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et me tell you about my girlfriend Olivia, she's always been a bit of a "party girl" and a bit of a flirt, even though she don't really claim to be one....when we were in high school I told her we wouldn't have worked, I was just too insecure about how she was and maybe I overplayed it a bit and I did want her, but just too shy and bashful to ask her out or anything and also...she was just in another league, good looking blonde, perky tits, drove a new am I going to compete with that?  Besides, I wasn't about to get rejected and I'm sure she would always do something to piss me off, not that she would have done anything to do that, but you know how the girls like to play games and I don't play games, your either with me or not, I just wasn't mature enough to handle how she was around the boys, well, let me describe her for you, she's blonde, about 5'3, great set of tits, loves to shake her ass and show off a bit, draw a  little attention to herself and drive the men a little crazy and has this talent I've never encountered with anyone I've been with, anyway, if you just take her to a club, she can't sit still, I think she was meant to be some sort of performer, I pictured her up on the stage dancing naked for the horny guys waving the dollar bills, I think she could have pulled it off, but she didn't and that's ok, but she's the kind that says stuff like "I bet I can steal him away"....its the challenge and who knows...when the challenge is over, she may have discarded him.......nooooo sir, wasn't gonig to be part of that, well for whatever reason, I guess it worked out, I was a conservative type, quiet, shy wall flower, but I had my moments, I dated a sweet girl pretty much all through high school and she was a good person, but we needed to grow up and we grew apart, but I wonder what would have happend between Olivia and I as we came through, something happend because she was very passionate about what she wrote in my annual, so something was there, but we get to run with it as we've found each other again and we're enjoying each other to the fullest Anyway, she has a streak in her that I haven't quite brought out, but I see flashes of it and one day while we were having a few beers, that's another thing....giver her a few and she'll probably shed the top, if the situation were right you know, hot tub at night, or in a pool at night, kind of like if no one is around, she'll take it off, or maybe she'll shed it in the right opportunity, I've always told her that if the situation were right and we had a few beers or whatever....I wouldn't mind if others saw her tits, especially other girls, I mean's Tits, they're like dicks, different shapes and sizes, I'm sure she's seen her share of both too,  so as you can see, she could be quite the spicey girl, but she says I bring it out of her and I love it.  I love her tits, they are so sensitive and I know when I get my mouth on them, that's all I need and with me doing's a slam dunk, I'll get lucky.  well one evening......I did and it was not quite what I had planned, but holy worked out and now here I am writing about it, I have to write about it because if I don't get this down no one will believe me, anyway....Here it goes....One evening as we were on vacation in Florida, it was a nice warm breezy evening and we were staying on the 14th floor so the wind was a little bit strong for that night, but looking down over the balcony, I saw the hot tub and noticed there was no one in it, so I asked her, 'Hey Olivia, wanna run down to the hot tub for a little bit?...she said "Yeah, I guess so, kind of late isn't it"...I said "Well no one's down there, I'll bring some Margarita's in a pitcher and we'll just relax and let the bubbles pound all over you"....She replied "that sounds like that would feel so good, I'm a little sore behind my neck"....I said "Get your bathing suit on and I'll get the pitcher and some towels" we got dressed and headed down.  As we approached the hot tub, I could see the glow of the lights coming from inside and it sat up kind of above the pool so you could look out to the ocean, it also had this lattice work that surrounded the area, there was no top because you could lay your head back and see the stars, it was kind of private, but I'm sure you could still see through the latice work if you were up on a balcony.  At this particular condominiums. there was no time as to be out of the hot tub, so you could go down at 2 in the morning and no one would care.  It must have been about 11 or so on this night, we arrived down and we dropped our towels and sank down in the warm bubbly water, I reached back and poured us two glasses, we began to talk about our vacation and how glad we were to finally get on this trip, we'd both been through a lot in 2009 and the year wasn't over yet, but didn't matter, there we were listening to the ocean and in the hot tub and enjoying frozen Margaritas under the stars, how much better could it be, us hanging on each other and kissing and with each sip of a Margarita, I could tell Olivia was getting a little turned on and maybe not just from the drink but the whole atmosphere, it was quite romantic and as I turned away to replenish our plastic margarita style glasses, she grabbed my shoulder and I turned back around and said "What is it honey?"