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I am 19 my name is Cindy i have blonde hair, brown eyes, 5' 7". My cup size is C. 

I was walking through the weekly market we have at our mall. I come here every week to pick up some fresh fruit for the weekend. Every week i see a boy, much younger than me, he looks to be 14 or 15. I saw him then, sitting at a bench on his phone. I just finished purchasing some bananas and kiwis when i had a very stupid idea. I walked over to him "hey" i said.

"hi, I'm Matt"

"Im Cindy" 

"Ive seen you around here every week."

"yep, i come here every week"

He nodded and looked back down at his phone. I walked away and finished my shopping. The week that followed was far more eventful. 


I walked up to Matt, he was in the same spot as last week. I had been thinking about this all week. "hey Matt”

“hello. Cindy right?”


“How are you today?”

“fine. Um, have you ever had sex with a girl?”


“I just want to know”

“no, i haven't. But thats a bit personal, don't you think.”

“I was just wondering because, I really want to fuck you. I don't know why but i do.”


“yes, seriously.”

I sat down beside him. “do you want ot fuck me?”

“not really”

I looked at him, then placed my hand over his dick, I could feel it getting harder. 

“I think you do.”

He stood up, i followed. 

“where do we go?” He asked.

“we can go back to my place.”

“ok” He said. I expected him to refuse, I thought he would suggest in a car or just hidden from plain view. We walked to my car. When we arrived at my house i got out and unlocked the door. He walked in first, I followed. 

“Do you know what you want to do first?” i asked him. 

“No” he said.

I knew he was a virgin and I was tested last week, so i figured we didn't need a condom. 

“ok, do something” i said. but he did nothing. I grabbed his arm and placed his and on my right breast. He raised his other hand to my left breast. I let go and he started massaging them. 

“you want those don't you?” I said. I bent down to my knees and felt his cock though his jeans. I unzipped them and pulled his dick out. I licked the pre-cum off the tip, then i forcefully put it in my mouth. I started moving my mouth back and fourth, I could tell he loved it. I kept sucking until i felt a burst of cum in my mouth. i forced him out then i opened my mouth to show him the cum. I closed my mouth and swallowed it. I stood up and looked at Matt. 

“Ok, you just jizzed in my mouth.”


“Thats ok, I love having your cum in my mouth. Now take your clothes off.”

He started undressing, as did I. When he finished he started staring at me. I looked at him, then he realized he was staring. I started walking to the bedroom. I lay back on my bed. 

“Put your dick inside me.” I said. 

He walked towards me timidly. He put the head of his dick on my pussy, I urged him in. HE slowly pushed his penis into me. I tilted my head back. He started moving his hips back and forth. 

“Harder!” I said. He started humping faster. I started rubbing my clit. He kept humping. I had an orgasm. Then he started to cum. He pulled out an sprayed all over my stomach and tits. Some of it got onto my face and hair. We went back to my living room. He put his clothes back on, I didn't. 

“My house is not far from here, i’ll just walk.” He said. 

“Ok. I want to do this again sometime.” I said as he was leaving. I hoped to see him again.



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