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Nash let out a deep groan as he shot a hot load all over his stomach. he took a few deep breaths a looked back at the picture he'd just been jerking off too, it was a picture of his two best friends, Tracy and Sofie, in tiny black bikinis by the pool, the tiny black bikinis just covered they're growing boobs and virgin pussy. "fuck" he said breathlessly "one day I'm gonna make you two mine" he stared at the photo for a few more moments and then got up to take a shower and get dressed for school.

"Tracy! Sofie!" Nash called running down the Hallway of Stanford Hill High school.
"Hey Nash" the girls said in unison turning around.
oh god theyre sexy, nash though.
"uhhh, oh hey uh my mom is going out of town for some work thing so ill be home on my own for 3 days. i was thinking maybe you two might like to come over and just hang for a few days"
"sure!" they said once again in unison.
"great, come on over tonight around 6"
they said goodbye and went their seperate ways to different classes. all day the only thing nash could think about was what he was going to do for 3 days with two of the hottest girls in school. his cock was growing very hard inside his jeans and he was temted to go off to the bathroom and work out another hot load of cum, but decided to save taht for tracy and sofie instead.
the day was excruciatingly long. every second that ticked by tracy and sofie where in nash thoughts. he was sitting in math, his last class of the day, and instead of algebra nash was thinking of roughly bening tracy  over and pounding her doggy style over the edge of a couch. hos balls slapping herclit, her boobs rubbing against the couch, her deep moans muffed by the cushions. the bell rang snapping nash out of his day dream. he sprinted for the door, pushing past the swarm of people in the halls out to the parking lot. he got into his car and raced home as fast as he could. he went straight into the bathroom and eant over the sink looking at himself in the mirrow.. "get a grip man" he instructed his reflection. he removed his clothing revealing his developing teenage body. his broad shoulders, the deep v leading into his pants. he stepped into the shower to cool off and calm himself down before wrapping a towel around his waist and walking around the house setting up everything he would need for that night. he started in the kitchen, getting all the snack food that would be left uneaten ready. then he got the food that would be eaten, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, ice cream, all good foods for licking.
he gathered some pillows and blankets and put them on the couch and then walked to his room to pick out some dvds. he picked out a few comedies and then his favourite porn.

after everything had been set up, nash quickly got dressed and waited for tracy and sofie to arrive. when the doorbell rang he had to restrain himself from running to the door. he took a deep breath and opened the door before he could change his mind about his plans.
"Nash!" tracy screamed as she launched herself into his arms.
"Hey tracy " he said wrapping his arms around her and squeezing her tightly. time slowed down all he could think about were tracy impressive boobs pressed against his chest moving back and forthwith each breath that she took. sofie was the next in line to press her boobs against nash as they hugged. they werent as big as tracy but nash still couldnt wait to suck and lick them.
"come on in guys"
they walked to the lounge room and put down their stuff.
"im so excited for the next few days!" squeeled tracy, "its going to be awesome!"
Sofie and nash both agreed.
"should we put a movie on first or go swimming?" asked nash.
Sofie and tracy looked at each other for a second. "SWIMMING!" the screamed in unison.
"alright well let me just go pick up the junk off my floor in my bedroom and you two can get changed in there"
Nash ran up the stairs to his room, chnged into his board shorts and went to his bookshelf. he reached behind his old science text book and turned on the video camera he had hidden. Nash  ran back dow stairs.
"all yours" he said. the girls ran up the stairs to his room as nash walked outside hardly able to contain his thoughts of what the video camera would capture.

