Lesbian threesome part 2   added 3 years ago
  By: Cocklover  Age: 21  Country: New Zealand

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As Letitia starts to undress me the woman called lily comes over and squats down between Letitia's legs and starts sucking on her pussy and swollen clit. Letitia starts to moan. She starts to kiss me feverishly. She leads me over to the bed and we feel each others pussy. Lily comes over and straddles my face. Letitia takes her other hand and feels lily's boobs. After a few seconds of me licking her swollen clit and Letitia feeling her boobs she comes on my face and I do my best to lick it up.

then we switch so I'm straddling Letitia's face while lily is finger fucking Letitia's pussy. Then we both orgasm together then Letitia says it is time for lily to cum. We switch so lily is straddling Letitia and I'm kissing her and playing with her boobs. Lily slips her fingers into my pussy and finger fucks me and we all orgasm at the same time. We lick up each others cum and then we shower together and go for a second time in the shower. 

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