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I'm a very voyeuristic person, so, obviously, I luuuurve to watch. And lately I have had this fantasy... I hire an escort girl, a really gorgeous, breast full, thigh ass escort girl, a little trampy but beautiful. Those kind of girls who look like an angel capable to crawl over cum while sucking an used condom. But this lovely slut is not for me exactly, but for some other guy. I don't really care a lot if the guy in fact is utterly handsome or just a plain regular doe. What I really want is to watch the whore in action...

I arrive to the room, I say Hi to both, I take a sit, and wait... the guy is a little nervous but very aroused because he has two gorgeous women in one room.. Did I mention that I would be sexy dressed too?.. the girl says hey, how are u? How would u like to start? He doesn't answer. She sits on his lap and begins to pass her hands trough his body, the guy responds grabbing her ass with both hands, he lifts her skirt, enough to let me see her string lose between her buttocks. Mmmm that sexy sexy ass, yummy.

He begins to spank her, to what she responds with some kind of naughty whisper that sometimes ends in a soft moan. She takes off the guy's shirt, he is not that bad.. and uops!, he reveals his erection, a nice huge dick... he pulls the girl's hair, south, south, south, as she looks that cock she immediately starts to lick it, she put it on her mouth, and sucks it deep, her eyeliner runs a little because of the tears of sucking such a big wad. But she loves it.. that dirty whore, she looks so cute and filthy there, in her knees sucking cock for money..

I am enjoying the show when I realize the guy is watching me from time to time, a nice girl is sucking her dick and still he looks at me... Men! I think.. he tells her to stop, she is just standing up when he opens her top and free her nice round breasts. He starts to lick and bite her hardened nipples, I like that, I begin to feel a little horny myself...

He throws the girl in to bed, he spread her legs, he is about to slam her cock inside her pussy, but he teases her, but in fact he is teasing with me. He noticed my excitement, he knows I want to see him fucking her, so, he stops, he is challenging me, to what? who knows..

Finally he strikes the pussy as if he never ever will have sex anymore, the girl moans, yells, curses, but he doesn't stop, he goes on and on.. he turns around the girl, he bites her ass, he starts to lick her pussy, her thigh ass, he puts his dick against his ass hole, he is about to ass fuck her. He ask to the girl if she is ready... she is answering but she has now all that cock inside her ass... and whoa!, she really loves it. Neither of one in that couple can stop now, he spanks her, she asks for more, he says to her she is a nice slut, she says in return than he is a nice cock for her ass...

And me, I’m just there happily watching the scene, it is like a personal private porn. I'm so horny now. Finally she ends up with cumm all over her ass and sexy back. They both go to take a shower, I watch through the glass wall, he can't stop of eating her pussy... they come out, they say good bye t each other. The guy looks at me and says: "Maybe next time I could afford you too" finally he leaves.

I'm in my way home, meanwhile I day dream of masturbating, maybe later, in my nice bed, while some hot barely legal neighbor looks "without" my permission or consciousness about it... but that is another fantasy I guess and I have abused of the space by now. :)

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