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Sitting night after night in the same seat we talk and joke around, occasionally play some pool and say goodnight. One night after the room empties and each of us has had a few drinks throughout the night she decides to lock the doors and asks to play a game of pool. The chemistry is there and hearts race,tension is all about us.

The game goes on and lingering looks turn to us brushing against each other as we walk the table. As i line up my next shot i feel her from behind fingers outstretched against my back. Frozen i feel her lean in to me,hot breath flowing over my neck. I turn as she pushes me to the table,the first kiss is electric, heat coarses through me. I feel my cock stiffen as she climbs on top of me.

She bits my neck and starts to slide he hand into my pants. Gripping me and stroking up and down i feel the precum moisten her hand. I grind into her and slip my hand up her skirt, she is moist as i start to play with her shaved pussy. Within moments we are naked as she rides me, forcing me deep inside her. She arches her back as she claws my chest, i feel her driping all over me, we writh harder and harder. I feel myself stiffen as i cum deep inside her, she cries out and returns in kind. We colapse together on the table.

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