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  By: SoakingCunt  Age: 23  Country: Malaysia

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Categories: Anonymity, Prostitutes, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Being Taped, Force/Rape
Tags: tongue clit sex rape prostitute
Location: A dark back alley
Roleplay: Any
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

The dark alley smelled like rotten food and moss and wet plants. Walking home from work was the worst time of the day.

I heard footsteps behind me. Stopping for a while, the footsteps stopped too. I continued walking, thinking that there was no one there.

I felt my body crushed against a wall. I let out a scream, knowing it was no use. No one lived near me. My neighbours were at least half an hour away. A piece of duct tape was slapped onto my mouth and I was chained to the wet mossy alley walls. It was a dog leash chain, I think.

The chain made it impossible to escape. The tape made it impossible to scream.

"Don't worry, pretty face. I'll take good care of you." he whispered. He looked quite good looked, in his early twenties. His hands moved from my shoulders to my breasts, giving them a light squeeze before groping me harder. I moaned and screamed within my tape, but it sounded like I was just yawning. I was muffled.

My nipples were about to show through my thin blouse when he ripped it off and tossed it to the ground. My breasts and erected nipples were exposed, making it easier for him to grope me. I felt tears streaming down my face as he flipped me over and suckled on me roughly.

When he pulled away, my breasts were red and my nipples were swollen from his grazing and rough sucking.

His hands travelled even lower and tugged my skirt off. It landed in a fluffy pile near my heels. I wasn't wearing my panties and regretting it.

His eyes widened and the corners of his lips lifted into a horny smile. He moved his hand in between my legs. Closing them wasn't an option. The chains were preventing that too.

He lightly touched my clit, going rougher and pressing harder as time passed. Within minutes, I was releasing my juices onto the alley ground, making that spot smell like my pussy. I breathed hard, catching my breath.

He pulled his jeans off, no boxers. His marvelous length was revealed, hard and thickly veined. He pushed my onto my knees and and ripped the duct tape off before he forced it into my mouth. I gagged a little. He forced me to suck it in and out and I obeyed. I felt warmth shoot to his huge thick dick.

I sucked harder, his hands tangled in my hair. Then, he came into my mouth. I swallowed it before pulling back. He stuffed my blouse into my mouth, muffling my breathing and moaning.

Pulling me up by my hair, he slammed into me.

It was glorious.

And again, and it was even more glorious!

He went rougher, making me ache a little. I spat out the blouse and moaned. He slammed into be even harder, making me whimper and wince like a little puppy.

"Please, stop! It hurts!" I moaned in between cries. He slapped my breasts, making me hurt even more.

"Shut up, slut. You're mine tonight, and I'm in charge." he whispered. He slammed into me harder. "Touch yourself. Don't come until I tell you to, bitch." I moved my hand down to my throbbing shaking clit and rubbed it hard. It felt good.

When I stopped, he would slap my breasts again. I had to come. I just had to.

"I can't hold it in. IT HURTS!" I screamed. I was bleeding a little. He was tearing me apart. I screamed even louder. Then, he slammed once more and whispered in my ear.

"Come for me."

I screamed as I came onto his length. With one final slam, he exploded inside me and released his hot delicious come.

He took himself out of me, still shooting some come. I bent down and cleaned him before looking down on the ground. A puddle of come was there, with a few drops of blood. Some blood trickled down my legs but I felt good.

He put on his jeans covering the length which just had made me come like never before just a minute ago. He looked at me and gave me a rough kiss, sucking on my tongue and tugging on my lower lip before pulling back.

"I'll be back here tomorrow. You better be here." he whispered.

Without another word, he gave my clit a hard pinch before walking off. Watching him walking off, I felt myself come once more. I will be back here tomorrow, even if I have to kill everyone in my way. 

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