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The seduction of you

: Warning this story is naughty and could cause uncontrollable wetness in the vaginal area if this wetness is severe or persistent please don’t see a Dr come see Me..
I have a cabin in the woods its just a small cabin no rooms just open space it’s built from hand hewed logs that I cut my self. Every nail was driven by me..i used to live there in my grizzly Adams period it has solar power and hot and cold running water and enough juice for a ice box and a radio.
I use this place now just for hunting and to take I very special lady friend to so I can have her all to myself.. Which is where we start this story….
I had been flirting with you for some time.. I meet you on E.P. and even though we have never meet.. Never touched we have grown together we have gotten very close..your first person a talk to every morning even before im out of bed I check my phone for you…as soon as im up I check my emails for you..i talk to you on my way to work.. On my breaks during lumch and on the way home..We decided to meet…So pulled out all the stops I wanted the first time to blow your mind.. See your special to me and wanted our first time to rock your world so I have spent weeks maybe even months ..seducing you trying my best to drive you crazy I wanted you So hot that when we saw each other you would just melt the kisses would be pure pain… we would google chat and Cam for hours on end all the sexual chat was torture on me.. But I knew it was killing you as well.. Priming your pump so to speak.. See I’m not just trying to fuck you… No I want to cause a seismic event…I want to make love to you that will make the big bang that cause the universe to be envious of us..Well the Big day was finally here you have agreed to spend the weekend with me just you and me in my cabin in the woods…Even though you made me promise to not pressure you and if there was no chemistry there would be no sex.. I agreed but I knew you were just saying that.. You wanted me to.. that was just your insurance policy..
I drew you a Map thinking that the drive alone would increase your anticipation. That this would act, as the first soft breaths of air blowing gently on the ambers burning in your loins.. I wanted those ambers already glowing when you arrive to me.. Not to mention it would give me time to prepare my world for your entry into it…. I placed candles all over scented ones in your favorite scents yes I was only pretending to be bored stiff as we decussed the scents that turned on.. I was(taking careful note) this plan was in effect all ready ..Then I filled the Hot tube with water…I threw out my old cot and hauled up a brass bed brand new and shiny no wool blankets for you No M’am I sprang for silk sheets and I covered this bed in rose petals..
That’s when I heard your car coming up the drive. I felt my pulse quicken and my mouth go dry, as I start toward the door. Your car stops you step out.. then You smile.. That smile of yours it doesn’t just merely shine it beams and I cant help but grin right back at you….Your arm’s come up and you run to me I start to you. And you, you crazy little thing you jump ..But I manage to catch you (just barely), I carry you up the steps into the cabin.. You crane your neck to see, you kick your feet and asked to be put down you want to see it.. It’s my world and a part of me new to you.. So I let you loose you look around the place nobbing your head as if it is just as you had envisioned.. you grin at me. and say. looks like someone has been busy. But you know, I never saw you as being the brass Bed type. No your more the old army cot kind of guy.. Well I must admit the cot is out back I just got the bed together this morning it’s special for this weekend ..You blush and take my hand and tell me, as your moving backward toward it, well then… You say with a naughty smile spreading across your face we had better make good use of it… I would so hate to waste all your effort and Hard work (for some reason your felt the need to put emphasis on the word hard).. I smile as I follow you.. Oh me to baby me to I say though my wicked grin.. That’s when I shoot in and scoop you up, high in the air running, those last few steps, loving the sound of your giggles, as I place you gently down on our new bed.. I step back and pull off my shirt then I bend over and remove my boots, you just ease back on you elbows and watch, as I undo my belt and slide down my jeans..MMM under amour I have so wondered you say….My only reply is REALLY… oh yes you say.. So baby girl you plan on staying clothed all week end…OH No Sir but I would Love a hand if you would be so kind… …Yes M’am I do love to be handy. you sigh as I reach for your High heels… Good you purr cause have I got a job for you..I pull off the left then the right. Now the Stockings… Damn girl even your feet are sexy… I feel myself getting harder And harder as I can see your thong under your skirt… I start toward you I unbutton your blouse, and slide it off your shoulders…you smile at me but your eyes are on the throbbing that’s is happining in my black underwear you reach for my waist band..I pull back no, not yet baby… I tell you, you got some catching up to do…your response is no shit 1 year 3 months and 6 days and about 10 hours I have wanted this since you started seducing me on E.P, your an awful tease..thats when I kiss you. damn I can feel your heat as I undo your bra letting it fall to the floor between us… I admire your breast they’re full and your nipples are large and hard.. You told me they where marvels but they are so much more..
Your hands move back to me… My turn you say as you pull my underwear down my cocks springs free released, at last… The blood free to flow in it now letting it grow like its been given new life… You grasp it, letting it settle between your thumb and fore finger.. You stare at it, you weight it then wrap both hands around it you look to see if your fingers meet… I smile and ask baby, you going to count my toes next… You cut me a glance and tell me hush your mouth.. I’m an admirer of fine cocks and oh baby, I approve. Then your mouth opens and comes to me.. You engulf me, letting your lips settle just past my head…I feel your tongue flick on me, sliding up the under slide, and licking my hole.. my eyes go Dim as you grab my ass and your face moves toward me.. All I can mutter is, show off really… Then oh fuck REALLY MMM. As your nose nestles into my pubs, You back off.. I see myself reemerging from your face all covered now in your slobber..your hands pump me as you suckle my hardness.. I’m so hot for you having tortured myself for so long, that I grab you head and move my hips back and forth fucking your gorgeous face.. You moan your approval as I do the passion builds as I grow harder… I’m so hard it hurts I need find a release.. You feel it coming, you know just what is happening, you cling to my ass and suck even harder as I pant OMG I’m cumming, you moan mmmm.. and I erupt into your mouth I stain against hurting you but you attack me swallowing and sucking me..
I shove you back on the bed and start for your skirt.. But your already there half out of it.. Skinning it off.. Like its now so offensive to you and therefore must go… Your out of it now and working on your thong.. I see your in a thong it’s cute and black… But all thoughts of being cute have long since left your mind… You’re a woman on a mission.. Your body is missing something…You know what it is and where it is and your going to have it.. Your thong ripped off you, by us you fell back on the bed pulling at me your legs already open… I step in between your thighs and slide into you the heat coming off your cunt is intense as I slide in slowly your eyes are mad with lust as you take my face in your hands and look me in my eyes you look at me and silly me I’m prepared for you to pledge your love but no what you say is….Matt this isn’t my prom night or my wedding night so Don’t think youll Break me.. I want you to fuck me a need you a man …I smile and nod my hands cup your thighs and i slam into you with one hard thrust I feel your tightness give way and engulf me as I keep thrusting… OGOD you gasp as I take you… I feel my balls spanking your ass y with each thrust since you have relieved me once already this one will take some effort…. Effort I’m happy to spend on you after only ten strokes you announce your there… I grip your thighs and grind my thrusts home the new bed creaking as I Take you… You scream OMG baby as I feel you shutter and I feel cumming ...

