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Categories: Steady Partner, The Fetishists
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John led me back to the apartment; we had been out for a lovely romantic evening. We had a few glasses of wine down by the beach, and had watched the sun go down. It was a warm summers evening, I was wearing a light yellow summer dress.


We got back to the apartment, John asked me to put my hair up. I went to the mirror, tied my hair back into a tight bunch and went back to the lounge. There was a sofa in the room with a coffee table in front of it. On the table he put a copy of todays, Sunday Telegraph. I hadn’t seen it there earlier; John must have had it in the car.  He’d poured a couple of glasses of wine which were also on the table.  


I sat on the sofa, next to John, had some wine. Then we snogged loads. He went to the toilet, when he came back he picked up the paper and opened it.


I watched him read a while, then he walked around the sofa stopped behind me and lowered the paper down in front of me. I looked up at him, he smiled and then dropped the paper down onto me picked up the top two sheets and wrapped them around my head, I could feel him pulling and tucking it. He taped it into place.


I put my hands up and felt the paper, the smell was incredible. Then I felt John grab me, he kissed me and I felt his tongue pushing its way into my mouth, I responded and our tongues met, making a hole through the paper.


I heard him move in front of me, he pulled me forward and guided my mouth around his huge erect cock. I thing he was sitting on the table. I started off by licking the shaft for a while and then I grabbed it with my hand, guided it right into my mouth and sucked hard and deep. I could feel him shaking the pre cum taste in my mouth, he shot his load and I swallowed, the flavour of cum and paper was amazing.


He stood me up holding both my hands. I couldn’t see what he was doing. He led me into the bedroom, and said “wait here”. He moved away and then I could hear him shuffling paper. I stood there listening; I could hear the sound of my own breath inside my newspaper hood.


There was a flickering light I guess that there were candles around the room.  The noise stopped and he held me, he gently slipped my dress, bra and knickers off. The idea of not knowing made me tingle with excitement, what he would do next?.


He leaned me back and picked me up in his arms, we kissed. Then he lowered me carefully onto the bed. The newspaper crinkled beneath my body, I wriggled slightly, this was a strange different sensation, unlike anything I had felt before. I was aroused by the feeling. John unfolded some sheets and lay them over me, lifting my arms and put them down on top of the paper. Then he left the room.


I lay there and slowly I felt. I put my hands over my breasts. They were sensitive, hard and the feelings were amazing, I rubbed my nipples through the paper. Then I pushed the telegraph onto my clit, I used a couple of fingers to apply pressure. I fingered myself through the paper, I was so aroused it didn’t take me long to climax.


After about ten minutes, John came back in. I felt him touch my foot. He lifted it and my leg. He wrapped a sheet around my foot, and another on my leg. “More” I said, he carried on with the other foot and then the leg. He climbed on the bed, and it crinkled as he did. He pulled a sheet around my waist, and then up between my legs. He carried on with my legs, and soon I could feel that my bottom half was now wrapped in fresh crisp Telegraph. I felt it with my hand it was so exciting.


He then place a sheet over my breasts, pulling another sheet from underneath me, joining them together. He made sure everything was covered, putting extra layer  around my waist and belly. Then he did my hands, shoulders then arms. He made sure it was tight, with two or more layers all over. I lay there, his paper doll, wrapped from my toes to my head. He climbed off the bed and I listened. I could hear newspaper being folded, wrapped and taped.


He climbed onto me and I pulled him close. I could feel through my wrap that he had covered himself too. We kissed through our newspaper face masks, I put my hands all around his head and back, I was climaxing even before he forced his rock hard cock though the paper. It was now damp with my moisture so he had no problem slipping his cock through it and deep into me. He thrust deep and hard through the crunching newspaper. He sucked my nipple through the paper. I climaxed one after the other after the over. I never felt anything like this before, such an innocent item, used so effectively. I felt him hitting harder and harder, I was climaxing so hard, I could feel it running between my legs like a tap. We reached a final climax together. He lay himself down on top of me. We lay there wrapped crinkling, and stay like that for the night. John said “Well darling, did you like my surprise”.  “I’ve always wanted to be in the paper!!” I said   

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