a few minutes later the girls came running outside with their towels in their hands. "yes!" he thought. Tracy and sofie were wearing the same tiny black bikinis from the photo he jacked off to every morning.
Tracy and sofie wore the same bikini, but it fit their bodies differently. tracys hugged her hips and sat nicel on her ass but it strained across her boobs trying to keep them from breaking free, and gave nash a good view of some side boob. sofie however fit perfectly across her slightly smaller chest but showed off her tight ass. all that sport definaboobly gave her good legs and a great ass. Nash  licked his lips as he imagined sucking on tracy boobs while he fucked and spanked sofie ass. he was brought out of his day dream by tracy pushing him into the pool with the girls following. nash stayed under the water as the girls came up. tracy bikini top had given way to the size of her boobs and had slid over enough on one side for nash to see her nipple. he just wanted to swim over, grab her and suck and bite that nipple right then and there. but he stopped himself before he could. he knew hed have to wait until later that night to make his first move. he came up for air and swam over to the girls embracing them in a hug. he felt tracy  bare nipple press against his naked chest and lost control. his cock began to grow hard in his board shorts. he moved slightly away from the girls to make sure they wouldnt feel anything.
"hey lets play marco polo" nash suggested, "ill go first"
he shut his eyes and gave the girls a few seconds to swim away.
"marco" he began
"polo!" the girls replied.
nash dived under the water and opened his eyes. he swam straight for sofie and came up for air not to far from her "marco"
"polo!" the girls screamed again.
once again nash had dived under and looked to find where the girls were. Sofie hadnt gotten far away. he swam over to her and pinned her against the pool wall. his hand were on her arms and his hips kept her pinned to the wall. he opened his eyes with his face just a few inches rom hers.
"got you" he said quietly. he saw sofie blush. he knew she could feel his hard cock against her. he winked and swam away.
the game continued as normal until tracy  was it again. tracy was getting very close to catching nash. but from where he was and how she was swimming, her hand would make full contact with his cock at any second. one more call and that was it. Tracy  headed straight for nash and her hand touch his cock. she came up from the water very quickly and looked at nash blushing.he pressed his hips forward so his cock was pressing further into his hand. Tracy squeezed her hand against his cock. the pair stood there for a moment looking at each other.
"tracy?" he asked
"your hand is still on me" nash told her with a wicked grin
Tracy turned bright red and quickly moved her hand away.
that was all he needed. he now knew the two girls wanted more of what they felt in the pool.

the three dried off and went inside to watch movies. Nash  insisted that the girls didnt need to go changed and they could just sit and watch in their swim wear. the girls agreed and sat down to start watching movies. Nash put on one of the comdies he gotten from his colletion and sat down in between tracy and sofie.
halfway though the movie sofie had put her head on nash lap and sofie had pulled his arm around her shoulders and was snuggling into his chest. his hand was just inches from sofie boob and he decided to start making his move. he stretched out a bi further and let his finger tips gently brush over her nipple through her bikini. Sofie shivered and he saw her look at him out of the corner of his eye. Sofie  looked back at the screen and continued to watch the movie. Nash took his other hand and rested it on sofie hip. nothing. she didnt react at all. he gently rub her skin right along the top of her bikini bottoms with his thumb....still nothing. he moved his hand further over tracy boob and let the full palm of his hand lay flat on her boob. Tracy moved closer to nash. he knew he was in. he cock started to grow in his pants and he felt it press into sofie cheek.
"lets watch soething else. im bored of this movie" tracy said.
"perfect timing" nash thought. he got up to change the dvd.
"you girls mind if i choose?"
"nope" they both replied
"okay. but you gotta sit and watch the whole thing no matter how much you dislike it. agreed?"
"agreed" tracy and sofie said.
Nash  opened up a dvd case and slipped in his favourite lesbian porn movie"
he settled back between tracy  and sofie and pressed play on the remote.
moans filled the room as the two girls on screen kissed and fingered each others pussy.
"nash.....what is this?" tracy asked quietly in disbelief.
"First Time Lesbians. Best movie ever!" he exclaimed
"porn?" sofie asked
"you two agreed to watch whatever i put on. now quiet down, watch and enjoy"
the girls stayed silent and nash put his hands back on tracy boob and sofie hip. Nash  grew harder and harder and could feel his cock pressing very hard into sofie cheek.
"sofie?" tracy said
"yeah tracy ?"
"are you getting..... a little turned on by this?"
"are you?
"me to"
Nash couldnt believe it. both girls were actually enjoying the porn. he took a chance.
"have you two ever tried anyhing like that?" he asked.
"what?!?!?!" the both screamed.
"well, i mean you said it was turning you on."
"nash , ive never even kissed a boy" said sofie
"yeah and things with me and jake ryan didnt exactly get far"
"sofie sit up." nash instructed. she sat up and looked and him.
"now wha-" she started but was cut off by nash leaning into her and kissing her.
"now youve kissed a boy"
Sofie blushed and looked away. Tracy  sat and stared in disbelief.
"what tracy?" nash asked "do you feel left out?"
before she got to reply nash leant in and kissed her too.both girls were now blushing and silent.
"Tracy come with me for a minute" nash said getting up off the couch.
"sofie why dont you stay here and watch some more of the movie"
Tracy followed nash upstairs to his bedroom while sofie stayed and watch more of the movie. Nash   locked the door behind them and turned to face tracy.
"you know  tracy you've grown into a very beautiful woman over the last few years."
"thanks nash" tarcy replied.
Nash  slowly walked to tracy  until she was against the wall. he put his arms either side of her against the wall.
"i can't help but look at your body tracy. It’s amazing. but  im tired of seeing it behind all those skimpy clothes you wear. i see you as hannah and i see you as tracy  when youre  hannah you dress up in those tight little costumes that make all the dads hard for you. and as tracy you wear tiny little shorts and low cut tops that make all the guys at school drool over you. but now i want to see you as something else. do you know what i want to see you as?"
Tracy stayed silent and shook her head.
"i want to see your beautiful naked body" he said brushing her cheek with his finger. "i want to see every inch of you. and then i want to explore every perfect part of you" nash pressed his lips to tracy. gently at first. but he grew rougher with each second. she tried to fight back as he got rougher, but being much bigger then her all he had to do was take her wrists in one of his hands and pin them above her on the wall. his tongue continued to play with hers as his free hand reached around her back and slowly undid her bikini top. he let it fall to the floor and then rest his hand on her side. he let his lips wander over her neck and shoulders. sucking on her collar boe and then back up to her lips. he slide his hand up and down her sides and traced patterns on her toned stomach. then he slide it up and cupped one of her c cup boobs in his hand. he gently began to massage her boob and tracy let out a soft breathy moan.
"seems like someone it enjoying themselves" he laughed before moving back to her mouth.
he continued to kiss her and then pinched her nipple and rolled it between his fingers making tracy moan even more. he pressed her hips hard against the wall with his own and let his hard cock press into the mound of her pussy.
after a few more minutes of grinding his hips into her and kissing he pulled her away from the wall and held her close to his chest in his arms. he walked her to the bed, not once breaking the kiss, and layed her down crawling over the top of her. he rested his weight on one elbow and ran his other hand through her hair as he continued to kiss her. he could tell tracy thought he was being romantic and sweet. everything was going according to plan. he kept kissing her and pulled her arms above her. very quickly, before tracy could protest, nash  got some hand cuffs and cuffed one wrist to one bedpost and then her other wrist to the other bedpost.
"nash!" tracy said, "what are you doing?!?!?!"
"shhhh. nash kissed her once more. "its ok tracy, just relax."
but she didnt relax. she began to kick and scream.
"alright tracy if thats how youre going to be"
nash pulled out a ball gag and gagged tracy before getting 2 more pairs of handcuffs and cuffing her ankles to the bed.
"i didnt want to have to do that. but if you arent going to behave and do what i want you to do then ill have to make you do it" he walked to his desk and got out a knife. Tracy eyes grew wide.
"dont woryy, i won’t hurt out" he said. he slipped the knife under the leg of her bikini bottoms and cut them off her leaving her lying naked on the bed.
"mmm, i thought you shaved" he stood licking his lips staring at her bare pussy.
Nash knelt between her legs and kissed up one thigh while rubbing a hand over the other. He could hear tracy  try to protest but ignore her muffled pleads. he reach to her pussy and spread her pussy lips apart.
"soaking wet. i knew you enjoyed that" nash laughed, "now you wait right here and ill be back in a little while."