I push your legs off to the slide as I spin you face down on our bed I grab your hair knowing now just what you need..I pound your pussy hard I feel the bed moving across the floor… I pull your hair harder lifting your head from the mattress… I want to hear you scream my name.. As I drive another powerful thrust into you again and again.. Tell me it’s my pussy as my hand comes down hard on your ass..I feel the smack course though your body like a shock wave and you shutter ive never seen that before and its such a turn on.. So swat you again harder and harder I can feel you quivering Your going to Cum from a spanking… its blowing my mind.. If you want my cum you got to tell me it’s my pussy.. Oh yes you scream Oh yes baby, baby yes it’s your pussy.. anything you want just fuck me.. Fuck me with my cock, fuck your pussy with my fat cock.. Hearding that spurs me on and I do hard and fast….I feel it building in you and in me every word you say is driving me crazy.. my mind is blank with lust for you and my cock( or should I say your cock as you own it now you have claimed it and won it) is pulsing and getting that feeling again in it and I know I’m going to cum again.. Thats when you yell fuck me, make me your bitch, cum in me and claim me as your bitch or lose me forever those words make my balls pull up tight my cock swell at least another ½ inch as I fill your womb with my seed.. I stand there cumin in you shooting long hot rivers of cum in you…I stand there panting using my dick as a plug to hold my seed in wanting you soak it up and absorb it so some of me will be in you forever… until I go limp and fall from you we crawl onto the bed I lay on my back your head on my heaving chest we are both covered in sweat I ask you how did we get all sweaty… You swat my chest and call me you ass I just don’t know then slap my face lighty as I feel you move down my body.. Your sweety hair feels so good dragging down me lighty and slowly…Hey girl what do you think your doing it’s nap time.. OH no you don’t Mister I got one more hole for you to fill..

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