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Location: A hotel room
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The ride from Heath row to Marble station on the tube was a new experience for a man from the states. Especially one from the Midwest. He dragged his Samsonite bag through the terminal and into the train, wondering if all these people were really going somewhere or are they just wandering.

It was a beautiful day so he walked from Marble to the Montcalm hotel. His Company had made a reservation there for him. He had no clue what to expect. Walking into the lobby he made his way to the desk. The bar off to the right was beginning to come to life at 4:30 PM, serving drinks and appetizers to those that had just got off work.

He noticed an attractive young woman sitting alone her head facing away from him. Her light brown hair shined in the setting sun as it poured in the west windows in the bar. Still walking, he nearly stopped in his tracks as she turns her face toward the lobby.

He could see her stunning blue eyes glance over at him. They grew large watching as he nearly tripped over another guest's luggage. A look of amusement broke out on her face while the man righted himself and finished his trek to the desk.

Ron checked in, taking his key cards he scurried past the bar door again, checking to see If the woman was still there. She was there, facing away from the door, sipping her wine.

Unpacking quickly, he could not get the image of the woman out of his head, the eyes that so hypnotized him, seemed to be beckoning. He took a quick shower, changed clothes and headed back to the bar.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw her still sitting there. Not wanting to appear eager, he walked past her to the bar.

Teachers and ice,” he said to the bartender.

Sitting down on one of the stools he takes a sip and glances over at the beautiful blue eyed woman. She pretends not to notice and looks away sipping the last of her drink.

What's the lady drinking?” Ron asked the bar tender.

Chardonnay, sir,” he replied.

I'll take one.”

He paid for the drinks and walked over to the table where, “blue eyes” was sitting.

She looked up with a coy grin.

You seem to be running on empty, mind if I join you?” he asked, handing her the wine.

Not at all,” she said smiling pleasantly. “I see you avoided a nasty spill in the lobby then.”

Yes, I did, thanks for noticing.”

Your mind seemed to be else where other than walking,” she stated, beaming.

Yes, I will admit it, you caught my eye, my name is Ron, and you are?”

Natasha,” she replied while holding out a well manicured hand.

Ron reached for the hand but took her wrist instead. Slightly squeezing her wrist he looked at the palm first and then turning it, he inspected the back.

This is a lovely hand, Natasha,” he remarked as he clasped his other hand over hers.

Natasha, blushed ever so slightly and parted her lips as he spoke it.

Did you come cross the pond to charm some English girls out of their knickers or are you here for some other reason,” Natasha asked with a confident smirk.

Ron paled a bit then released the lovely hand,”here on business, just like to mix with the locals some,” he replied with a grin.

They looked into each others eyes for a few moments, his brown eyes searching her blue eyes Each pair seeking the motivations of the other in the pupils that locked in a contest of discovery.

Ron's gaze broke first, his male instincts guiding him lower, to the magnificent breasts she had hidden in a royal blue satin dress.

I see some pain in your eyes, Natasha, is anything wrong?” Ron asked.

No, I think this wine may be going to my head, though.”

Would you join me for dinner?” he said.

I don't know, we just met and all.”

It would give us a chance to get better acquainted. We can just order from here, since we are settled.

OK, that sounds good,” Natasha said with a sweet smile.

Dinner came in a few minutes and the pair became fast friends, finding many things in common.

Ron who was smitten with the lovely, braced up his courage, gently rubbed his leg against to her's and said,” care for desert?”

Natasha, gave him a wanton stare for a moment.

Well Ron, thank you for the dinner, I really should be going now,” she said loudly with a wink. “I think you need to leave me a business card in case I need to order some of your products.”

Ron got the hint and pulled a card from his jacket pocket. He scribbled the room number on the back and handed it to her along with a key card for the room.

Very nice meeting you, Natasha,” Ron exclaimed as he stood to shake her hand goodbye.

He watched her go out the door and off to the loo. Ron paid the tab and then boarded the elevator to his room.

Not more than five minutes later a faint knock sounded at the door. Ron hurried to open it, let Natasha in and he quickly bolted the door again, in an instant.

