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Location: A hotel room
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I held her close and I kissed her sweetly on the mouth. The softness of her lips and the scent of her perfume made me dizzy. Now, to be holding her here like this...I knew she could feel me pressing against her belly and I made no attempt to conceal my arousal. 

This beauty was half my age But there was something deeper about her that pulled at me like nothing else. She was an older soul; it was undeniable…irresistible.  Her lips were the lips of an older woman – small, soft to the touch…supple, her skin was young and flawless, and tan. I wanted nothing more than to feel it against my body, to explore her with my hands and my mouth. I felt as if I could lose myself loving her.

My hands rested on her hips as we danced, but when I surprised her with the kiss, I slid them down to pull her toward me, cupping her ass, squeezing it gently. She tensed and looked into my eyes. I felt her breath quicken. She would be mine.

I led her away from the dance floor and to the elevator, from the elevator to the hallway.  She resisted slightly in feigned reluctance but the air between us was charged with anticipation.  When we reached my room, I pulled her into the darkness and closed the door behind us.  The only sound was that of our breathing.

I moved toward her in the dark and guided her to the bed. She stood there and I began to undress her. She rested her hands on my shoulders as I unbuttoned her completely; her dress fell to the floor. Her body was the most desirable thing I could have imagined: small breasts, soft round hips. I couldn’t help but wonder how many men would beg to be inside her. I imagined her being pursued by would-be lovers. Boys with little knowledge of women and how to please them; it made my cock stiff with thoughts of being with her, of taking her to places undiscovered.

I layed her back on the bed and stripped away her panties.  As I knelt, I could smell her scent. It filled my senses. I lifted her smooth legs and gently pushed them back, and spreading her with my fingers, pressed my open mouth to her sex and never pulled away. I caressed her vagina with my tongue and my lips and felt her muscles contract as I touched the secret areas of her love; her body yielded the juices of her desire, food of the gods to feed my hunger.  Soon she responded, hips bucking involuntarily against my mouth. I worked her steadily with my tongue and my fingers and she convulsed repeatedly, pulling my hair, grinding herself against my face and releasing a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a guttural whine, completely overtaken by the forbidden need inside her.

I kissed my way to her breasts, circling, sucking, biting her nipples; slowly I entered her and our mouths joined.  With eyes closed she impulsively sucked on my tongue, my lips. I arched over her, relaxing my breath, and let my entire length fill her.  In the stillness, I let it rest there inside her, full and long. I teased her with pulsing flexes of my member.  “How did you…?” she began to ask, but I interrupted her with another deep kiss and our tongues entwined. I thrust my hips slightly, gently reaching her cervix with each forward movement. She was mine, and she gasped in pleasure-pain at each touch that I made inside her. Yes, we were wicked. She begged for the punishment she deserved.  As her Father I obliged, and fucked her with the appetite of the damned.

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