Clitty Situation   added 3 years ago
  By: SoakingCunt  Age: 23  Country: Malaysia

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I turned on the computer and went to my favourite porn site.

I needed some time to relax and give some attention to myself. Stress clogged up in my brain, making me click faster through the videos.

Once I found the right one, I ran up to lock my room door and took off my shorts. I watched the blonde girl on the screen play with the brunette's clit. I felt wet just watching them. Slowly, I slipped my hand in my panties and felt the little hard nub.

Moving down, I felt a wet patch just underneath my pussy. Lubricating the nub with my juices, I carefully rubbed in circular motions.

Imagining that the girl in the video was playing with my clit added to the turning on. I rubbed harder and harder, watching the brunette girl squirm under the blonde's hands.

Feeling the same tickling sensation in my area, I rubbed harder and pressed down. It was close, so close.

With a few orgasmic contractions, the girl came onto the blonde's fingers. I rubbed harder, watching the brunette shake in pleasure after her orgasm.

I squirted just seconds after she was done, wetting my panties. Removing my panties, I payed attention to the screen again. They were both masturbating in front of each other, fingers in their pussies and thumbs rubbing their clits.

I did the same. Slipping two fingers in and placing my thumb on my clit, I rubbed my clit hard and fast, pulling my fingers in and out and teasing my g-spot.

We all came at the same time, squirting hard. The girls were panting and I was doing the same. I needed more. ALOT more.

I went to the small minibar at the corner of my room and took out a few icecubes. Stuffing them up my pussy one by one, I slipped three in there. They melted slowly as I teased my tits with an icecube too.

I moved the icecube down to my clit and rubbed gently in circular motions. The feeling was glorious! I felt my clit throbbing slowly and my pussy pulsing.

Then, I came onto the floor. It dribbled down my legs and stopped at my knees. Slipping on a fresh pair of panties and pants, I cleared the history on my computer and walked out of my room. 

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