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My lesbian lover and I just fucked each other on the front lawn! her pussy tasted so good when I was sucking it... she got me off so good when she was sucking on my pussy... she made me get soaking wet with pussy juice... we were making out too and tasting each others pussys together at the same time... then we fucked each other hard over and over again with our legs spread open... some guys that we didn't know walked by and started watching us... so we asked, "Want some?" and they lowered their pants and boxers and got their dicks out... then we took turns sucking them... then they sucked on our pussys as we made out with each other... after that one guy took me into the street where his truck was parked and we got in the back... then he turned me over and stuck his dick in my throbbing pussy and fucked me hard over and over again... after he got me off and came all over me, he tied me up and blindfolded me and started driving his truck... then he took me to one of his friends houses where there was a party going on and put me in a bedroom... he said I was going to get fucked by every guy at the party and I said ok bring it on... so the guys formed a line outside the door and took turns coming in, fucking me, and cumming all over me... after I got all the guys off, they kicked me out of their house naked... then I started to walk home... I didn't want to walk the whole way so I tried to put my thumb out to hitch a ride... when cars came by I stuck my other hand in my pussy... this one car stopped and said she would give me a ride if I was her sex slave for an hour on the side of the road so I agreed... she had me take off all her clothes, then give her a massage... after than she had me suck on her tits and feel them up... then I made my way to her tight pussy and stuck my tongue in... it was so warm and inviting... I alternated between my tongue and my fingers to get her off many times... then we had hard core lesbian pussy sex for the rest of the hour... after that she dropped me off at home... my lesbian lover was waiting there; she said the other guy finished fucking her and left... I invited my new lesbian friend in and we had a hot lesbian threesome fucking each other... 

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