Teasing the Tease part 1   added 3 years ago
  By: sexhopper69  Age: 31  Country: United States

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Categories: Force/Rape, S-M / Domination / submissive, Romantic Setting/Exotic, Steady Partner
Tags: finger bound booty teasing office orgasm respect totally spreader licking punisment Spanking Training headmaster school dark s&m ass tease
Location: A bed
Roleplay: Student/Teacher
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating


all started when i start at the a new school. I was so mad that I had to wear a uniform but i knew i could make my own style out of it. Well i went to the 1st day of school and as pre the normal I got call to the headmaster office. But when I got there things were a little off.

He called me to his office and shut the door. he call me over to the door on the other side of his office. he grab me a put a blind fold on me. he opened the door and told to come. He lead me down the hallway and up some stairs. I was so scared. Fpr the 1st time i though about my action my have reprocusions. As we walk it got darker and darker. We went into a dark quite room.

He stoped me turned me around and remove the blind fold. we were in a room with a bed. he told me sence i could not follow the dress code i would be taught a lesson. he push me down on he bed so i was on my stomache. he then place cuffs with a bar on my arms and legs. and told me that sence i like to wear skits that were so short that you could almost see my ass,that it made me a tease and he was going to teach me a lesson by teasing me.

Moments pass and a could feel him rubbing my legs. so he ripping my thong down and pullmy skirt up. He began rubbing my clit and pussy tell me i better make no noise or me make it worse. and he rubbing i fill a leather like item slap my ass and he beings to spank me tell me i so naugty. after some time i fell could liquid run down my ass and hear a vibrting sound and then he shoves somthing in my ass. he as me how it feel no to be in control.
I was so scared to say it but i was really enjoying it so i beg hime to stop know he'll go on. he contuines to rub me but soon i feel his tounge this makes orgams. but he spanks me and tell me you better not. soon i feel and hear another vibriting sound and with in sec i feel it on my clit he moveing it around makeing it go slow fast off fast slow fast ect i let out a yell he slaps my ass. he pulls the item from my ass and..........

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