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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Anal Sex
Tags: co-worker. bitch of fuck revenge
Location: A hotel room
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Agressive
Jennifer, worked for me and to say the least was high maintenance.
To those that worked with her she was a bitch, believing co-workers should be eaten.
My wife believed I was fucking Jennifer, as she was attractive and always a bit flirty.
This was not the case. Never touched Jennifer but probably could have.

I do remember though my fantasy of giving Jennifer a taste of her own medicine
My fantasy follows which is a bit out of character but we all have our dark side.
Remember one day Jennifer asked me if I had ever been tempted to have an affair.

This was immediately following a VP being escorted out of the building when it was discovered his ongoing relationship with a subordinate. Unfortunately for him the relationship ended poorly and sexual harassment case followed. Hell hath no fury.............If the VP only left his wife as he promised the co-worker he would.......

The Tease:
Jennifer is attractive, an ex-college athlete. Great legs, little tits and when in the mood quite sexy.
I am her mentor and the only one that does not take her shit. Always challenging her and keeping her in control as much as possible.

When she asked me the question about the affair, I quickly recognized she was trying to gain the upper hand in our relationship, which was clearly boss/subordinate with more than a little sexual attention. Although much her senior, I am considered good looking and women like me. A perk of the job......There have been more than a couple of rumors about me and other women, although never confirmed.

My response to Jen was, if either of us leave the company I will be more than happy to answer any questions if she would reciprocate and then told her to return to her job and complete the project she had been assigned. Unknown to Jen I was being recruited by another company and within the next month hired.

The Conversation:
Jen cried when informed that I was leaving the company. "What am I going to do", she whimpered
Be nicer, I stated matter of factly. Jen, you meet the same people on the way up as you do on the way down and just about everyone would not mind seeing you get what was coming to you.

Before she could reply, I changed the conversation, reminding her of our agreement to ask one another anything. She liked that and we agreed to a late lunch the following week.
The day before our late lunch, Jen poked her head into my office and said, I have some really good questions.
My reply, as do I, and keep it mind what I have told you before, often you have to give something to get something.

Oh Jen, as she turned to leave my office. Wear that nice interview outfit that you wear when you ask to leave a couple of hours early. You know, the shortish dark blue skirt, light blue oxford blouse, silver hosiery and pumps.
She was a bit taken back. I reminder her, give something to get something.

The Late Lunch:
1:30 came and Jen knocked on my door. Are you ready, she inquired.
I need to be back by 3pm
No, I replied, we're leaving at 2pm and taking the rest of the afternoon off. And put on a bit more make up, will you, for me.
She did not replied but at 2 pm she was clearly wearing more make up.

Where are we going, she asked, as we left the building.
I think you will like it and why don't you drive. I will give directions.
We drove out of the parking lot and about 15' later pulled into a parking lot at the fairly secluded state park. We arrived between lunch time ending and the after school crowd arriving.

During the ride her skirt rode up her legs even higher and Jen noticed my eyes looking at her legs but didn't seem to mind. Game On!
The car parked and turned off.
Well, what do you want to know Jen?
Have you had an affair with anyone at work and if so, with whom?

Jen's tactic of being direct and aggressinve has always served her well but I was prepared.
I did not answer but rather smiled, just looked at her eyes, down to her legs and back up while pondering my reply. Jen was unnerved a bit by my coolness.

Yes, Jen, I have fucked a co-worker and I know that you are dying to know ...who.....for your own purposes but it's not going to be so easy.
Quickly my hand stated rubbing her leg between the knee and hem of her skirt.
Jen was not objecting but her mind was thinking......How about you Jen, fuck anyone at work?
No, she replied reminding me of the fact she was only married a few years and had her first child just two years ago.

Meet aggression with aggression. My hand kept rubbing her legs and then without warning I kissed her hard. As quickly I stop. Drive, I tell her, sitting back. Go to the Marriott......Give something to get something, Jen.

The Lesson:
I don't know Jen says when we arrive at the hotel.
Sure you do, Jen, beneath that bitchy exterior you like to be told what to do.
Plus, you like me, want to know how my cock compares and most importantly, you want to know who from work I have fucked.....That information is valuable to be used when it best suit your needs.

Now, go pay for the room. Yes, my going away gift from you.
Entering the roon, Jen is pushed in.
I am behind her, kissing her neck, pushing into her and grabbing her hips.
I open her blouse and tell her she has nice little tits.
Jen, is conflicted but turned on.

Unbuckling my pants, I lead Jen onto her knees.
You know what to do Jen, go ahead, just like the others.
Jen is sucking, yes suck it good Jen, like you did to your boyfriends in high school and college.
I bet they liked you sucking their dicks. She was very good and my balls were tightening.

I lift her up and toss her small body on the bed.
Pushing her skirt up, I then pull down the tights.
Without a word, Jen is grabbed, stood up and bent over the bed.
I pull her blouse off and unhook her bra.
Rubbing her tits while standing behind.

Jen, if you want to know who I fucked, you know what happens next.
Jen leans over and puts her elbows on the bed.
Her skirt is up on around her hips and her panties pulled to the side.

Fuck my cock Jen, fuck it good, be a good little bitch for me.
Jen, hesitates and then slowly moved her pussy back onto my cock.
You have a nice wet pussy, more than I expected.

She pushes back and my cock slowly enters her.
I feel her pussy start to widen to accept my very hard cock.
Almost involuntarily Jen starts to push back and ride my cock.
You like it don't you, Jen.

Who have you fucked at work? Jen wants to know.
Before I answer, you haven't completed your end.
You must take me all and there is still one opening of yours that I have not experienced.
Jen, protests, I only did that once with my husband and you are so much bigger.
Not to worry, as I slip my very wet cock out of her pussy.

I apply a liberal amount of kY liquid and jell to my cock and then squirt liquid all over her ass cheeks and asshole. Rubbing her asshole with my fingers and spreading her cheeks apart her hole starts to open.

Fuck me with your ass Jen, fuck it good, be a slut for me.
Take me, take my cock and fuck me with your ass.
I place my cock at her hole and slowly push in.
Jen pushes back and slowly oh so slowly I am entering her.

She has done this more than once despite what she says.
Before long, Jen is fucking my cock and I'm grabbing her hair.
Nice tits Jen, nice legs, nice asshole.
How do I feel my little bitch and I'm going to cum in your asshole.
Now take it Jen.

Go ahead and let me use you little fucking ass.
Yes, oh I'm going to cum in your ass.
Jen's groans, a bit of passion and a bit of pain, her little tits bouncing up and down are too much to take and one stream after the other of my cum enters her ass.

Slowly my cock withdraws and she collapses on the bed,
My cum starts dripping out of her asshole and down her leg.
Jen, you did your part and I will do mine.

You asked, who I fucked from work?
The answer to that question is, I fucked you, Jen!!
I don't kiss and tell Jen.....If you fuck another colleague you keep it to yourself.
That is your lesson Jen.

By the way, I would be happy to fuck you again and again but would never reveal to another that you took my cock in your ass. If you are thinking of filing some charge against me, be aware that my employment ended as of 12 noon today. I just hung around to 2 pm to be with you.

The look on her face, well priceless....

Respectfully Submitted,
Saint Stephen

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