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So i know a girl named Ms K, beautiful looking woman. Nice body nice breast nice piercing down below ;)  nice ass.  So i stopped by her house one day knocked on the door and no answer. Hmmm tried to call her and straight to voice mail. What was going on her car was out front, was alittle worried. Knocked again and opens the door. Sorry i was asleep, its ok as i walked in.  I sliped off my shoes n sat on her couch and she was suprised i was there.  She sits down and asked " wats up?" "Not much just wanted to stop by and see how you were doing"  she is sitting there in a t shirt and sweats. She think she look bad but she still is looking good even in a t shirt n sweats. She turns on the tv and hands me the remote and says "watch whatever, ill b back"  she walks into her room and i wonder wats shes doing bc she didnt have to change for me i wasnt anything specail.

 Im sotting there and i get a text saying "wat r u waiting for come in here" from who else Ms K.  Mmmm i get up and open the door to her bed room n wat do i see. Ms K laying on her bed in some Longeri, mmmmm my mouth drops opens. She smiles and ask if i like wat i see, "hell yeah!!!" I walk over to the bed and crawl onto the bed. You look amazing, she smiles and pulls me in for a kiss.  We start kissing nice and then start to make out.  I roll her on her back as we are kissing.  I then kiss down her neck then down to her breast.  I sit up and look down at her pussy and shes got a nice lace thong on mmmmm lace is a big turn on.  I undo my pants and slid them off and i grab my hard cock and stroke it a few time to make sure it nice n ready for her.  I reach over and pull her thong to the side and gentle rub the head of my cock on her pussy.  I put alittle pressure and i start to spread her pussy lips with the head of my cock. Then i pull it out and kiss her then grab and rub her breast.  I put the head of my cock back on her pussy and she says "please put it in" i smile and pull my head away from her pussy. Then i put it back and she starts to get alittle upset because she wants my cock in her tight pussy so bad. 

 As my cock starts to spread her pussy lips again i quickly ram my whole cock in her pussy and she lets out a moan because was more than she thought it was. I start off slow sliding my cock in and out if her pussy.  I sit up and grab her heels and hold them up. I look down and watch my cock slid in and out of her pussy. Seeing her lips gripping my hard cock as it goes in and out. (Big turn on) then i start fucking her harder and harder while hold her heels up omost to my shoulders.  After a while i let go of one heel and use that gand to rub her clit as i fuck her pussy. By this time her pussy is soaking wet snd shes mosning n screaming my name and trlling me to keep going. Then as im still fucking her she squrits all over and lets out a loud scream.  Mmmmm u bad girl cuming like that. She smiles and says well i cant help it, its amazing.   

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