My First Time Masturbating   added 3 years ago
  By: SoakingCunt  Age: 23  Country: Malaysia

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Categories: Masturbation
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I lied down on my bed and placed a mirror in front of me. 

I sat up and looked at myself. Was I really going to try this? I felt like I had to. I ran my hands down my body and payed attention to my breasts.

I stripped myself down to naked. My lingerie was on the ground, my clothes were in the corner of the room. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked wanting. So wanting, I didn't believe it was me.

My breasts were plump, my nipples were hard, my pussy was glistening with my juices. I was breathing hard looking at me. I looked... hot.

I ran my fingers around my nipples and teased myself there. I tugged and pinched gently, getting rougher as I went on. I was getting wetter but it was not enough. I roamed my hand down and looked at the pussy in between my legs.

I didn't want to finger myself for the first time. I never even used a tampon before. Instead, I spread my legs wide and found my clit hood. it covered the whole clit, which was perfect for me.

I slid my finger from my pussy to the clit hood to make it wet and lubricated. I was already spilling my juices.

I rubbed my fingers on the clit hood gently. Soon, I felt tingling sensations. I moaned and tossed my head back. I even had to support myself on my other hand. It was overwhelming.

I felt a peeing sensation go over me. I ignored it, knowing it was supposed to feel that way. I pressed harder and rubbed faster. I felt like I was going to explode. I moaned even louder, gripping the sheets.

I looked at the mirror at me. I was flushed and my fingers were working hard and fast. My face was unrecognizable. It felt that good.

I rubbed harder and fell onto my bed, my legs bent and spread. My other hand was automatically went to my nipples and breasts, fondling and pinching them. My pussy was like a tap, my juices soaking the sheets.

I felt my pussy pulse and my body shaking. Then, a warm sensation spread through me.

The pulsing turned to orgasmic contractions. A clear liquid squirted out of me. I was a squirter. It soon went away. I had my first orgasm.

I sat up weakly and looked at my pussy. It was wet and throbbing. I needed more. MORE.

I slid my fingers and spread my juices all over my pussy. I slipped a finger in, which went in easily. As soon as I adjusted myself to the new alien feeling, I pulled it in and out.

I went faster as I went on. I slipped two more fingers in, daring myself. It felt like heaven. I pulled in and out faster and found my g-spot. Pressing against it gently with my finger tips, I heard myself scream.

Soon, the screaming stopped and I was drowned in a pool of pleasure. I looked at the mirror as come spilled out my pussy. I ran my hand through my hair and picked up the come with my fingers.

Putting the fingers into my mouth, I tasted a salty tang. I sure loved how masturbating felt. And I will sure love it when it happens again. 

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