Fingers Trembling...I Grab Onto You   added 3 years ago
  By: everydaylover  Age: 23  Country: United States

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Categories: Virgins/Young women
Tags: Love penetration sex literotica erotic
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: I will tell you later
Nature: I will tell you later

Walking up to you slowly…your bed the only other object in my vision, I continue moving..’till my fingertips are grazing body just breaths away from you, my fingertips press up to yours, inserting my fingers between yours. I begin pressing towards lips meeting with yours, you feel my warm love for the first time against your lips. I continue pressing…pushing you further back now, ‘till the backs of your legs are brushing against your bedding. My hands leave yours for the first time, grasping at your face to pull you you in for a firmer kiss; my tongue exploring your mouth..kissing you harder than before, I allow my hands to your back, lowering your body to the bed. I’m immediately overtop you now allowing my lips to move from your lips to your neck, my fingertips traveling up and down your back..grasping, pulling you in tighter. Holding your frame pressed tight to mine. You feel me begin to grow down your thigh. My lips quickly make their way down your chest…exploring every bit of your lips press firmly into the flesh..over and over my lips kissing all of them, I begin to suck little bits of your firm breast flesh into my mouth. Little bits at first, I suck in more and more as I go I suck the flesh into my mouth my tongue presses deep into it, massaging every inch I devour. I slow down to grab a couple breaths and let them have a break..I look up to find the small marks I’ve left across you…I slowly kiss the marks, regarding the beauty that lies with them. I drag the back of my tongue down and around each of your nipples…barely grazing the scrunched flesh…I pull one into my mouth…biting down just ‘till u gasp..then letting up and moving to the other, doing just the feel my solid teeth grit down roughly..then moving back to the other..I suck it gently, practically apologizing for the pain I caused it. At this point, you can tell I’ve grown to my full length as it lays across nearly all of your thigh. I press my face to mouth lying just above your ear, you feel my warm breath as I whisper “one last thing”…I allow my body to travel back down yours, Your hands stroking down my arms the whole way as I keep hold of your shoulders with my hands. Your fingertips pressing firmly into my muscles, squeezing them gently..enjoying yourself as you feel my tongue slide down the crevice of one of your legs…then back up the lips pressing firmly into your pussy lips, now dripping with juices..I begin practically kissing them…teasing every now and then with my tongue, my mouth works towards the top of your slit, sucking the flesh into my mouth, i drag my tongue down your slit as you let out a slight moan. The whole time your fingers digging into my upper arm muscles, loving the feel of your man pleasing you. My full staff now practically bouncing against the lower half of your can’t take it anymore, I feel your nails digging into my shoulder muscles now, pulling up on me gently..I know what you want, but I’m going to make you take it for the first moment. As my mouth makes its way back to yours I feel your hand wrap around my press the fat head against your wet pussy lips..sliding it up and down your slit, coating the tip in your juices. As you slide it up and down squeezing me roughly, teasing me…I begin to press into your frame..pressing tight against your pussy walls, ‘till I feel my fat head pop all the way into you…”it’s my game now” I whisper..pressing…inching..deeper and deeper within you. You feel each ridge, every vein, as I begin to stroke into and out of you, slowly first, not all of me, then pushing deeper and deeper, it seems as though you’re getting tighter, ‘till I press my full length deep within you..stroking in and out..inch after inch…every ridge teasing at the top edge of your pussy..moving slow at first, I grab onto your fingertips grasping into your back flesh as I love you..fill you..I feel your pussy muscles tighten around me…mmm i moan and pull almost all the way out, leaving just my round head in you..getting an animalistic look in my eyes, I roughly slam back into you…my fat head smacking into the back wall of your pussy. You let out a moan of pain and pleasure as my fingertips grasp onto the headboard and I begin slamming into you over and over, my heavy balls smacking you hard now with every can hear them pounding away on the soft outerwalls of your pussy..I’m slamming you so hard the bed shakes with every move, my hardened hands leave go of the headboard and now grasp onto your perfect breasts..grabbing them roughly..using them almost as handles as I move your whole body forth and back, stroking deep into you with every move…I feel your pussy muscles tighten at the same time as my cock swells…you begin to moan and scream reaching a boisterous orgasm as I shoot my hot, thick load deep within your pussy, filling your womb completely full with my continue to moan and whimper as I keep shooting deep inside you…filling you so full..impregnating you with my seed. My juices leak out through your pussy lips tight around my teeth sink into your breast as I finish…your teeth sunken within my shoulder flesh, your nails in my back. I leave myself within you..not pulling out of you until later. Laying my head on your breasts, motionless…we fall asleep together, comforting and keeping each other all night. I hope you enjoyed our time together and that you can begin to see the light and beauty of your every day lover.


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