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  By: everydaylover  Age: 23  Country: United States

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Categories: Virgins/Young women
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Today I’ll leave the office early for you. I’ll come home, set down my things quietly…I’ll sneak up behind you, my arms coming down over your shoulders. I’ll grab you up tight…holding you..”you’re mine” I’ll whisper, my hot breath flowing down your neck with my soft words, my lips meeting the back of your neck. You know it’s me by the feel of my arms…the feel of my abdomen against your back..tingling sensations going down your spine while my lips, still cool from the winter’s air travel your neck..gently touching my tongue to it in certain places. “I love you” I manage to get out in words a few times over between kisses. My whole body going wild over you..”I love you so much” I say slightly louder now moving down your neck to your collar bone. I squeeze you in tighter against me. You begin to breathe heavily…I love the feel of your little lungs working hard within my arms…I turn you around so you’re facing me now..walk you up against the wall..I pressure your body up against it and press my face deep into yours kissing you hard. My lips entangling with yours, our breaths barely escaping one another’s mouths..our tongues meet, you feel my hand traveling tightly against your lower back..grinding your body against my already swelling lowers..Your fingernails digging into my back at the thought of the impalement you’re hoping to receive. I can’t take it lips work down the front of your neck ‘till they meet with your clothing. I quickly lean back just enough to pull that shirt off of you..but you won’t have just that and force my own shirt off with one swoop. My muscles now brushing up against your body..against that frame of yours…”mmmm” I groan as I grasp onto your ass cheeks with my fingers..lifting you up the wall. My lips pressed firmly against yours again, my rough hands traveling up and down your back..your hips swaying in motion grinding up against my firm abdomen, I manage to undo your bra with one of my hands behind your back, revealing your beautiful firm…so perfectly shaped…”oh God” I manage to whisper before my lips immediately attack your breasts…forcing my face into them with great lips traveling all over against them..sucking bits of the beautiful flesh into my mouth..over and teeth sink into your breasts..over and over I bite at them, teasing you..making you beg for more. I quickly let up…kiss you a few more deep kisses…then over to the edge of the bed with you…I practically pull your pants and undergarments off with one pull..and drop my own coverings just as quickly..without any warning you feel my fat throbbing head penetrate into you..pressing deep into you with even the first of strokes…after a moment of shock, you feel my veins jutting out..grinding into the tight walls of your pussy…I stroke over and over again..pressing my full length into fat head nearly hitting the backwalls of your still standing position over you…you at the edge of the bed…I grab your legs, using them almost as a lever to your tight little frame. Hammering you, I do today. My heavy balls smacking up against you with every slam. I spread your legs now..allowing my abdomen to come overtop yours..grasping the bed around you, pulling towards the head of the bed, forcing myself even deeper within you. You let out a gentle whimper..your mouth stays open..shocked from the deep slams..You begin to moan with every stroke..faster and faster I go..I feel your pussy muscles tighten already..just as I grasp onto your breasts you let out the first of your loud high pitched moans..I feel your juices flowing around me as you orgasm for the first time..but I don’t slow..not one bit..I love the feel of your pussy tightened around me even more and go faster and faster..working your breasts with my know the look in my know I’m set on pleasing you and coming in for the kill…my fingertips travel down your abdomen..first teasing at your clit….just enough to fuck with you..then my hands wrap around your thumbs firmly in place on top of your hips…my fingers wrapping around to your backside..I begin rolling your hips now..slowing down feel my stiff cock traveling all over deep within you…different places, different directions…it’s a different feeling than you’ve had before…”mmmm oh God” I moan out…”your pussy is so tight”…I love feeling your from the inside feel the engorged head in particular hitting places that haven’t been hit begin to bite your lower lip. I pull out a little..then a few more strokes tighten up again..your whole abdomen this time. I begin to shoot my load deep withing you..just as my hot juices hit the backwalls of your insides, you begin to moan out, reaching your second orgasm. I keep going off within you..over and over..spurting more and more hot fluid deep inside you. My thick cum now bursting at the seams of your pussy lips..wrapped firmly around my cock. We’re both exhausted…I pull my fat cock out of you, still swollen and dripping with your wrap your little hand around it…stroking it a kiss me and thank me..I ask what the thanks was for whisper back “for loving me so”. I kiss you a warm, long, deep kiss..and pull away just enough to whisper back “I don’t have a choice in the matter. I love you baby. I’m yours, get use to it..”. You smile back…knowing that I came home from work early for the sole reason of pleasing you more. You’re my reason for leaving work early…you’re my reason for going in the first place…you’re my reason for being right here, right now. I love you sweetheart. We lay in bed together..wrap up under the blankets once we cool off enough…then lay there…falling asleep together, we drift into tomorrow.

-Your Everyday Lover 

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