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I hurt my leg really bad last week that gave me a new fantasy. I met this guy Serge who felt sorry for me and offered to give me a massage.  I know he only wants to touch my legs but I go along with it. In fact, I have a nice surprise for him.


I imagine I go to his place and find out he has a roommate. Some ordinary looking guy reading some boring book.  After about 45 second of small talk with Tim or Tom or whatever his name is, I say Well Serge, let’s go to your room for that massage. While Serge is wondering what happened, I walk into his bedroom. Leaving the door wide open I take off all of my clothes and lie down on my front.


Tim pretends to get back to his book while Serge follows me in and quickly closes the door, annoyed that he only got the back view of my strip scene.  He dims the lights and takes out a bottle of oil. I tell him to take off his shirt and pants so he doesn’t get them dirty… and of course he does.  I try to talk a little while he drops some oil on my left calf, but Serge is a quiet guy. He gently works the oil into my sore calf and then continues to the back of my thigh.  I could complain that my thigh is just fine, but instead I compliment his strong hands.


He takes the hint and wraps his oily hand around my knee then glides down my shin, gradually extending his reach down to my foot.  Having my feet squeezed is my secret turn on, but the fun is only starting.  Serge reads my mind and switches to the right foot.  Using both hands now, he spreads oil up my right leg. By the time he has those strong hands around my right thigh, I am really getting turned on! My arousal forces a little moan out of my mouth. He keeps going, his fingers getting dangerously close to my quickly moistening mound.


Now for a little surprise. I reach behind me and grab his wrist firmly.  He must be wondering what is going on but I do not say Anything.  I pull his hand off of me, then just turn right around to show off my whole naked body. His eyes open wide as I spread my knees to give him a good look. He climbs on the bed and gets between my legs as I replace his hand on my inner thigh. He continues stroking all the way to my vagina. There he circles lazily, stopping every now and then to squeeze the outer lips.  I am dripping like a total slut, going crazy horny from his touch.


And now it is his turn to give me a surprise.  He slides his hands around my waist and shoves his face into my pussy.  His hands were magic but his tongue is electric!  Now he finally goes inside.  But he takes his time, touching every internal surface. I notice Serge’s strong hands are now exploring my chest. I open my legs as wide as I can, encouraging him to focus on the goal. He responds, speeding up just a little, and the thrill runs all over my body – even the top of my head feels tingly! 


Serge is licking my clit and I get loud -- moaning, groaning and screaming complete nonsense. I do not Even care what Tim must be thinking.  He builds up perfectly and I can feel myself getting closer.  Closer.  Closer… Pow!  The orgasm explodes over my whole body like waves of warmth.


I don’t even notice when Serge got up but the next thing I remember he is not even in the room.  I must look like a total disaster, lying completely naked on his bed with my arms and legs open wide and my hair a complete mess. He returns, still in his underwear and I tell him how great and wonderful he is.  He just smiles shyly and asks if I want anything.  I get up and say Just one thing.


I open his bedroom door and walk outside.  Tom is in his room trying to read.  He sees me completely naked and almost falls out of his chair.  I let him study my nude body for a few seconds then go back to Serge’s room to get dressed.  After all the racket we just made, I was thinking Tom should probably masturbate before he can concentrate on his reading again.

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