With out stopping a moment, he pulled Natasha close to him and kissed her, hard pressing his lips to hers and his body to hers. The two kissed for minutes his hand running down to the small of her back pressing her closer to his manhood.

Her hand followed suit only ending on his buttocks, squeezing while the passionate pair kissed fully and with parted lips. Suddenly he drew back from her lips and released her back. “Stand still,” he whispered.

Ron stepped around his new found lover and pressed her from behind. He kissed her neck, inhaled her sweet aroma, gently cupping her firm breasts as he paid homage to the side of her neck. She tilted her head to the side and gasped in erotic pleasure as he kissed and lightly bit her neck.

Soon he spun her around to face him. Nearly nose to nose he stared into her sapphire eyes again, never breaking his gaze, he reaches to un zip the dress she wore. Natasha mists her knickers as the dress falls to the floor.

Ron oozes in his own drawers at the sight of the magnificent tits straining at the black lace bra. He reaches around to un clasp it and they tumble to his view. Natasha rips the buttons from his shirt as she savagely pulls at it. Two chests now exposed, press together, flesh upon flesh in a lust filled embrace. Two pairs of lips join to form a union of pleasure. Two tongues probe and grapple with each other, each seeking to savor the essence of the other.

Natasha pulled back and glanced across the room. Ron took her hand and they took the few steps to the large Victorian bed.

Ron started to loosen his belt.

Allow me,” Natasha breathed heavily.

Dropping to her knees, she deftly unbuckled, unzipped and pulled down his trousers in a matter of seconds. She looked up at his face as she curled a forefinger on each side of his briefs and pulled straight down.

The erect penis before her drooled it's anticipation, glistening as it slowly oozed down the shaft. Natasha took it in her mouth sliding down the length of it as far as she could, then up again, stopping to hold it firm with her teeth just below the glans.

Ron nearly fainted from desire as she expertly serviced his member. Cupping his balls in her hand she squeezed them gently at first then roughly. Her senses told her that he was near the end. Natasha rapidly pulled back with a loud pop as her mouth released the turgid pecker.

She stood up and put hands on hips.

Ron you have been really on top of things, up until now, I loved how you took my breath away and got me to this point, but I think you need to know who is in charge of this show,” Natasha exclaimed.

Really,” asked Ron with an astonished face. “Did I just happen to find an English Dominatrix in my hotel tonight.”

Maybe you did?” she cooed.

Maybe we should be adults and take turns with this thing.”

Mmmmmmmm, I think I could like that, I could like that a lot.”

Right now, I think you need to take that belt from your trousers and hand it to me,” Natasha said as she held out her hand.

Ron quickly complied and said, “Yes Maam.”

Now, you need to lie face down on this bed and stick you arse up for a good whipping.”

Ron again obeyed his lover and laid down, unsure of his fate. What he did know is that this sensual woman was going to make this a night he would not soon forget.

We citizens of the crown do not particularly like you Yanks coming over here and seducing our women,” Natasha said, barely able to keep from bursting out in laughter.

You must be taught a lesson that will teach you some manners while in the Kingdom.”

Bracing himself Ron waited as Natasha doubled up the belt and slammed it down hard on his bum. She repeated her thrashing and brought smack after hard stroke down on the bloke. Ron's ass was soon burning from her spanking, but his passions for the seductive woman burned ever hotter.

He turned his head to watch her draw back, then pull down the leather strap across his welted bottom. His devotion grew with each stroke and he knew he must have her in every conceivable fashion. She soon stopped her rough play and put her hand on his thigh.

Now that you know I mean business, You have some other chores to perform,” she teased.

Ron rolled to his side and Natasha laid down beside him.

She turned to him and said,” I need, your lips, and your tongue, to explore this body, and I don't think I need to tell you where to explore the most.”

I think this is a chore that will make me happy to perform it.”

He kissed her hard on the lips while his hand stroked and squeezed her ample breast. The firm warm lobe was like dough in his hand as he kneaded the pleasant tits one by one making her nipples engorge with pleasure. Ron could resist the tempting breasts no more, so he moved from her lips and kissed her voluptuous mounds, sucking the turgid nipples in as he relished her body.

