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I must've gotten really drunk last night because I woke up in my friend, Faye's bed. We went to the club to get some drinks and dance yesterday night. Faye was still asleep. I ran my fingers into my hair, having a severe headache. I went downstairs to Faye's kitchen and washed my face through the sink.

Some water dripped onto my thin blouse, making my nipples harden because of the cold water and show. I sat down on the kitchen counter and drank some cold water from the fridge. "Hello, are you alright?" a voice said.

I turned around and saw Faye's mother. "Oh, hi, Mrs Cooper. I'm fine, really. Hangover, thats all." She nodded and walked over to me. She put her palm onto my forehead which sent tingles. I ignored the feeling, knowing that I'm straight, not a lesbian.

"Well, you seem to be fine." she replied with a purr in her voice. She looked at my blouse and lifted her hand. She cupped my breasts which made me flinch. "Mrs Cooper, I think I should go." I turned but she grabbed my hand. Getting on her knees, she reached up to knead my breasts, making my nipples harden even more and my slit wet. I let out a soft moan.

"You like this, don't you?" she whispered. I didn't answer but behind my mind, I heard a loud voice saying "Don't do it!" to me. To my surprise, I pulled away from her hands. "I really think I have to go." I whispered. She got nearer to me on her knees and pulled my mini-skirt up. My panties were already drenched in my juices, revealing my true feelings. I felt ashamed and looked at her. She looked up and ran her tongue over her lips. She looked back at my wet coverage and ran her tongue over the front, just touching the top of my clit a little. I moaned as she licked harder and lower, jabbing her tongue into my clit. I grabbed the edge of the counter to support myself. 

She pulled my panties down, my whole area still wet and sticky from my juices and her saliva. Without hesitation, she rubbed my slit and clit before kneeling lower and sucking on my clit. I screamed in pleasure. I didn't care about anything anymore. I shamefully rubbed onto her face harder. Then, I realized something. Mrs Cooper's dress and lingerie was already off and her free hand was fingering herself. 

With one last suck, I released myself into her mouth and chin. She swallowed before standing up and kissing me hard, letting me taste myself. She pulled my hand to the living room, where I lied down on the couch. "Show me how you pleasure yourself." she purred. Without even hesitating for a second, I started rubbing my clit. Within minutes, I was shaking and shivering, ready to cum, and I did. I came all over the sofa, covering it in my juices. I heard a dripping sound from Mrs Cooper. I looked over, and she shocked me.

She was rubbing her huge ass breasts, toying and pinching her nipples while her juices flowed out of her, making it look like she was peeing onto the carpet. I walked over and rubbed her slit hard, paying attention to her emotion change. She was moaning loudly in pure pleasure. I slipped two fingers in, going easily because of her wet lubrication. "MORE. MORE!" she screamed. I slipped in two more fingers. Still not enough. She slipped in her own 4 fingers too. Our fingers clashed and groped in her pussy, both of us moaning before she came. I slipped my fingers out and sucked on them. She tasted sweet.

Our nipples were erect, our pussies were throbbing, our clits were wanting. Our mouths clashed into each others and searched each others. She tugged on my lower lip as I sucked on her tongue. We broke off the kiss and went to the stairs. She slid a leg over the railing and I did the same. We rubbed our wet clits on the railing, bumping our boobs into each others, moaning and screaming in pleasure.

Once we came again, we cleaned up each others mess by licking the railing clean. We went upstairs and continues kissing when we accidentally bumped into Faye's room. A shriek snapped me and Mrs Cooper out of our sexual dreams. It was Faye. I turned around and saw Faye.

"You and my mom?!" she shrieked. "I'm sorry, Faye. I didn't mean to do it! I just..!" I apologized. "What are you talking about?" she whispered. "What?" I asked.

"Its my turn." Faye replied with a smirk on her face. *Part 2. 

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