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  By: aussiemerk  Age: 41  Country: Australia

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I was boarding a plane to New York with Jade from work for a five day business trip involving trade shows and the like. My wife was fine with this as she knew as did I, then Jade was born Jim and below the C Cup tits and the bombshell appearance was still a cock and balls. This didn’t bother me in the slightest and Jade had become a good friend over the past year that we had been working together.

We arrived in New York and settled into our rooms. Then went down for dinner. Jade could see that I was checking out the waitress’s ass in her tight jeans. “Just because you are on a diet...” he said alluding to the old joke about checking out the menu. I chuckled.

After dinner we hit the bar and started knocking back a few. “It’s hard to date...” he said out of the blue. “What?” It took me a moment to realize she was opening up about dating. Then I looked at her... but your gorgeous and have a great personality. Any guy would be crazy to pass you up. “I said.”

“There is the issue of... down stares.” she said to me.

“Oh... you know... I forget.”

“Your lucky being married. You don’t have the issue where you are hornier than hell and just want to be fucked but don’t have someone.” Especially because I don’t consider myself a gay man, I consider myself a straight woman. But straight men won’t come near me.

I laughed which made Jade look hurt. “Sorry I said.” What I was laughing about was your comment of being hornier then hell and always having someone. You’ve obviously never been married. My wife expects me to give her amazing oral, but when it comes to my cock, i’s a toxic waste zone.” I leaned in a bit more. “I love anal sex, but fucking her ass, I’m lucky to get it once a year.” Jade’s expression softened and we went back to drinking and checking out the people. By the time we decided to call it a night Jade could barely walk in her high heals, and I was buzzing.

I helped her back to her room. She was trying to get her heals off when she stubbled over. I caught her and we both started laughing. She lowered herself down to her knees still laughing. Then she looked up at me and said “Ohhhh if you were single....” we both laughed some more.

Before I could catch my breath she grabbed my zipper, pulled it down, pulled the front of my underwear down and crammed my cock into her mouth. I was shocked, but I couldn’t help my cock growing hard in her warm mouth. She looked up at me, tentatively waiting to see if I was going to resist, but I didn’t. She fumbled with her shoes getting them off, while not taking my now rock hard cock out of her mouth.

Slowly she unbuttoned my pants and let them fall to the ground, then took my underwear off. Then she stood up and silently moved me to the bed where she had me sit down. Back on her knees she started working my cock with her mouth and one hand. The other disappeared under her short skirt and was pleasuring herself. It wasn’t long before I could feel an orgasm building.

“I’m going to cum...” i gasped Jade slowed her motions down but kept me in her mouth. When I came she stroked me slowly draining every last drop with a satisfied smile.

She got up and looked at me with a grin. “No toxic waste dump here.” she said alludiing to my comment earlier. I looked her up and down, I could see a bulge under her skirt where her cock was dislodged from it’s normal hiding spot.

“Go” she said. “I want to savor this moment. THat was fun, and to be honest I really needed that. To feel like a woman that can please a straight man.”

I went back to my room and lied down. Flicked on some porn and watched some good hard core ass fucking before falling to sleep.

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