BB\'s Rough Weekend part One   added 3 years ago
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BB went into town, to locate the two men that had raped her the night before last. Dressed in a hoody and sunglasses she had hoped to disguise herself and turn tables on the men who had used her. It was only five miles and she soon found the old gas station that the men used as a base for their car detailing business.

No one was around when she stepped out of her car and went in the back door of the station. She heard laughter and loud voices coming out of the bar down the street and decided that Rick and MJ were in there getting well plastered.

BB was in a vengeful mood when she came into town. She had been used and abused, though she ultimately liked it, she was determined to have the upper hand this time. Her plan was to wait for the men to get back and then give them a taste of their own medicine. In her back pack was some rope, a stun gun, a riding crop and a strap on dildo with a leather harness.

BB was determined to show them who was boss now.

A couple of hours ticked by and it was getting very dark. She found a cot in the back of the station to rest on, till the men came back from their drinking binge. However, the cot was just so comfortable, her eyes soon fluttered and closed for a snooze.

It seems that Rick had run out of cash early in the evening, and had to rely on the generosity of his buddies at the bar for drinks. They were not in a charitable mood that night so he was reasonably sober when he saw and recognized the car parked near the old gas station. He was angry when he saw the sleeping woman on his cot. He was even more so when he quietly emptied and examined the contents of BB's back pack.

Rick took the rope and tied BB's wrists and ankles to the cot while she remained in deep slumber. He then removed his pants and shorts, bending down Rick gently rubbed his penis across BB's lips, the clear glossy precum, coating them with his ooze. The sleeping woman licked her lips, the taste made her moan and she opened her mouth slightly.

Rick seized the opportunity to press his cock between her lips, she sucked it in like a Popsicle on a hot summer day. The cock grew harder in her mouth and she sucked and licked the turgid pecker, still asleep, unaware of her real world actions.

BB's nocturnal sucking made Rick spill his semen right in her mouth and his jerking reaction spread it on her face and lips also. About then MJ came stumbling, in knocking over a large stack of empty beer cans they had been saving for the recyclers. BB awakened from her nap looked at the deflating cock that was in her face and gasped in surprise.

Trying to move her hands and feet BB looked up at Rick and said, “oh shit.”

Ya, oh shit is right bitch, just what were you planning for this fine evening?” he held out the stun gun and snapped it close to BB's chin. She drew back and looked away.

Rick pulled her hair, bringing her face back to his vision again. “What, what were you planning you fucking bitch?” he demanded.

I, I just wanted to get even,” BB cried.

What were you going to do with this?” Rick asked as he held up the riding crop.

I wanted to tie you down and whip you for being so brutal to me,” BB replied.

What about this gizmo? Rick asked as he put the dildo up to her face.

You raped my ass so I was going to do the same to you,” BB snapped.

Well it looks like the shoe is on the other foot now doesn't it,” he declared.

Rick unbuttoned her blouse, laid the dildo on BB's stomach, then pulled his pocket knife out. BB gulped at the sight of it and trembled. He slowly and carefully eased the knife between the cups of her bra, with a quick jerk the blade cut through the material and BB’s ample tits popped out from their captivity. Rick laid the cold steel on her right nipple and she gasped as the cold threatening blade sucked the heat from her teat.

I ought to cut you now,” Rick sneered.

No, please, no, let me suck you again, fuck my pussy to your heart's content, just please don't hurt me.

You are really in no position to bargain with me, bitch,” her explained as he unbuttoned her shorts, pulling them down to her knees. Again he picked up the knife that struck fear in BB's heart, he deftly cut her panties at both sides, slipping them off. Rick tossed them to MJ, now somewhat sober, and said,” here is a souvenir for you.” MJ caught them and brought them up to his face noting the wet spot in the gusset.

Rick,” he said, “can I eat her pussy?”

Go for it, I will find something else to amuse myself with.”

BB's snatch drooled as she anticipated the licking she craved, but she worried about Rick and what his sick mind would think of next.

MJ freed BB's right leg and spread it open to reveal her juicy pussy. Her labias glistened with the seepage from her snatch. He looked in wonder at the feast before him and quickly moved down to kiss the delightful treasure.

BB moaned at his touch, rubbing her sweetness into his face, she relished his tongue as he lapped up her juices. Her hips undulated with his fervent licking, while her head tossed back and forth at the pleasurable homage.

Rick now ready for more, got up on the cot and straddled her, lowering himself down his balls hung in her face. “Kiss, lick and suck, you fucking whore,”he commanded.

