Lindsey: High school bathroom   added 3 years ago
  By: Edgy21  Age: 33  Country: Canada

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I was sitting at my desk in french when I started getting really horny. I started thinking about sex, and Eventualy I decided to ask to go to the bathroom. I walked into the stall and sat down, there was no one else in ther bathroom. I started jerking off, then someone walked in. I froze and waited. Then the person kicked the stall door in, it was a girl about 16 or 17. 

 "oh my god, my sorry. I thought you were someone else." she said. "wait, we're you jerking off?"

I didn't respond.

"hey, I won't tell anyone if you do something for me. I think you'll like it."


"have sex with me. But I want to be the dom. My fucking boyfriend never lets me."

 "um, ok." I said.

She waited a seconed.  

"well lets fuck!"

She got down on her knees and bent towards my dick. She placed her lips over the head of my penis and a licked it. My body jerked back. She sucked on my dick for a few seconeds then came off.

"I want to shove your cock up my tight pussy and fill me with your jizz" 

She pulled off her skirt and panites, then straddled over my legs and slid my penis into her soft vagina.

"holy shit!" she said.

She started moving up and down. I wanted to cum right away, but I wanted it to last longer. She kept humping.

"oh my god, your cock feels so good in my pussy"

Then I came. I filled her up with my semen, she pulled out and the cum dripped out. After a while she said

"we should do this agian sometime" she gave me her number, put her skirt back on and left. 




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