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  By: Hells_Angel  Age: 37  Country: United Kingdom

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I walked in through the wooden doors.   My hands sweating, it felt like my body temperature was higher than usual.  I looked straight ahead and the cross of Christ in front of me.  I walked towards it.  I imagined there to be lots of candles lit underneath but there were non.  It was a beautiful little Catholic church.  But I wasn’t here to admire the beauty of the church.  What I was looking for was the confessions box.  There are no confession boxes in mosques.  Muslims are not supposed to sin.  But we are human right?  I felt the need to get everything out in the open.  To someone neutral, to someone who could maybe just maybe understand me.

I saw the small box in the far right hand corner.  I walked towards it and opened the door and walked inside.  I sat there on the small stool.  I was breathing so heavily.  I heard a voice from the other side asking me what I had to say.  Well, the first thing I said was I am not a Catholic.  But I need to speak to someone about what I have done in the last 16 years of my life.  I started off telling him about my sexual encounters.  Who I’d fucked, where I fucked them and how.   I told him about my obsession with cock, my obsession with being a nun and fucking whilst I’m dressed as one.

This was supposed to make me feel better, feel free of sin, but no.  It was no better by telling and confessing.  If anything it was just making me more and more aroused.  Even more so at the fact that I was telling a priest, I felt my little G-string getting wet.  Do I tell him I masturbate with rosary beads and a cross of Christ..??  How I pinch my clit and let rub the ridges of the cross against it?  No.  I shouldn’t.  He’ll curse me to hell.   But, this is a confession box.  And he has no right to judge me – he can only help me.  Well, I carried on with my confession.  I told him how I corrupted many with my sexual advances.  I couldn’t help but start to rub my pussy as I was telling him.  My breathing was getting heavier.  I think he heard the lust in my voice.  I couldn’t help but be so turned on by it all.  Could I also corrupt a Priest?  I think so.  I told him what I was doing.  He paused.  There was a long silence and I saw the door open in front of me.  He stood in front of me.  Looking at me up and down.  Me, Sat there with my legs wide apart rubbing my clit through a very soaked G-string; I looked up at him in his face.  I moved my g-string to the side and slid two of my fingers in.  I was so wet it felt like I had pissed myself.  His eyes were glued to me fingering my slit.  I could see the huge erection of his cock sticking out through his cloak.  He moved closer towards me and knelt down between my legs.

The confession box was quite small.  He didn’t touch me.  He just watched me sticking my fingers in and out of my pussy for a short while, inhaling the smell of it, his face was so close. His breath felt cool against my hot pussy.  He then grabbed my wrist.  Pulled my fingers out and licked my juices off clean from my fingers, then putting them back inside me, guiding my fingers back in and out using it like a dildo.  He used his other hand to pull his cloak up and reveal his cock.  He had no underwear on.  He was dripping pre-cum all over in the confessions box.  He stood up in anticipation – I knew what he wanted me to do – I looked at his huge un-cut cock and started to nibble ever so gently on his cock head.  Using my teeth to massage it.  He was as hard as a rock.  I took his dick in deeper & deeper, I could see his face flush.  He started to finger me.  Harder and harder..  The harder he finger fucked me the harder I sucked.  Both in sync it was quite musical come to think of it.

He lifted me off the seat and turned me around against the back of the box.  He didn’t take my g-string off.  Just pulled it to one side and pushed the tip of his dick inside a very wet me.  He pushed it in slowly, deeper and deeper and pulled it back out and then thrust his dick into me.  I almost had to catch my breath, he started to fuck me so hard I think he made the whole confessions box shake!  I would not have been surprised if anyone knew what was going on.  This is a sermon with alot of semen I thought.  Fuck!  I was fucking a priest in his church!  I moved back around and told him to sit on the chair and moved over on top of him.  He was a young fella, lovely face and very deep brown eyes.  I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back as I started to ride his cock.  Harder and harder I fucked him.  I was so horny about the whole ordeal I thought I would simultaneously combust.  I told him what a great priest he was and I wanted to personally thank him for taking the time out to listen to me.

I asked him if he had any holy water for me to drink.  Now I’m not one to drink just anyone’s ‘holy water’  very lucky bastards get to cum down my throat – but I thought as he’s a priest and he’s helping me – I needed to drink it.  All of it.  That’s the only way I knew I would be truly blessed and all my sins would be forgiven.  He has to help me.  And he did. When he was about to cum I allowed his cock deep in my mouth – I felt all the blessings dripping down my throat.  And I’m not one to waste.

I stood up from drinking him – I took my G-string off and wiped my pussy clean with it.  I tied it round his cock and said ‘Thank you father, for your understanding and help.  I leave this for you as a token of charity.  I hope you can find some use for it.’ I turned around and walked out leaving him in the confession box half naked with my G-string around his still very hard cock.  This is a confession he’ll never forget..  I wonder if they taped it..

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