BB raised her head a half inch or so to kiss his hairy nut sack. Her passions were such, that she craved the male parts in her face, licking and sucking them with zeal while her own were being serviced by MJ.

Rick reached down and pinched her nipples, one in each hand with a vise like grip. He pulled and stretched each tit, squeezing hard on her areolas, to the point of agony. She uttered her pain with her hot breath rushing past the nuts in her mouth,” Aaarrgghh,” she screamed.

The pain was brutal, but the pleasure from MJ's tongue balanced it out and as the excitement grew, it produced her first orgasm of the night. Rick had released some of the pressure on her tits and now she shrieked her cries of delight past Rick's soaked scrotum.

Rick, his cock rigid once again, pulled out of her mouth, moved down her body and again grabbed her big titties. This time he stuck his hard cock between the mounds and closed them over his dripping penis, encasing them in female flesh for his pleasure.

Lets fuck her together, MJ,” Rick exclaimed.

MJ had enjoyed the tasty treat but was ready to blow his pent up jizz. He moved up to shove his ready member into her waiting juicy slot. BB threw her head back as the cock hit bottom, her lusts ignited even more with the filling of her soaked void.

Rick, while holding BB's ample breasts, tightly encasing his cock, he thrust back and forth, fucking her tits. His wet balls rubbing her lower chest, as his pace grew steadily faster. Back and forth the hard penis retreated and advanced while BB looked down watching her forceable lover fuck her breasts with such dominance.

BB's pussy was being used by MJ and she loved the feeling of his cock going in and out, rubbing her G-spot as he moved up and down also. She cums again and again as he fucks her hard and fast. Lucky for her, the alcohol that was still in MJ's system slowed down his own cum, so the pleasure was slow and gratifying.

MJ finally shoots his load deep into BB, as his body shakes with his cumming and groans his satisfaction. Rick sensing his own ending soon, says, “Open up bitch.”

BB complies, opening both her eyes and mouth. Moments later Rick's balls pull up to his body and he quakes with exhilaration as BB watches a long jet of spunk exit his cock and land on her face. Licking her lips she greedily laps up whatever she can reach and savors the salty goodness.

Both men climbed down and stood at the side of the cot staring down at their captive.

What are we going to do with her now, Rick?” MJ asked.

I want to take this dildo she was going to use on me and fuck her in the ass with it, that's what her plan was for me!”

No, no, please use my pussy, come in my mouth all you want, but that dildo is too painful, I can't bear it,” she pleaded.

Why should I listen to you, you come into my shop to ambush me, I ought to just fuck you in the ass the rest of the night with this thing and no lube either!” he exclaimed.

No, God no,” she begged.

Lets just punish her,” said MJ. “Why don't we whip her nice round ass with that whip she brought, she may even like it.”

What will it be bitch, an ass fucking or an ass whipping?” Rick asked.

BB thought a moment, knowing how sore her anus was from the other night. “I'll take the whipping,” she replied, reluctantly.

MJ turn her over and tie her down, butt up,” Rick ordered.

He did as he was told and BB's lips quivered in fear at the though of her impending whipping.

Please not too hard, I really don't like pain too much,” she pleaded.

I don't really give a shit, bitch, you are going to learn not to mess with me,” Rick explained. “Now, stick your ass in the air and say, “I'm a naughty girl,”.”

I'm a naughty girl,” whimpered BB as she lifted her hips to receive the first blow.

Rick smacked her ass with the leather whip and left a pink then turned red welt on her creamy white buttocks.

Aaarrggh,” yelled BB as the painful strike awakened a new sensation in her brain.

Say it again,” Rick demanded.

I'm a naughty girl,” BB cried, while her ass slowly lifted to receive the next strike.

Again the wicked leather left it's mark on BB's butt, making her tear up with the pain from the blow.

This continued for five more hard strokes to poor BB's ass.

Please, stop,” she cried in a tearful and sobbing voice.

MJ took pity on her and whispered something to Rick.

How badly do you want me to stop?” Rick inquired.

I'll do just about anything you ask, I just can't take this any more though,” she pleaded.

OK, I'm a nice guy, I'll let you off the hook for now,” Rick said.

MJ, take her to the can so she can piss, then tie her to the cot again, and gag her, let her get some sleep.”

MJ did as he was told and watched as BB emptied her bladder, he grinned as he saw the warm yellow fluid spill out and his own seed oozing out with it.

BB, just grateful for a break wiped herself and dutifully went back to the cot.

MJ again obeyed his friend and tied her down, throwing a light blanket on her to cover her in the slowly cooling night.

BB fell asleep, wondering what would befall her next.

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