...she said "I just want to tell you how much I love you and how I'm so enjoying this trip with you and after all we've been through I can't think of two people who deserve of this trip any more than us two"...and I didn't even get a chance to respond as she laid one on me that I'll never forget, she kissed me passionatly and long and hard and I dropped the glasses and wrapped myself around her and gave it right back and she recieved my kisses just as passionate as she was giving, needless to say, we were really into it and it was about to get a little more interesting, she pulled back and said "Fill our glasses honey and if you think no one is going to come out, maybe I'll get my top off for you"....she no more got that out and I looked up behind her and saw this couple coming over from the palm tree lined sidewalk with towels in their hand, they passed by us, Olivia saw me looking at someone behind her, she turned around and saw the couple and they were both in their bathing suits, Olivia said "I wonder if they are going to the pool or not", I said "I guess so, they passed here, but who knows maybe they'll stop by"....she said "I'd like to have some alone time with you, but if they join us in here, I guess that'd be ok", the whole time Olivia is staring at the young couple and the girl dropped her long beach shirt to reveal a small skimpy bathing suit which barely covered her tits that seemed to come to life when the night air draped over her body, it was white in color and not much material as their were more strings hanging off her than material covering her, she had the familiar curves which accentuated her shapely ass and as she prepared to slink down in to the water, her husband or boyfriend was pulling his shirt off and as he did, I looked at Olivia and she was fixated on what lie underneath his shirt as she probably could imagine, the girl didn't matter anymore, she was in the water, so Olivia seemed anxious as he was slow in taking off his shirt and as I wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear "Waiting on something", she responded, "No, just thought he'd get in with her" and with that being said, he pulled his shirt off (I could hear her under her breath say "My goodness",) as he was revealing a nice build and it was easy to tell that he worked out in the weight room or on his wife or girlfriend, his bathing suit was your typical shorts, but above the knees and a bit snug and as he stretched before getting in, it was easily noticeable that he was sporting quite a package, I said "Did you notice that?"....she said "How could you not notice, love the mystery to how big it really is".  I came back rather quickly and said "Well, if they get in the hot tub, maybe you'll find out and I wouldn't mind seeing them tits, look awful scrumptious".  We watched as they played in the pool and swirled around each other hugging and kissing and you could see the lights in the pool making silouhettes of them coming together as one when they embraced for a deep long kiss.  I reached around and kissed Olivia along her neck and ears as she watched and waiting with anticipation hoping some clothes would come off.  We continued to drink our now slushy margaritas, but yet very effective margaritas, the buzz was over us now as we could feel the alchohol kick in and we were feelling a little more bold.  We began to kiss and fondle and it was apparent that the couple never even noticed us as I turned Olivia toward the pool so she could get a good look at the hot young couple as I fondled her from behind and massaged her tits and played with her nipples, you could hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore and I could tell Olivia was getting pretty damn hot and she turned to me and kissed me like never before and she reached down and stroked my now rock hard cock and she whispered in my ear "Alex, I want you inside me", she no more got that out and noticed the young couple out of the pool and grabbing their towels and heading back to their room, I think Olivia was about to get disappointed till they took that turn toward the hot tub and as they approached, their bodies were wet from the pool, they approached us and he said "How's the water?", quickly Olivia said "Feels great, jump in" they did, the hot tub was big enough for 10 people so they sat across from us and introduced themselves as the Hardwicks, Sloan and Peter, we introduced ourselves and sank back down in the hot tub, I offered Margaritas, but they declined and let us know they had plenty up in the room before coming down, so we were all quite buzzed and feeling good, the talk turned to where we were from and you know all that small talk, then Olivia commented on where Sloan got her bathing suit from and how great it looked on her and touched her fabric and ran her finger down the string that held up her more than robust breasts, Sloan took this as a "Pass", in which that look came over Olivia that I know all too well, she said "and it looks very delicious on you"....Sloan said "Maybe you'd like to see more"...I said "We'd both like to see more".....she began to reach behind her and remove her top revealing some very nice perky 36D fun bags, Olivia wasn't about to be outdone, she turned to me and said "Can I?"