Daddy spanks his naughty girl Part Two   added 3 years ago
  By: Blondiebaby  Age: 31  Country: United States

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Categories: S-M / Domination / submissive, The Fetishists, Force/Rape, Anal Sex, Identified partner, Steady Partner
Tags: diaper Fantasy belt Spanking Girl little daddy
Location: My House
Roleplay: Sugar Daddy/Baby
Fulfillment: Act on it
Nature: Humiliating

“Come here little girl” I hear my daddy say sternly to me. I have been standing in the corner waiting for daddy to call me. I Have already been spanked very hard for being naughty and throwing a dolly at him, and for being bad all day. I take a deep breathe and walk over to daddy, naked from the waist down, my kitty cold from the air. “Now baby” daddy says as he gently touches my face and neck. I love his touch. I crave it. The warmth daddy gives me with his touch makes me feel loved and safe. I know it will not last long. “You have been very naughty today and you have been bad more then good lately. You have been defiant and bratty. As a good daddy I have to set you straight and punish you hard so you will start acting better. Am I right?”

“Yes daddy, I deserve to be punished.” I say my head down trying to sound contrite. 

“Good little girl. I want you to take your shirt off and bend over the arm of the couch. Spread your legs a little so I can see you kitty.” 

I do as I am told. Hoping that maybe daddy will change his mind and play with me instead of punishing me. But I know in my heart it is a false hope. I take with white t shirt off, exposing my breast, my nipples become stiff from the cold. The only thing warm on me is my still burning bottom. I bend over the arm of the couch. I hope that daddy will spank me with one of his smaller paddles of maybe the nursery cane. My bottom already hurt so much! He couldn’t spank me hard again could he? Then I heard one of the things I feared. The jingle of daddy taking his thick leather belt off his waist. When daddy whips me with his belt, my bottom and thighs swell with welts and hurts for days after. My whole bottom will be bruised. The only thing worse then the belt is daddys big mahogany paddle. Thats the worst. “Please daddy, don’t whip me!” I beg. 

“Now little girl, you need to be punished. And you deserve to be whipped. You are going to get 50 smacks. You put your hands down flat on that couch if you move your hands or kick your legs, daddy will start all over again. And if you try to argue with me again, I will double your whipping. Get in the position and not another word.” Daddy said this all firmly with his hand on the small of my back pushing me over the couch. I let out a little whimper and got into position. 

WHACK! The first swat burns into the tender flesh of my bottom. It takes my breath away. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! I dig my fingers into the couch to steady myself so that I will not move. I am chocking on my tears. I can feel my bottom burning and on fire, the welts swelling up. The pain was searing I hold on trying not to move. Daddy moves back and starts in on the flesh on my thighs. WHACK!!! WHACK!! WHACK!! I let out a scream and start to cry even louder. The pain is overwhelming. I promise I will never be naughty again. I will be a good girl. I do not want to be punished like this ever again. At this moment I am the most contrite little girl on the planet. WHACK!!! WHACK!!! WHACK!!! Daddy’s strong arm brings the thick belt down onto my bottom until he gives me 50 lashes. 

I am crying so hard I do not know he has stopped. Daddy picks me up and puts me against his strong body. I close my eyes and cling to him. He runs his fingers through my hair, calming me. “Its ok baby.” He whispers in my ear. I feel myself calming. Daddy wipes the tears from my eyes and kisses my head. I close my eyes. Daddy kisses my lips slipping his tongue into my mouth. It feels like heaven. Daddy picks me up and takes me into my bed. I have been to naughty to stay in daddy’s bed I know. 

Daddy picks puts me on my bed. He gets a diaper, powder, baby oil and my mittens. He sits on my bed an pulls me over his knees, he rubs the baby oil onto my burning bottom and thighs, soothing them. He then slipped his 2 of his fingers into my bottom hole gently stretching it. I know this is part of my punishment. Daddy is going to leave me to sleep wet and frustrated. He gently starts fingering my hole sending a warm feeling throughout my body. I let out a gentle sigh. “You like that don’t you baby?” Daddy whispers. “Yes Daddy” I purr. “To bad you were naughty or I could finish you” Daddy says as he fingers my butt deeper making my kitty start to throb. I want daddy inside of me badly. He pulls his fingers out, and makes me lays on my back on the bed. 

“Spread your legs”

I do so hoping daddy will make me come but I am wrong. He sits beside me, raises his hand and spanks my kitty 15 times. It hurts so much! But I feel with each smack my kitty getting wetter. I don’t want daddy to stop. Daddy then gets off the bed and pulls my legs into the diaper position. He powders my sore bottom and diapers me. He then puts my mittens on me so I ca not touch myself. He puts a blanket on me kisses my head. He Puts a pacifier in my mouth, and says “Good night baby” And turns off the light and closes the door, leaving me sore and wanting. I toss and turn in agony until I wet my diaper and fall into a fitful sleep. 

I wake up hours later when I feel the weight of my daddy laying on top of me, his hand squeezing my diaper. “ You wet yourself didn’t you, you naughty girl?” He whispers in my ear. I can not answer because of my pacifier. I doesn't matter. He knows the answer. “Daddy is very horny and he is very mad at you for being so naughty. I am going to have to punish you again and then you are going to give daddy what he wants.” Daddy’s hand is squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. I am wet with anticipation. Daddy turns the light on and reaches for an implement to punish me. My heart drops it’s daddy big mahogany paddle. 

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