  Age: 23  Country: United States

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Categories: Steady Partner, Virgins/Young women
Tags: fucking sex penetration animal Love
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Nature: Agressive

I walk up to you..that animal look in my eye, I move towards you as though I plan to attack you..pounce you…drive you into the floor. But perhaps I do. Perhaps I plan to dig my fingers into your arms..throw you roughly against the wall…my teeth showing while I make my way over to you..I instantly sink my teeth into your naked breast flash..terrorizing you quickly..swiftly..viciously. My mouth encasing your nipples, sucking as much of your flesh into my mouth as I feel my fingertips grip into your back..digging deep into your muscle…I let out almost a growl as I bite a little piece of your collar bone skin into my eyes looking up into yours as I do so..I let go and begin kissing you warm, deep bite down on my lower lip roughly..pulling away from my body..playing back at me..for that I lift you from the wall, slamming you back into it roughly once again..your legs now wrapped around me and your arms around my swing from my body. Your back feeling beaten from the harsh hammers to the wall, I begin pressing my lips deep into your neck flesh, exploring it with not only my lips, but my tongue as I press in with each time my lips touch your skin, massaging deep into your flesh. By this point, I’m rock hard for my baby girl and I quickly reach down, not wasting a moment, guiding myself into you while I lower you onto me..still up against the wall, the feel of the rough wallpaper grinding on your back as I begin fucking you roughly..your whole body sinking onto my cock..over and strong arms lifting your body up and down..your hips grinding and rolling on my cock. I feel my fat head throbbing deep within feel my tongue firmly within your mouth again..exploring it, increasing your sensations as I fuck you. My cock’s thick veins jutting out like that of a well exercised muscle..pulsing…throbbing deep within you..your whole body rocking in movement with mine. Your fingernails drag down my back..leaving perfect lines down me..reminding me that I’m yours..all the same, I bite down on your little earlobe, pulling it away from your body a little and shaking my head like an angered dog pulling away…I can tell you love the animal in me as your juices flow over my cock now more than ever, your pussy muscles tightening…”mmm” I moan precum now leaking deep within you. My prick now sliding into and out of you faster than ever…your pussy lips feeling every ridge of my cock as I travel deep within you…your hands now move from my back to my firm arm muscles..your nails digging into me as you squeeze them..holding on for dear life as I fuck you harder than we have before..your back now getting small burns on it from the constant rubbing up and down the wallpaper covered walls. “Oh God” I moan as I lower your body, flat into the air before me..still holding you up..I throw in my final deep, hard thrusts…your pussy muscles begin to let out whimpers of pleasure and I begin to blow my thick load all over deep within you..filling your womb so full…I continue filling you..cumming over and over ‘till your pussy leaks of my seed..I lift you up to me…face to face again after all of our pleasurable shaking and moans have subsided..and I sink my lips into yours immediately…filling your mouth with my tongue..kissing you over and over..filling you with my love..all my feelings for you. I lift you up and off of my now semi-erect cock..”I love you” I whisper…walking you over to the couch, where I lay down, bringing you overtop me..I kiss you many more soft pecks..and you, to me. “I love you” I whisper again…you feel my warm breath down your chest as I say so…”I’ll give you a little more of me very soon” I manage to get out as we lay there, cuddled on the couch..a blanket ovetop us..resting until I decide to attack you again…


-Everyday Lover 

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