...I said "Of course honey"...then Olivia's top came off and both girls began groping each others tits and pretty soon, they came together and gave each other a very passionate kiss, as this was going on, I wasn't sure what to do, so I massaged her back and ran my hands up and down her and played with her ass as so was her husband, when Olivia pulled back to take a breath, Sloan went right for Olivia's tits and engulfed her rock hard nipples, Olivia gasped as she threw her head back onto my shoulder and I began kissing her all up and down her neck and ears on both sides and she was really getting into it and she writhed in ecstacy and said "Oh my god, I can't believe this is happening, it feels so good"...I said " look at what Peter's doing", we both noticed that Sloan had gotten up on her knees and we noticed her ass was above the water and Peter was tugging on her bottoms and when he got them off, it revealed her shapely ass and then as Sloan was switching back and forth on Olivia's Tits, I was cupping Olivia's tits and could feel the sucking that was going on, then slid my hands down to her ever so wet bathing suit and not just from the water, I began to pull them down and off her ankles, all the while Olivia had noticed that Peter was tugging on his own bathing suit, keep in mind she had been wondering this whole time just how big he was and she was about to find out as he finally pushed them down and bent over and as he brought himself back out of the water, he threw his suit on the side and as he did you could see his what seemed to be mildly hard dick floating on the surface of the water, but it was just so big, it wouldn't lay against his belly as most would, I could hear Olivia say to me "Oh my goodness, look at that size of that cock, it's beautiful"...I said "Enjoy your tongue lashing from Sloan, you never know what will happen"...Peter positioned himself behind Sloan and with the thrust of his hips, he founds Sloan's tight wet slit that lie between the cheeks of her ass, you could her her let out a moan of pleasure and then Olivia leaned her head back and said "Oh I need to get fucked soon"....I said "In due time baby"....Peter was thrusting in and out of his lovely girlfriend and I knew better than to reach down and finger my own love as I wanted her to hold out, so I came out of my bathing suit and pushed Olivia's off and now we're all naked in the hot tub and I began to thrust my own cock between Olivias wet thighs, she pulled up Sloans head and said "Let's switch, I'm sucking your tits now"....Sloan agreed and with that Peter pulled out and she layed back and Olivia went to town on the two mounds of pleasure. I quickly threw Olivia's hips up so I could mount her from behind, she leaned forward and her hands were full of tit and you could her the sucking of the massive nipples and the water and bubbles sloshing around and with me sliding in and out of Olivia's aching pussy, Peter was giving Sloans neck a tongue lashing and she had used one hand to reach back and stroke his cock and Olivia was working them tits over and didn't want to stop, but Sloan pulled Olivia's head up and kissed her and tongued her and said "You and I need to get fucked"....then Sloan sat her ass up on the edge and Peter stepped back and as Olivia backed up into my arms and I wrapped them around her and as I fondled her, we both watched intently as Sloan positioned herself on the edge of the hot tub and Peter was now throbbing and his large piece of meat which had to have been at least 8 inches long and was curving up out of the water, Sloan reached out to him and grabbed his tool and guided each inch carefully into her twat and she laid back and Peter grabbed one ankle and pulled it up so we could see the action up close and Olivia watched and by now my fingers were deep inside her and she mumbled "Oh hell, that must feel so damn good"....I said "are you ready?"....she said "I couldn't be more ready, can I feel his shaft move in and out of her pussy?"...I said "I'm sure he won't mind" as she watched Peter thrust his cock in and out of Sloan and his big balls swinging in time with the thrusting of Sloans hips back to him, Olivia stood next to Peter and wrapped her hand around his cock as it thrust in and out of Sloans pussy, it was like holding on to a well oiled piston, but she couldn't stand it anymore, she leaned down to tickle Sloan's clit and help bring her to a massive orgasm, then as Sloan began to quiver and shake and twitch and relax, Peter managed to keep his shaft going and then Olivia raised up, she turned toward me and said "Is it our turn"....I said "You bet your ass it is, now hop up on the edge and wait for my throbbing cock".... Peter and Sloan were exhausted, but seemed eager to watch us strut our stuff, keep in mind Peter was still loaded and wasn't sure when to spew his creamy load, as I spread Olivia's legs, Sloan pushed me out of the way and left me standing there with a massive hard on, but she couldn't wait to get to Olivia's pussy and wasted no time as she buried her face and Olivia just laid back and enjoyed it, Peter and I sat up on the edge and held both legs back and leaned over and sucked on her tits, Olivia had never expeirenced such attention and within about a minute and a half had the orgasm of a lifetime, Sloan slurped up the juices and then looked at me and said "She's all your big boy, fuck her brains out"....I moved between her legs and slid my cock deep inside and the thrusting and pumping began, this went on for several minutes and I noticed that Peter had sat up on the edge of the hot tub as well and leaned back, Olivia noticed and watched Sloan try to engulf his manhood and eventually got most of it in her mouth and she began to slobber all over his bulbous head and had her hand wrapped around the bottom of his shaft and he leaned back even further so we could both watch Sloan