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  By: lesbirena  Age: 28  Country: Argentina

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I released myself from her hug and got up from the sofa.  I got hold of her hands firmly pulled her up

towards me and started towards the bedroom.  She freed her hands and put her right hand round my waist

and pulled me closer to her body as we entered the bedroom.  The moment we entered, she pushed me on

the bed and came upon me and pressed my both hands firmly to the bed.  She lowered herself on me and

started kissing me.  We teased our tongues.  Kissed each others' cheeks.  Licked other where we liked.


She licked my neck several times and on cleavage.  She was biting my tits every now and then.  Suddenly

she raised her head and said, "you broke my bra".  I replied in the negative.  She insisted, "yes, you did".

  I shook my head and said, "In fact, it is you who broke my bra"  I rolled over as I said and pulled up

blouse and  said "See it for yourself".  I knew one hooks of my bra was already broken when my boobs

were bulging out since she turned me on.  She instantly removed  the other hook and freed my boobs from

suffocation inside the bra cups.


She starred at my hardened crimson red nipples and started pinching and turning them simultaneously.

That threw me into ecstasy and I closed my eyes.  She took my nipple into her mouth and sucked it as

long  as possible.  As she was doing this, her hands moved downwards and caressed my butt cheeks gently

and softly.  She slowly slid her hands inside my skirt and moved them inside my thighs and caressed.  

That was great pleasure beyond description.  Then again she put her hands round my waist and

unbuttoned  my skirt and pulled it off.  She could not hide her surprise when she saw the wetness on the

small triangular piece of cloth which was just enough to cover my pubic patch.  She ran her index finger on 

the damp line along my vaginal crease moving up and down.  I could not stop moaning & groaning with her

fingers playing with my wet G-string.  She pulled it off through my legs and amazed to see my clean and

shaven pussy.  


She unbuttoned and removed her blouse threw it aside.  She turned back and asked me to unhook her

bra which I promptly did.  Her boobs were slightly larger but beautiful with one of them having a black mole

closer to cleavage.  I rose up and touched both of them and gently caressed in circular motion, while she 

was massaging my pussy.  It was a heavenly feeling even my ex-boyfriend could not give.  I sucked her

nipple slid my hand under her skirt and caressed inside her thighs.  I could hear she was moaning in 



I licked all over her boobs bit them.  She cried in pleasureful pain.  I unzipped her skirt and pulled off her 

legs.  As I expected her panties also became wet and completely damp.  In my eagerness I touched it

and rubbed gently to stimulate further.  As I was doing this I whispered into her ears "its too good and I 

want to taste it".  "Hmmmm..." she moaned again.  I removed her panties and pushed to her back on

the bed.  I quickly spread her legs apart and licked her soft & wet pussy.  I will tell you more tomorrow.  






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