nashleft tracy how she was and went back down stairs to see what sofie was up to. she was right where he left her. she was lyign on the couch still watching the porn that was playing.
"hey lsofie" he greeted plunking onto the couch next to her
"wheres tracy?"
"she decided to have a nap. hows the movie going? are you liking it?"
"yeah. its good. ive never really watched anything like it before"
"do you watch porn at all?"
"i have once or twice. it was good. but i just wish i could be like those girls in them"
"well maybe you could be"
Sofie sat silently thinking before turning to nash.
"thank you for kissing me earlier. it was nice."
"no probs sofie. i liked it a lot."
Sofie blushed and before she knew it nash and pinned her down to the couch and was kissing her again.
by this point nash was getting so turned on by the fact that everything was working out perfectly that he was begining to get impatient. he kissed sofie roughly and grabbed his last pair of handcuffs that he had stashed in the couch. he cuffed sofies hands together and sat back up from her.
"nash what are you doing"
"im going to make you enjoy yourself sofie. im going to make me enjoy myself too but that means you do as i say…Agreed?"
"nash cut it out and untie me"
"nope.. this is my house. …you have to do as i say."
"sofie.. im going to make you into my own personal slut whether you like it or not and if you try and protest, then ill do to you what i did to tracy"
"what did you do to her?!?!?"
Sofie jumped off the couch and ran to nashs room only to find tracy cuffed and gagged. Nash walked in behind her and locked the door.
"do you want to be tied and gagged like that to sofie or will you do as i say?"
Sofie thought about it for a moment.
"...ill do as you say."
"good girl. Now if i un cuff you have to promise you won’t fight me or try to run off okay?
Nash uncuffed sofie and she remained standing where she was.
"good girl, take off your bikini" nash  instructed,  she did as she was told, her B cup boobs sat perkily on her chest. Nash let his eyes wander down to his pussy.
"hmm looks like someone needs a shave" he said. "tracy do you agree to be a good girl like sofie or do i need to leave you there a bit longer?"
Tracy muffled a response and nodded. "you do?" she nodded once more.
"good." Nash  moved to uncuff and ungag tracy.
"now girls. into the bathroom please"
the girl walked into the bathroom, nash following behind staring at their asses. he could not wait to spank those.
"sofie get in the bath. i want your pussy under the faucet and prop yourself up on your elbows so you dont drown"
Sofie did as she was instructed.
"now tarcy go and turn the tap on. make it nice and warm."
Tracy turned the tap on and let the warm water gush over sofies pussy hitting her right on her clit.
"now get in the bath with sofie  but face the other way, put your pussy right up to sofies face"
once again she did as she was told.
"sofie take a good look at tracys pussy. see how she shaves all the hair off. thats what i want you to look like. so tracy grab the soap and shave all that hair off sofie."
as tracy began to work nash grabbed out his camera and started snapping away.
"sofie. you liked that porno didnt you?"
Sofie stayed silent but nodded.
"Remember how one girl licked the others pussy. i want you to do that to tracy"
Sofie stuck out her tongue and hesitated for a moment
"it’s okay sofie, tracy  won’t mind. go ahead"
lilly lick the full length of mileys pussy making her jump.
"taste nice?"
but nash didn’t need a reply. Sofie began to feverishly lick at tracy pussy while tracy shaved sofies pussy/
after a few minutes tracy began to shake and buck her hips and cummm all over sofies face. Sofie loved it and licked up every drop of cum she could.
"very good girl sofie. i can see ur going to turn out to be a good little slut, tracy, keep shaving that pussy."
Tracy finished up shaving sofies pussy and then nash got the girls to go back to his room.