The aroused American could have spent hours at the teats of delight, but his duty bound him to a lower plain of pleasure. He kissed down her front and paused long enough to breath in the sweet aroma from the vertex of her legs. He exhaled, his hot breath tantalizing her already wet pussy.

Tasha parted her legs, yearning for his tongue to bring her to ecstasy. Ron being a devilish tease, kissed down her leg bypassing her throbbing labias. Kissing and licking his way down to her knee, she moaned in both passion and frustration, wanting him to pleasure her wanton pussy, NOW.

Ron knew that her suffering now, would bring big rewards later as he ignored her pleas for satisfaction. Slowly his tongue made it's way up her thigh again and paused, hovering over her now dripping snatch. Tasha's body trembled with lust, needing his attentions to envelope her.

Ever so slowly he used only the tip of his pleasuring mouth organ to taste her sweet juices. She arched her back in response to his touch and moaned loudly. Ron licking more fervently now, sought the orgasm for his lover that he desired. He used his thumbs to reveal her pink inner flesh to his touch.

Tasha gasped and strangled the pillow she held, when he tongued her deeply, while sucking in her outer lips. He savored the texture of the velvety smooth labias and relished her flavor, Ron found himself lost in lustful passions, servicing this lascivious lady of the English city.

Tasha grinded her hips to his movement, the feelings of sexual arousal culminated in unison, her body shuddered with an orgasm of grand dimensions. Her chest rose and fell in rapid movement as she writhed on the bed, her lovers tongue struggling to stay on target. Ron not willing to let the moment pass, employed his thumbs to spread her open more and expose her rigid clit.

Rapid tongue movement up and down on the sensitive exposed organ made Tasha groan then squeal in orgasmic pleasure. Shuddering , her body released it's stored passions and her fervent lover was jubilant that he had given her such pleasure.

He lightened his touch now and pulled back to wonder at the succulent snatch he had just pleasured so zealously. With one hand he urged her up on all fours. Her arse was magnificent, Ron could not help but touch it and caress the fine posterior.

Tasha again squirmed in turpitude as he bent down and bit her on each cheek, hard enough to be painful yet soft enough to be playfully rough.

Does you husband know just how naughty you are, Tasha?” he inquired.

No, I can't let him know about you.”

Don't you think you deserve to be punished?”

Yes, yes I do,” she replied.

Ron took his large and work worn hand and smacked her hard across her right cheek.

She yelped as it hit her, but she savored the burn that followed.

Again he smacked her on the same spot. This time she cried out in anguish as the strict hand again left it's impression. Ron smiled as the pink patch of skin turned to scarlet. The beautiful white skin was enhanced by his sensual art work.

Several more smacks landed on both cheeks and Tasha cried out louder, a pair of tears streamed down from one of her luscious blue eyes, and Ron knew she was ready.

He kissed the now bright red cheeks lovingly, then poised at her pleasure gate was his fully ready cock to finish his lusty companion to a wet and satisfied state. The big hard cock slid in her well lubed opening and she gasped as it hit bottom in her tunnel of love.

Ron moved and grinded her like a stallion, faster and faster till she exploded yet again at the hand of her lover. Bending down he kissed the back of her neck now moist with the sweat from their lovemaking. Inhaling her scent he reached under and squeezed her amazing large breasts. Pinching each nipple she voiced her delights as his strong hand explored her chest.

Tasha said , “Come on baby ,fill me I'm ready for you luv.”

Ron's control was epic, as her radiant beauty would have made most men spill their seed way too early. Rising to the task, he sped up his motion, ensuring that his hard cock rubbed the sexy ladies G-spot as he built up his passions.

At long last the pair of lovers squealed in erotic utterances their superb pleasure and fulfilled lusts. They slowly sunk down to the bed, still engaged in the union of love, holding each other in satisfied desires.

Tasha still breathing hard, said,” when you coming back to town Yank?”

He replied, “as often as I possibly can.”



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