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  By: mike100  Age: 44  Country: United Kingdom

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"Come closer," I said.

She came close. I extended my hand to stroke the front of her panties. The silky white fabric was thin enough to reveal the contours of pelvic hair underneath, which enticed me to pull at the elastic at the front and have a look down over the top, then inhaling a deep breath of air I caught the mild scent of clean laundry mixed with a faint hint of her. Allowing the elastic to close, I ventured under the front with my finger tips and crossed the gusset seam. She wasn't particularly wet, not really turned on.


"Turn around."


Her bum in plain white silk. She sighed wearily, and looked me in the eye via the full height mirror that stood infront, hands on her hips, impatiently shifting her weight onto one leg, which caused the white fabric of her panties to pleat into ripples as one cheek rose higher than the other. I buried my face between them and grabbing a handful of buttock with each hand, groped at the panty line feeling the contrast of flesh and silk. Then looking at us in the mirror. I saw myself kneeling on the floor with my erection visible between her legs.


"What else?" she asked.


"Put on that white bra," I said, "the one with a lace trim."


She picked it up off the couch and fed her arms through the straps, then as she reached behind to do up the clasp between her shoulder blades, I peered at her breasts but there was no sign of arousal. 


With the bra on she dropped her arms to her side, sighed again and looked  out the window.


I rose to my feet, walked over and standing facing her side, started to fondled her breast, then very lightly stroked it with rigidly splayed fingers, a nipple responded and started to harden and push out from under the silk. Her body was responding to me in a manner insubordinate to her conscious efforts to arouse in me the ungracious feeling of being the recipient of some tremendous favour. (which was actually about to be true) My cock was fully erect and stood upright. I hooked it under the knicker elastic on her hip, to jokingly suggest that there be no escape. I grabbed and clawed at a tight handful of her arse through the silk panties, then easing off for a second I traced slowly with one finger the ornate trim that bordered the pantyline untill my hand ran into the gusset where I took another handful with a nice deep purchase up her bum and started to rub her clitoris from the other side with the other hand. I kissed and slobbered over the side of her neck then stopped, then stepped back and sat down on the armchair in front of the mirror.


"Where's that white slip?" I looked about the room and caught sight of it lying on the couch. "Over there" I pointed and she walked over then bent over to pick it up. The sight of this gave me the urge to get up and fuck her from behind right there and then but that would have been a waste, as tonight was my night. She pulled the slip down over her head and came over and stood close I at her panties. The silk on silk affect reminded me of the feeling of her wet mouth around my cock.


"Ok," I said


She knelt infront of me and leaned over, took my cock in her hand, stroked the shaft and then, looking me straight in the eye, she opened her lips and passed my helmet deep into her open mouth before closing her lips around it. I felt the wet walls of her mouth hug my shaft. Blinking once, she maintained eye contact and then started to move up and down. I had a look down past my cock down at her double-silk-clad breasts and then across at her panty-clad bum in the mirror. Perfect. 


I began to gather her hair up into a neat handful and having collected it all into a pony tail, I tightened my grip for a moment and pushed her down until most of my cock had disappeared into her mouth,  and then I withdrew her head until it stood just out of reach of her open mouth, to admire the view my saliva covered phallus presenting itself to her open lips.  Then I pushed her down again and loosened my grip. She went to work and I soon felt the heat of my cum start to rise behind my balls at the base of my cock. Now I was ready to finish. Gazing down at the lacy trim that bordered her silk slip revealing cleavage,  I groped at her breast and felt the erect nipple glide through my fingers under two layers of silk.  The heat travelled up my shaft as my helmet twitched. I held her mouth away to watch as my cock throbbed into its fullest shape with a well-defined urethra out of which the first spurt of spunk splattered into her mouth, which she slightly held open, maintaining eye contact.  At that moment I contemplated whether to continue enjoying the sight of my cum making a mess on her lips and maybe trickle down her chin to fall onto her breasts but I chose to go back inside. I took her down again and pumped my load into her throat and onto her tongue, she gagged slightly, I let her go and she finished working on her own moving her up and down my shaft. I finished. She looked me in the eye, blinked girlishly and swallowed. And then again. Then she wiped her lips with a finger, gathering any stray cum, put it in her mouth and swallowed again still maintaining eye contact.


I suppose any decent man would feel selfish, and, if it wasn't for the skin under my tongue which was still sore, having thrashed itself on my teeth during the act of coaxing an orgasm out of her vagina the night before, I probably would have felt a little selfish.


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