"tracy lie down on the bed."" Tracy lied down and nash crawled over the top of her. he let his hard cock pressed against the hairless mound of her pussy while he kissed her and ran his hand up the side of her body. he took her wrists in his hands and used the handcuffs to chain her back to the bed.
"nash! i did what you told me to do! why are you tying me back up?!" she protesed
"tracy  just relax. im doing this for a reason so shut up and just enjoy it you little slut"
Tracy was silent as nash proceeded to handcuff her ankles to the tracy. Tracy  was now starfish out on the bed and as nash stood back to admire her he almost came on the spot. her large perky tits where heaving up and down as she breathed heavily, her nipples were rock hard and pointed straight up. his eyes travelled down her smooth toned stomach to her legs. his eyes wandered down her long tanned legs and over her thighs. he stood and stared at her hairless virgin pussy spread wide in front of him. her little clit was twitching with excitement and cum was dripping out of her pussy onto her ass.
"sofie lie face down on top of tracy"
Sofie crawled over tracy  and laid down.
"now kiss"
the girls slowly began to press their lips together.
"thats not a proper kiss. Sofie play with tracys tongue"
Sofie played with tracys tongue with her own the girls were softly moaning into each other’s mouths and let their bodies grind into one another. Sofie was so distracted she didn’t even notice when nash used handcuffs to chain her to the bed on top of tracy. Tracy stood and watched as the girls pressed their tits together and ground their pussys into one another while their tongues explored each other’s mouth. Nash stared at their spread pussys, cum dripping from sofies onto tracys making her even wetter. Sofie s perfect round ass stuck up in the air. Nash wandered back over the the bed and kneeled behind the girls. he reached out and started to rub sofies ass. he grabbed a bottle of baby oil and squirted it all over sofies back. he reached forward and massaged the oil down her back and over her ass, spreading her ass cheeks and playing with her hole. he continued down her legs getting her covered in oil and massaged the oil into tracys legs as well. he moved back up and reach in between the two girls torso covering their tits and stomach with the oil and reached underneath them to tracys ass doing the same as he did to sofie. The two girls continued to kiss and grind into each other. The oil made their bodies slip against one another. Nash took the bottle of oil and held it above sofies ass. he squirt the bottle and let the oil run down sofies ass, over her pussy and clit onto tracys clit, then over her pussy and ass as the excess oil formed a small puddle on the bed. Nash took his hand and in one long motion rub the oil into both girls asses and pussys the girls were moaning extremely loud bye now which was making nashs already hard cock twitch with anticipation, he leant over and let his face sit nice and close to the girls pussys. he licked from tracys ass all the way up over both pussys to sofies ass.
"sofie since you didnt get to cum before i think it’s your turn." he dove straight into sofies pussy ad feverishly began licking at her clit. he was in no way gentle as he flicked, suck and bit on sofies clit. he took his hand and push just one finger into sofies tight pussy. it was a struggle to get just the one finger in but as he licked her clit her was determined to get more in. he forced a second in hearing sofie squeal in pain and pleasure. sofies pussy clamped down hard on nashs fingers but he didnt want to stop yet, he forced third finger into sofies pussy as she let out a scream. "tracy keep kissing her. ..keep her quiet"

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