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  By: Carter01  Age: 26  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, Group Sex / Threesome
Tags: mother daughter
Location: My House
Roleplay: Other
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: I will tell you later

So i was talking to a lady few years ago and she was a freak and her daughter was kinda cute too.  She tought i had a thing for her daughter but i didnt.  So one after noon around 3pm (when she would get out of work) i recived a text saying " omg stressfull work day need to releive myself wanna help?" N of course i txt back " u kno it....b there soon" i get ready n jump in my car to go over there.  I arrive and her car isnt in the drive way so i txt " im here where r u?" She replys " on my way...use ur key n go in n relax"  i get out of my car and walk into the house and sat on the couch.  I get a text that says "im omost there...there should b a blind fold on coffee tsble put it on i have a suprise for u"  i smile n grab the blind fold n put it on. I start to feel a little excited for the suprise.  Soon i hear the door open and can hear her herls walk across the floor. I can tell shes infront of me and i stand and she kisses me and whispers " u ready?" I shake my head tes and she rips off my pants n boxers n pushes me back onto the couch. She kneels down n and kisses my soft cock. "Mm u bad girl u never wanna suck or lick my cock" she puts a finger over my mouth. She starts to suck my soft cock and with each suck it get bigger n harder. Soon im fully hard and it feeling amazing bc i cant see wats shes doing. I think to my self omg she never wants to suck me n its really good this time. I go to take off the blind fold n she stops sucking me n grabs my hands n ties them to the couch.


babe i wanna watch ans she just continues to suck my hard cock. She goes to put it all in n i can feel n hear her gag on it. She licks up n dwn my cck n slids it back in her mouth. She contines until i shoot my large warm cum in her mouth. She swallows and licks up n dwn and sucks all the extra cum off.


U dirty girl. I hear her cloths hit the ground n i ask if shes going to give me that tight little pussy of hers. She doesnt say anything but i feel her straddle me. As she does i hear the door slam and some yelling What the fuck is this. I can tell that the person telling was the lady i thought was sucking me. " Tina what the fuck?!?" At this time i realize it must of been her daughter that was sucking me. She rips the blind fold off me n i see her standing there and her daughter naked covering her pussy n tits. " i thought it was u i was blind folded n tied up" my friend says ooooo ya. She grabs her daughter n says u like that cock in ur mouth huh u lil dirty slut. As shes looking down she says yes. "O you do huh did u enjoy that cum too?"  Yes then she unbuttons her shirt n looks at me and says " u like it from me or her more WHO do u want me or my daughter?!" I just sit there like wat by this time they r both standing naked infront of me.  "Im not sure why dont u come show me whos better.  So she unties me n we all go into her bed room. She pushs me onto her bed. She tells her daughter to watch her mom show her how to ride a nice hard cock. She straddles me and starts riding me. Her daughter start to touch her own pussy.  I tell her to com straddle my face. She come over n i start licking her pussy as she straddles my face. Mmmmm omg got the mother on my cock n her daughters pussy on my face.  

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