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I felt little uncomfortable, but I enjoyed it.  While her one hand was embracing, she touched my cheek with the other one and turned my face towards her.  She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "Honey, you know very well that I broke up with my ex boy friends.  I am also aware that you had problems with your guys and you now hate guys.  I have reasons to believe you understand me better."  As she was talking, she tightened her hug around me and laid back on the sofa and started deeply kissing me.

Again she said, "Look, we grew up together.  We went to same school and same college.  We know each other much better than others.  Last but not the least, I have a crush on you".  She was caressing all over my back and slowly moved down rested her hands on my butt cheeks and gently moved up and down as if searching for something.   I knew what she was looking for and whispered into her ear, "You won't find it 'cause its a G-string."  She was actually trying to locate my panties' hemline.


She promptly said, "This is precisely why I want you all through my life, honey!!  You know what I want, you know what I think, you know what I need...unconsciously you care for me.  You love me as much as I love you, darling!!  Whatever she said was true and I have to accept.  I whispered back into her ear, "Yes, true. I love you.  But we can't get married."  She shot back, "Hell with it.  No one can prevent us from living together.  Tell me, are you ready?  I nodded in the affirmative.


Immediately she said , "Take me to your bedroom.  Lets celebrate"

I know all of you will be anxious to know what happened next.  I'll come back tomorrow. Ciao!!




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