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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Masturbation, The Audience / Voyeur, Identified partner
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

I walk into my sister's room, knowing she was asleep. I heard moaning sounds outside her door.

Masturbating, maybe? She was 16. I opened the door slightly and peeked. The sight shocked me.

She was on her bed, her legs spread wide open. Her hands were gripping her ankles, fully exposing her. There was a man in between her legs, teasing her with the tip of his cock. It was thickly veined, erected. Then, I recognized his voice.

"You want this real bad, huh, sweetheart?" he whispered. Dad.

I sank to the ground watching my sister moaning and crying for his thick cock. Dad enjoyed her begging, teasing her more and more, spreading her inner lips open.

Her nipples were clamped and her eyes were blindfolded, adding to her pleasure. 

Dreadfully slow, Dad slid into her inch by inch and stilled once his cock was in her. She moaned and smiled slightly. Dad pulled out of her and teased her clit with the tip before slamming into her again.

She screamed this time. Thankfully, they thought I was asleep already. Plus, Mom wasn't home, so they didn't have anything to worry. I was a deep sleeper.

Dad repeated this again and again, glad that she was pleasured.

"Daddy, let me come!" she screamed.

"Hush, sweetheart. Time will come." he answered. Slamming into her again and again, he groaned, a sexy sound indeed.

"Come for me!" he screamed. My sister came without hesitation onto his cock, screaming his name. I was already wet outside, only in my panties now. I rubbed myself through my lacy material, just slipping the tip on my finger into my pussy slightly while rubbing.

He slipped out of her and rubbed his cock. Come shot onto her clamped nipples and breasts, making her moan at the warm liquid. He bent down and licked his come before giving her breasts a hard slap, making her scream.

"That hurt!" she moaned. Dad removed the clamps and took out a gentle pair of clamps. Going down to her pussy, he clamped them to her pussy lips. She screamed but the pain was soon replaced with pleasure, moaning again and again. Genital clamps.

He grabbed a vibrator and I stared. It was huge and long, maybe a full 10 inches and it was way bigger than her tight pussy. He slipped it into her pussy slowly, careful not to hurt her sensitive pussy lips. He switched it on the highest setting and watched her as she groaned and shook.

She slowly slipped her shaking hand downwards, trying to rub her clit. Immediately, he slapped her hand away.

"Let them pleasure you, baby girl." he whispered. She moaned in frustration and in seconds, she squirts onto the covers.

Dad slips out the vibrator and removes the clamps. She winces slightly and rubs her pussy to soothe it from all that pleasure. Dad immediately puts on his clothes before giving her pussy a lick and walking out.

I tried to stand up quick so that he wouldn't see me. Too late.

He smirked at me and pulled me up.

"Next time, it will be your turn." he whispered. I shivered at his touch.

"I'll be waiting." I whispered back. 

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