My storie how it happened   added 3 years ago
  By: tsdee456  Age: 59  Country: United States

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Here's my storie. Its Not fantasy but reality. When I was about 13 going on 14 I found myself alone in a big house with no one around for 4 days a week, You see my dad was gone on the road and my mother was gone. I had for years wanted to wear womens cloths but didn't really act on it. I use to sit and watch my mother get dressed and put her makeup on and it seemed to be something i needed to do.

So one night I went to her closet and found a dress and a wig, what i didn't know was she had breast forms and a lot of high heels, before I knew it I was dressed Heels Hose bra breast forms and wig, it felt so right to me I couldnt believe it, I walked around the house looking at myself and was amased. So i decided to get out some makeup and try it to, the first time was kinda a disaster but I kept working at it and before I knew it I had discovered the way to put it on, and thought I looked great. I did this for several days and after about a week I decided after dark I would go outside and take a walk I was all dressed up and felt like a real women, and I was in heaven, I did this many nights and most of the time when I was alone I would dress most of the time my dad was gone, It felt so right I knew then I was a women and liked it better than being male and got very good at it, the makeup and dressing. One night it was a clear night and I decided to go for a walk so I did and when i came home and walked in the house and went into the living room I heard the door open and before I knew it the man that lived next store to use was standing in the livivng room with me, He told me he had been watching me for several days and thought I looked liked great, but he wanted to know if i liked being a women, all I could do was say yes, hoping he would leave, but he came close to me and grabbed me and started rubbing my ass and telling me he wanted to make a real women out of me, I didnt know what to do but stand there you see he was a large man and he over powered me, I could smel ha had been drinking and he started kissing my neck and cheek, then he kissed me on the lips, He told me if I didnt do what he wanted he wold tell my dad when he got home in a couple of days. I just stood there and he started kissing me again and holding me close, I could feel the buldge in his pants and I didnt know what to do.The next thing I knew he pushed me down into a chair I he said it was time for me to find out why women dress like this, He then unzipped his pants and his cock jumped out at me and he stepped closer to me and his cock was standing straight out and he looked down at me and told me to suck his cock, I just sat there and he stared rubbing it against my cheeks and lips and he told me to open my mouth, but I didnt, so he tried forcing it between my lips my i resisted, but I really wanted to put it in my mouth, What he didnt know is I had sucked a cock before several months before I was drinking with a friend and was very drunk and ended up sucking his cock,

Before I knew it he was still pushing on my lips and I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in my mouth, and started sliding it in and out,I started licking the end of it and he would moan and telling me he knew I would be good at sucking him, my mind was going wild, I was dressed and sucking a cock i found I was in heaven so I sucked it licked it rubbed it with my hand he was so hard and was moaning then he grabbed my head and pushed it in deep saying he was going to cum, Then all of a sudden his cock started pumping cum in my mouth and down my throat, At first I tried to not swallow but he pushed harder and told me to take it like the bitch I was, I couldnt believe what he was saying so I swallowed all I could and I found I liked it. After he was done he pulled it out and stood there, looking at me and said that was great then he pulled me out of the chair and started kissing me again. He pulled me to the love seat and we sat down he was over the top of me kissing me and rubbing me, And his cock was getting hard again, he then looked at me and told me to finish the job and suck him again. So i did, he then told me he had to leave but he would be back tommorrow, and he would finish making me a women. He then left, I didnt know what to do so I went and cleaned up and just sat around wondering what was next, THe next day I was kinda excited and got all dressed again and put on makeup and just waited. Early that evening I heard the back door open and he came in he kissed me and told me I make him very horny, the he grabbed my hand and led me to the bed room and he pushed me on the bed and he unbucked his pants and took them off, There he stood his cock standing out and that was the first time I had seen his balls, He stepped closer to me and he didnt have to say a word my mouth was watering and all I could think was that I wanted to suck his cock so I took it in my mouth and started licking it and running my lips over it and licking it, Then he pulled it out and told me to lick and kiss his balls, So I did, the he slide it back in my mouth and I started sucking it again, when he got really hard he pulled it out and pushed me back on the bed and he laid on top of me his cock was between my legs and he as pumping me, and kissing me the next thing I knew he rolled me over on my stomach and he pulled my pants and hose down and he was rubbing his cock between the cheeks of my ass, then he stopped and I felt something kinda cool he was rubbing on my ass and between my cheeks, the he laid on top of me and he told me he was going to fuck me like a women, he started pushing his cock on the hole and soon his cock head potted in, the pain was unreal but he told me it would stop shortly, He would push and pull it back and after a while the pain stopped, and he then pushed hard and it felt like it went all the way in, he was on top of me and holding me down and he started pumping it in and out, I couldnt believe what was happening, and I just laid there taking his cock and I could feel his balls hitting my ass, Before I knew it I found I liked it and was pushing back to get his cock in as deep as it would go, and I was loving it this was the first time I had ever been fucked and I wanted it, He soon came and it felt great, I had taken His cock and he came inside me and All I wanted was MORE. HE laid on top of me for a while kissing my neck and sometimes turning my head around and kissing my lips. I was in heaven every once in a while he would pump it and then stop with his cock inside me. then he got hard again and he started fucking me again this time it was harder and faster and he was moaning and I was pushing back taking all that cock I could get he came again and I pushed back to get it all, it was wonderfull, I was dressed like a women and taking a man and I knew that was what I was ment to do. We both cleaned up and just laid there for a while and he told me I was a great women HE spent rest of the day with me and I did suck him a couple of times, this went on for several months and I loved being his bitch and he love me, about 6 months later he had to move away but I did see him a couple of times after he moved and I always took care of him.

I hope You liked my storie thats what make me the cock sucking bitch I am today but I really have been in another relationship like this one since, but i am always looking.

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