perform her expertise handy work, she tickled and probed his ass and he bucked up and down and with each sucking motion, you could tell he was about to blow and this along with my motion made me want to cum too, Olivia had her hand on her clit getting ready to cum and pretty soon, it was just too much and Sloan pulled off his head and began stroking and this enormous glob of cum began erupting out of this hard shaft and Sloan helped out with her stroking and as soon as I saw the first images of this orgasm, I noticed Olivia cumming again as she was focused on my hip action and then would watch the other shaft erupting violently, I pulled out and exploded all up Olivias belly and even made it up to her tits, there was cum every where and Sloan licked up all of Peter's cum, then came over and cleaned up Olivia as well, we collapsed before adjourning to the condo only to refill our glasses, as we gathered our clothes and talked, the girls became quick friends and as we got to the elevator, they invited us to their place, so we agreed and as soon as we got in, Sloan grabbed Olivia and they begand making out and went into the bedroom and Sloan opened the glass doors so the ocean noises would permeate the room, as the two of them lay naked on the bed together, they were wrapped and entwined around each other and they were so damn hot, Peter and I just stood there and watched as we sat in opposite chairs and watched the women steal the show.  Olivia quickly took control as she laid Sloan back and devoured her already wet pussy, it wasn't long before Sloan pulled the same thing and quickly turned it around on Olivia as she laid back and enjoyed the tongue lashing of a lifetime.  As Sloan was slobbering away on Olivia's pussy, Peter noticed that Sloan's ass was in prime position for a good fucking, so as he stood, Olivia saw him walk over and was focused on his cock swaying back and forth and as he approached the bed, Olivia motioned for me to come over and as Peter stepped up to sink his dick inside Sloans juices, I leaned down to suck on Olivia's nipples, it was almost too much for her to take, getting eaten and then her tits sucked on all at the same time almost pushed her to orgasm.  but not quite, I pulled up to see all the action going on and Peter pulls out of Sloan and then she raises up to sport a 7 inch strap on dildo and moves up between Olivia's legs and begins to split her pussy lips, she grabs Sloans shoulders and raises up so she can watch it go in and then sucks on Sloans tits and feels the cock go in her, Peter waits and when Sloan is fully inside Olivia and sliding it in and out, Peter moves back in and shoves his cock into Sloan, I stand back and watch as Olivia gets fucked by Sloan with the strap on dick and see Peter on his knees pounding away inside Sloan's pussy.  I hold Olivia's legs back and take it all in thinking..."When is it my turn?".  This goes on till Olivia has a tremendous orgasm.  Finally, Sloan pulls out and just enjoys her own pounding from Peter, Olivia slides out and snuggles up next to me and we watch as they finish up with each other, Olivia said "I think he's about to cum, look"...I said, "I think your right, watch"....just about the time I got it out, he pulls out and as he begins to spray Sloans back with cum, Olivia moves in close by to watch it squirt out and encourage him and as it is splattered about, Olivia begins to run her tongue all over Sloans back and Peter finishes stroking his cock till no more can be squeezed out and it just drips off the end, Sloan moves around to suck up ever drop that is still coating his cock and the slurping noises are almost too much to take as I move in on Olivia and we begin to finalize this trememdous session, we want to give them a finale they'll never forget, so Olivia just looks at me as I climb between her legs and says "Fuck my ever loving brains out and cum all over me"...I promptly climb on and glide my big erection in her quivering slippery hole, we screw and screw and screw, meanwhile Peter and Sloan are watching intently and as they focus on us, Sloan is sliding her hand up and down Peter's huge erection and we both notice and in a matter of minutes, I feel Olivia tightening her pussy around my cock as if she's milking me and she begins to cum and I feel this and I can't hold back any longer, I pull out and launch a stream of cum all the way up her tits and about the same time Peter explodes all over and Sloan immediatly caps the well and sucks the rest dry and Olivia does the same to me and finally and for once....we're all satisfied.  We linger around for a couple of drinks and talk and then we decide to head back to the condo and the girls kiss each other on the cheek and say goodbye, hugs are exchanged and we part ways, on the way back we can't keep our hands off each other and we get back to the condo and collapse in the bed and wake up with big grins on our face and we talk about the evening before and as we sit on the balcony eating breakfast....we notice Peter and Sloan walking to the beach for a day in the sun.  I ask if Olivia wants to head to the beach, she said "Maybe later, I'm exhausted"...I say "Ok, maybe a moonlight stroll on the beach tonight"...I give her a wink and she winks back and we finish up breakfast and lay around the condo for the day and hang on each other and make love on and off all day....what a vacation and one to talk about....Wait a minute....I just did. 

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